Imagine you're part of the WWE creative team, how would you book Tyson from now out?

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  1. Sorry about all the Tyson threads but he's my favorite wrestler.

    So Tyson was unsuccessful in capturing the WHC Contract at Money in the Bank and WWE has said that a Tyson Kidd push is present. How would you book Tyson from now on? Have him go after a title? Feud? What would you do?

    Personally, I'd have him go against a talented superstar (not a jobber) and have them start a feud where they share wins, but Tyson eventually comes out on top. Then, I'd have them make Christian drop the IC Championship belt, and whoever he was feuding with gets the championship, and then Tyson and said superstar feud over the IC Championship, with Tyson winning it at some PayPerView 3-5 months from now. Not a super fast push but not one that takes too long either.

    If you ask me, Damien Sandow would fit this role perfectly. Other names that come to mind are The Miz, Drew McIntyre, and maybe even Wade Barrett when he returns.

    What do you guys think?
  2. I'd like to see Tyson Kidd have the Intercontinental Championship. And as for Sandow, I think currently he is in a perfect feud with Zack Ryder, so there's no need to pull him away yet. Maybe have Tyson feud with Drew McIntyre for a while over the belt. And Tyson should stay a face, because I see him better as a face then a heel.
  3. RE: I]re part of the WWE creative team, how would you book Tyson from now out?

    I haven't been watching Smackdown lately, is he? Then he is fine there I suppose.
    I kind of wish he would do a feud with Cody.
  4. Continue the Tyson vs Tensai feud, having Tyson this week pick up another quick, fluke win on the guy. He attacks Sakamoto and unleashes hell on Tyson the next week, and they have the weekly beatdowns with Tyson getting progressively more and more offense in. 2 weeks before Summerslam Tyson, after beating a jobber, sees it coming and attacks him with a kendo stick and applies the Sharpshooter (don't think he can use the Dungeon Lock on such a big guy, if he can use that), and the week after that Tensai uses Sakamoto as a decoy and attacks him from behind again, and makes Kidd pass out with a bearhug. The new GM comes out and announces a submission match for Summerslam between the two so Tyson can't get another fluke win. Tyson wins legitimately.

    Pretty simple booking, really.

    Kidd definitely needs to stay face.
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  5. WE creative team, how would you book Tyson from now out?

    I'm liking it man. good job.
  6. I would bring back the Cruiser-weight Title and slap that on him, let him hold that for a while then move for the IC title.
  7. An underdog feud with Cody Rhodes, then he moves on to feud with a heel who took the IC title from Christian I guess.

    Another option would be to continue the Tensai feud, but since Rain already wrote that feud I won't do it again.
  8. Id drop him from the ceiling. Too far? You bet.

    He's alright, keep him jobbing until people like CM/Cena/Sheamus/HHH are back down to planet earth on some of the matches, and have him help keep the tag division alive for now. That, or bring back a cruiserweight division and drop santino off the face of the E.
  9. Wait is WWE actually pushing Tyson Kidd now?!?! :emoji_grin: :YES: :YES: :YES:
  10. Tyson Kidd lol had to change subject.

    I'd start having Tyson Kidd own some jobbers and then set up a feud with one mid card each month. By the 3rd month, I'd put him in a feud with the IC Champion and make that match epic so that he can go over. 2 months of defending his championship and then he loses it to some veteran like Rey Mysterio or Cody Rhodes but then later wins a number one contender battle royal and build a feud with the WHC champion to eventually go over at the big PPV.
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