Imagine if Mark Henry and Brodus Clay had a baby who could do suicide dives...

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by seabs, Mar 19, 2013.

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    [size=xx-small]Word to the mother fucking life[/size]

    If there are too consistencys with my favorite wrestlers it's that I love flips and chubbies, now combine the two and you have Lucifer Darksyde. He's quiet possibly the most agile tree I've ever seen, he busts out heel kicks and moonsaults like a cruiserweight for gods sake.

    Question time since you love my exams.

    How great would he be in the WWE or TNA?

    Do you like flipping fatties?

    Have you heard of this guy before this thread?

    One of the best spotfests I've seen for a while :yay:

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  2. Came in expecting Willie Mack :sad:
  3. His moonsaults is sexual.
  4. This guy is like Willie Mack was locked in Taco Bell for a year and kept his agility.
  5. 1. He won't make it in WWE, because: Henry. And WWE would never eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever allow him to do his moves.
    So TNA would be a good option.

    2. It's cool to see a big man move like that.

    3. Yes. Even though I don't know shit about the indy's, I remember this dude from a video.
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  6. I'd mark to see him in the X Division
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  7. How great would he be in the WWE or TNA? Depends on the gimmick he's given.

    Do you like flipping fatties? Weird ass question.

    Have you heard of this guy before this thread? Yup.
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  8. Oh my gawd. Mental images because of the title! :OO

    WWE would NEVER take the guy seriously. Tits 'N Ass it is.

    Yep. Amusing video, would want to see this in my TV screen.

    No. ; - ; Not a big follower of the indys.
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  9. People actually answered the questions :yes: agreed about him in the X Division also, would have been a better thing to happen to it then Abyss holding it for sure.
  10. :yes: wrestling needs more fat guys. I miss guys like Bam Bam/Earthquake/Bossman bring him in!
  11. thank you all for the dopeness of comments. i was shocked when i seen this while googling my name

    me vs WWE Goldust
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  12. seabs just went into shock out of happiness due to the post above.
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  13. WTF no way you're actually Lucifer? Hook us up with a proof pic this is almost too awesome to believe.
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  14. here is two more vids
    matt hardy vs davey richards vs ar fox vs rich swann vs apollyon vs me

    and a highight vid
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  15. i'm lucifer darksyde homie, lol.
  16. That was our plan. We created the ultimate black man, alternate name was Nightrain.

    He is very good though, tremendous for his size. He even has a good move set. I think he would be great for TNA.
  17. Holy shit, is that really him? Nice to talk to you through here, as I said on my last post on here, you are tremendous in the ring from what I've seen.
  18. Wow, is this real? That's so awesome.
  19. Oh my goodness :wtf:
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