I'm the biggest Ambrose mark, but does he deserve the longest US title reign accolade?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 19, 2014.

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  1. I read online today that Dean Ambrose is like 10 days or something away from breaking MVP's US title reign record. Dean Ambrose literally has only defended his title like once, right? As much as I love the guy, and as much as I can go on for hours saying how much better he is in every way than MVP, is it fair to have Ambrose break that record when he's really not been put in a situation to help the division at all?

    I understand the US title is literally a nuisance to Ambrose's career and nobody cares about it at all, but having that record still means he has a record... I am the biggest Ambrose mark but even I can admit that it's pretty unfair to those who have had better reigns to crown him as the longest US title holder.

    Actually, fuck that, Dean Ambrose > anyone else, so he can have that record. In a few years time when he is considered a potential GOAT alongside Stone Cold, people will see what he brought to that US title division. #Ambrose4Lyf

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  2. I think he was supposed to lose the title at Mania to Reigns or Rollins, but they decided to face turn instead. That US title has not helped him at all. Rollins and Reigns got The Usos, The Rhodes, and other great matches while Ambrose was defending against guys like Kane, RVD, or never defending it.

    no, he doesn't really deserve it imo
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  3. Love you Crayo <3

    Yeah, he deserves it. He created new ways to use the US title, like using it as a tray in catering.... making a mighty fine drink coaster when he relaxes... maybe even an actual belt to hold up his pants. All great, wonderful things to do with the big metal belt that are far superior to actually trying to defend it and stuff on TV. Ambrose is a genius! :yay:
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  4. I don't think he deserves it based on the fact that he never properly defends it. But what the fuck do I know really?
  5. On the other hand, you could approach this argument by saying that Ambrose is one of the more talented superstars to hold the title recently; a superstar more likely to break into the scene that title is meant to help you break into. Of course he has done nothing for the division, but that's not his fault. If having that record on your kayfabe-profile makes him any more credible or helps him break into the promise land, then is it worth it?
  6. Not really.
    MVP's US Title Reign >>>>> Ambrose's Title Reign
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    I'd say he deserves it, it does make a mighty fine accessory.

    Seriously though, if they don't even bother booking the title at all then what's the point of even keeping it around?
  8. Marking hard for the "Love you Crayo" votes, even if one of them was myself.
  9. No

    "awaiting the ban hammer"
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  10. Voted that I love you mostly because the record is irrelevant. From a kayfabe standpoint, does he deserve it? No, he has never defended it (not his fault, but still). From a non-kayfabe point of view, well, he does have a lot of potential and it'd look good on the résumé theoretically, so sure, go for it, give him some cred. But then it's kinda nullified when you remember that he never defended it, so... uh... ly crayo
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  11. Where is the "Fuck off Crayo" answer??

    But srsly, Ambrose has been great the last year with the stable but that doesn't actually count towards his US title validity, especially his lack of defences.

    He definitely doesn't deserve a longer reign than people like Booker or Benoit but MVP did and he didn't either so we might aswell let an up and comer like Ambrose do it too,
  12. Crap I clicked yes by accident D:. Yeah, take one vote away from yes and add one to no.

    Anyway, as you can have gathered from that, no I do not believe he deserves it. He never* defends the thing and has been a terrible champion. He needs to lose it ASAP. Most people forget he's even champion.

  13. They may as well throw the title in the trash because it doesn't mean anything.
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  14. Well this is a tough one because he obviously doesn't book his own matches but at the same time sticking to kayfabe and all it means that he is a worthless champion. Ambrose is def my favourite wrestler on TV right now (apart from Triple H just because he beats up vanilla midgets for fun) but no, they're just doing it to erase MVP's name from the record books. Tbh I didn't think he deserved the record either considering the other people who have worn the belt but heyo, whatcha gonna do brother? :hogan:
    EDIT: And I still voted yes apparently, derp.

    Also who's this Crayo you're speaking off?
  15. He doesn't know who Crayo is..... ban him now!!
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  16. Ah I remember now, that uber cool person with the cool thing thats so cool, right? :silva:
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  17. Exactly... well said.... he is also the owner of the forums :bodallas:
  18. If he were ever in a feud for it then why not. Since he never is, then it's not deserved.
  19. Good to see you finally admit that you're not the biggest Ambrose mark.
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  20. Well his only a few days away might as well let him break the record.
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