Imagine How Funny It Would Be...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Mar 28, 2014.

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  1. ...if the night after Wrestlemania, Batista challenged Daniel Bryan to a title match at the end of the show, and Big Dave found a way to cheat and pull off a dirty victory to win the championship? :dawg: Imagine how badly the Bryan marks would flip their shit over Bryan's third championship reign ending before it even got off the ground, just like the previous two did, and at the hands of Batista no less. Of course, everyone would assume he'd win the strap back at Extreme Rules or shortly after, but still, giving him a huge Wrestlemania moment and then pulling away his prized possession from him again the very next night... I don't expect it to happen (nor would I want it to), just that I would laugh my ass off at other people's reactions if it did.
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  2. I'd rather Batista just win the title at Mania tbh.
  3. If that happened, it would be best to steer clear of the IWC for a few days afterward.

    Just for your own mental safety.

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  4. It would turn everything tits up in the IWC, I would probably laugh at everyone's over-reactions until I realise how truly ridiculous and unnecessary that booking decision was.

    But yeah, would potentially cause some great hilarity through the great levels of anger.
  5. This is a fantastic way to do it, Bryan really doesn't fit the long term champ mould IMO especially given his current persona. He needs to hold it for 3/4 months max at a time.
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  6. Daniel Bryan
    Hulk Hogan to the smarks
    Mick Foley to the casuals

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  7. A better thing would be is if HHH buried his ass before they did that. The night afterwards they fire him and send him to NXT 4 Life!
  8. I'd go lurk Wrestlingforum immediately after
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  9. Wouldn't work. Wrestlingforum would crash immediately after.

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  10. Good point :okay:
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  11. I'd take Bryan Danielson holding the title indefinitely if we could get this guy back:
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  12. I'm cool with that.

  13. Insert a 3 paragraph reply denying your idea here.
  14. Would be better if a guy in a Pikachu suit won.
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