IMO this needs its own thread. Ryback squashing Miz

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Sep 25, 2012.

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  1. Such typical WWE bullshit that really exemplifies why they have no mid card to speak of. You have Miz, a former MITB Winner, WWE Champion, Mania Main Eventer.. and he is now the IC Champ, and hasn't had a legitimate feud for the title yet.

    You have Ryback, who is clearly the apple of Vinnie Mac's eye, who hasn't even been in a feud yet. (unless you count the random Jinger Mahal shit as a feud. I wouldn't) He hasn't been in a competitive match yet. He hasn't been established as anything but a glorified can crusher at this point. Last week he comes out, and ruins Miz's moment on his new show.

    That's the set up to a nice feud, right? The young up and comer is finally ready to be put into a program with an established veteran. Right?? Guyiz?? right!!!

    :kiss: wrong motherfuckers.

    Do they build this feud up, leading to a PPV blowoff? Of course not. Do they even have a title match? Oh hell no, no change in hell. Do they even put on a competitive non-title match???

    OF COURSE NOT. Instead of doing any of those things they decide to bury The Miz and the IC Title in the process (assuming you can further bury something that is, in fact, already buried)

    So instead of a nice little mid card feud between two guys most people like, we get a random squash on Raw. IC Title is officially meaningless. Miz looks like shit. And at this point there is nowhere for this feud to go. It's over. If they try to do anything further with these two most fans won't buy it, because it took Ryback less than 100 seconds to hoist Miz onto his shoulder and parade around the ring with him there like he was a little bitch.

    So instead of what could have been a nice feud resulting in the IC Title gaining prestige and leading to a Ryback mid card reign, we still have Ryback, without having ever been in a feud or competitive match, somehow magically jumping to the end of Raw and possibly taking a temporary seat in the main event scene. Is this for the better?

    Of course not. Ryback, for all his fanfare, is not ready for the main event scene. He is getting over, but hotshotting him up the ladder without proper build is just another logistical folly by the WWE brass.
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  2. I really dislike The Miz so I had no problem with it. :pity:
  3. Liked. Great thread and I completely agree. Plus the Randy Savage references made me giggle loudly.

    I'm waiting to see what the future is for Ryback/Miz though, if it's seriously over already then I guess it was because they want a backup for Cena and Ryback is there guy.
  4. I agree completely. I like Ryback and I think rushing him like this is dangerous. One month ago he was in a mini feud with Mahal and that was already an improvement over squashing jobbers, and now they're throwing him into the ME? No, this will be bad to him. He hasn't had one match that lasted over 5 minutes I think. If he did, it didn't last over 10. He's not ready for Main Eventing. What they did with Miz was actually pretty good, his first real feud with an established guy that I thought would go over one or even two PPVs, with Ryback possibly winning the title and getting more and more over. Then after that I'd probably have him beat Big Show or someone like that to look like a strong badass. But no, they had Ryback bury Miz (and the title as you said) for no reason... :facepalm:

    I know I'm pretty much saying the same stuff you did but I have nothing to add, just ranting.
  5. I don't see any realistic way for them to continue the feud at this point. The only thing they could do would be have Miz go crazy and beat Ryback half to death with a weapon or something, but I seriously doubt they would let someone get one over on Ryback like that considering the collective hard on WWE officials clearly have for him.
  6. I think it was purposely ended. Cena being out means they do need a backup. Cena v Punk all depends on Cena's recovery and it's not kayfabe, so I guess Ryback is the guy they turned to instead of bringing back Big Show, which I'm glad about.
  7. If it was to be a replacement they could've brought a relatively credible part timer or something... Although I don't really know anyone who would fit that mold.
  8. I don't think so. I mean, yes, it was ended purposefully. Absolutely they had no intentions of doing anything with this feud or that match wouldn't have gone down like that.

    But I don't think WWE has any worries about Cena missing HIAC. I really don't. Cena could have his arm amputated and would still compete in that match if Vince asked him to. I think Ryback showing up has more to do with Punk's line about people lining up to take a shot at him (stole that thought from another user in another thread). Since Cena can't wrestle until HIAC they will use other guys to have matches with Punk.

    I think Punk going over Ryback next week on Raw is a lot more likely than Ryback getting a main event match at a PPV any time soon.
  9. A match with Sheamus, Del Rio, Ziggler, Bryan, Big Show, Kane, Mysterio, or any number of people would make a lot more sense IMO.
  10. Maybe, you're probably right. But I mean things COULD go wrong right? It's a realistic probability that something bad could happen to Cena resorting in him being unable to compete completely, so I assume it will just be a temporary feud. This reminds me of Sheamus so much. Squashes a few jobbers and then boom he's a main eventer, I love Ryback but it's still so wrong. Though he blows Sheamus out the park.
  11. I wasn't watching when Sheamus first became a main eventer so I can't comment on that. I do remember his massive de-push in 2010 before he won KOTR on Raw and eventually worked his way back up the ladder though, which shows me he wasn't ready for where he was at that point in time.

    As far as something happening to Cena.. I guess. I mean, Punk could blow out his knee at a house show tomorrow, so there is always that element of things that can go wrong in this business. Just knowing Cena though I don't see him missing the match. I don't think he will be 100% and the arm injury will probably be a big part of the match story
  12. True. I think that if Ryback wrestles Punk at HIAC it won't be just as a replacement, but probably a test or they'll combine the fact that Cena can't wrestle with their love for Ryback/desire to push him and try to benefit both.
  13. I agree. Such a damn rush. Just when it seems like he'd enter a real feud, he gets out of that by burying Miz and gets catapulted right up to Cena and Punk level.

    Are they really going to try making Ryback the no. 2 face on Raw when he hasn't even had a feud? Fuck, he's barely even had a match longer than 2 minutes.
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