Immediate reaction if Smackdown replaced RAW on Monday nights

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Sooo Kia, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. If WWE decided to change things and move Smackdown to Monday nights, what would your first instinct be? Would you like it, complain or think it was a bad move? This isn't a rumor or anything just something I thought might be fun to discuss.
  2. I honestly wouldn't care. I don't watch Raw live, I don't even bother with Smackdown at all. I doubt it would make any difference to my life.
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  3. Hope that it doesn't end with a tag team match, playa.
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  4. Hmmm. I just wonder if the overall atmosphere would change. Would people feel turned off by all the blue? It seems silly but color is a factor when he buy cars or clothes right? It would take me a long while to get used to things.
  5. I doubt it would make a difference. Ever since the Supershow both shows are the same crap. SmackDown's just a lot worse.
  6. This. Spot on.
  7. So I guess that means many of you guys would be a lot busier watching RAW on thursday, right? :tongueclosed:
  8. :nope: :smug:
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  9. I wouldn't change much in my life either. I would probably still watch both of them which ever night they were being televised.
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  10. That would be a big change. I'd be impressed if they did so. Routine without a little bit of spice can be all too humdrum.
  11. Writing good storylines could also cure the humdrum
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  12. I dunno. I assume it will be the same, just different nights. I personally wouldn't care too much, since both nights are when I go to school so I can't catch it live anyways.
  13. Good luck with your studies. Keep it up!
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  14. Unless you started treating Raw on Thursdays as the flagship show where all the main storyline developments happened, and started treating Smackdown on Mondays as the subsidiary B-show where nothing much of note usually happens, then the only thing that would change is that your flagship show would now be taped (and thus the results of it would be made readily available over the internet by the time it aired) and your secondary show would be the live one happening the night after PPV's. And how do you sell a show that directly follows the events of a PPV as the lesser one? In other words, it would be a move that was both strange and dumb as hell.

    Otherwise, other than the name of the show and its branded color, people are still gonna be conditioned to think Mondays is the premier night for wrestling and I don't ever see WWE trying to change that perception, so Smackdown would simply become the more important show than Raw from now on.
  15. I actually understood all of that @Lockard23 . :blush:
  16. We'd still get those "Let's look at what happened last match/week/month/year/decade.." crap from the announcers to fill up wasted space while the rassler's take one last trip to the john. Oh, and then half of them would undergo gender reassignment surgery.(lol)
  17. K :rock2:
  18. [​IMG]
  19. I'd still DVR and watch it later just so I could fast-forward through the commercials.

    That's why the DVR is the greatest invention through the commercials.

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  20. Hmmm and miss that Kay Jeweler commercial begging you to buy that wonderful necklace for your S.O. ? For shame, hon.
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