IMPACT 365 Thread

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  1. In this thread post any TNA 365 videos that you want.
    This new initiative seems off to a good start, lets see if they can keep it up.​
  2. I think its pretty cool honestly, Especially clips from House Shows.
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  3. Roode vs. Aries finals - I'd mark out.
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  4. Robbie E bro...

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  5. EC3 is pretty fun on these especially when he showed his caring side with the horse.
  6. Why do u think about the EC3-Sting feud, that's probably about to come soon?
  7. ECIII streak continues on house show Friday night in Ohio...

  8. Gotta share this one. Was just watching some of Daniels' older stuff, it's a shame they wasted this much gold with such a silly gimmick for so long.

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  9. *Senhor ejaculates on this thread making it sticky.*
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  10. :kobe::joeyryan:
  11. This is what I think of every time I see Dixie Carter:
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