Imagine what would've happened if smackdown went 3hrs :O

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by fjsilvia, Aug 30, 2012.

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  1. who really watches SmackDown! making BookerT the Gm didn't spice things. Maybe Chris Jericho or even Vicki would do a better job!
    santino+aksana+cobra=RIDICULOUS! Thank God he's not the champion anymore! :yay:
    Sheamus and Del Rio feud - OH God! THIS MUST COME TO AN END!
    What the hell is Randy Orton doing:upset:...i don't think so even the wwe creative team knows what they are doing with him..They need a refresh button! Bring the 'Randy Oton' from 2008/09 ! wish the punting hadn't been banned or else he could have punted somebody to make a statement! :finger:

    Honestly i think Raw superstars should stay in raw and Smackdown superstars should just stay and compete in SmackDown! like in the old days when both the shows were EXCITING !!!:trolldance:
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  2. Jesus, anyone watching 3hr Smackdown would have to be put on suicide watch.
  3. Raw is the main show, they wouldn't have chose Smackdown over Raw. Although if Smackdown did go for three hours, it would probally be the same as it is now, shitload of Raw recaps, lots of ads, and the same "wrestling." Would still say that Smackdown would beat Raw though...
  4. This.
  5. 3 Hours of Sheamus and Orton feud Promo/recaps? :no:
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  6. I would probably commit suicide.
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  7. well i think even the superstars would go :shock::no:
  9. If there's any change they should do, it should be a change to a one-hour Smackdown. :pity:
  10. Knowing WWE and the way they work long shows, no thanks.
  11. Haha nice thread, let's hope they will keep it like this.
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