I'm watching SD now.. Johnny's trolling is in top form

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 9, 2012.

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  1. :ace:

    lmfao my God... he ring attire is too fucking cool

    Aksana = instant boner

    fucking Orton. I hate that homo. The pussification of kane continues. I remember when nothing could keep him down. Now 1 weak ass RKO (stolen from Johnny Ace BTW!!!) and he is out like a light
  2. The RKO is a variation of the cutter and so is Johnny's Ace Crusher. Or else I agree with everything else above.
  3. Johnny Ace innovated the Ace Crusher


    When I saw the 6 man tag match announced I was like wtf is miz doing in this match? Then I see the match outcome and it makes sense.. somebody had to eat the pin

    what a fuck sucks Miz is
  4. Oh crap you are right I mistaked The ace crusher with DDP's cutter.
  5. It was handed down from Ace to DDP to Orton. Even though I hate Orton he does the move proud.
  6. Yeah Orton got made a variation of the cutter and Triple H tried using the cutter in his early days but stopped because of DDP.
  7. Do heels ever win on SmackDown?
  8. Wasn't it HHH who showed DDP how to use it? I could have sworn I heard that somewhere.


    Anyway it doesn't matter as Johnny Ace > All.
  9. HHH being mentioned in this thread ruins it. Damn you seabs.
  10. Shut up... Just, wow.... You fail me.. Wow Dolph, Wow..
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  11. @[Babyface] be mad :troll1: :ace:

  12. Ace Crusher >> All
    Ace's mullet >> Anything ever

    Diamond Cutter > RKo
  13. Johnny Ace better use it when he goes up against Long.
  14. Ace Crusher to send Long's ass straight into retirement sounds good to me.
  15. If Long does retire at this years WM with Ace's hand getting raised, I'll +10 you over and over again.
  16. Gotta love Johnny's attire. The only reason SD was worth watching.
  17. Didn't see it :emoji_slight_frown:
  18. [​IMG]
  19. Murdered out with the tights + under armor

    swag for days
  20. Oh god I love him.
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