I'm thinking about growing a badass mullet

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Oct 10, 2012.

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  1. Thoughts?

    I googled badass mullets and found this dude:


    I'm thinking my mullet would be like this, only not quite as long in back and I would keep it shorter up front
  2. Yea but mine would be much more businesslike in front and wayyyyyyy less party-like in back
  3. Party pooper. What's the point then?
    Grow a mullet and move south, that's what I say. :otunga:
  4. Hell yeah. I'm a massive mark for them.
  5. Better be McGyver style
  6. If you look anything like Neymar afterwards you'll get Chairmen.
  7. I'm sure you see tons of shitty mullets in ::redneck voice:: TEN E SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. But trust me holmes, my mullet would be classy and admirable.
  8. That would be hilarious.
    We need weekly photos of progress if so.

    Blur your ugly face out though :emoji_slight_smile:)
  9. I'm too lazy to take pics, let alone bother blurring my face
  10. Mullet bullet, go for it!


    Mullet bullet, go for it!
  11. Neymar's mullet is nice, but not the style I'd be going for. My hair wouldn't grow like this, especially in back


    Same w/ CR. Badass mullet, but not one that I could grow

  12. If I were a dick like Crayo I'd quote that and be like QUOTING TEH FAIL

    Luckily, I'm not that guy.

  13. It does actually work for me. Go to the direct URL and see it :emoji_slight_frown:.
  14. I don't understand. Colin Farrell doesn't even have a mullet
  15. -.- Never mind then.
  16. What's Crayo know about good hair anyone? Dude worships Wayne Rooney with his awful looking hair plugs. swagless
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