IMPACT 4/4/13 Preview: 10 Men Main Event

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  1. [​IMG],-10-Man-War-Main-Event-and-more
  2. I won't miss it, Hardy vs Ray for the title... I think Bully will retain. But that's 4/11
  3. Meh. 10 men seems like a bit much (inb4 that's not what she said), but I guess it could be a solid match.
  4. Bully retaining for sure
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  5. I think the 10 man tag team match won't be a great match but I'll watch it, I can now say "it won't be awesome" and then it's the best match I've ever watched
  6. Guess team TNA will win
  7. Petey in action :boss:
  8. A bit meh for the ME and the Knockouts but the other stuff looks awesome. Can't wait to see Roode and Aries tear Chavo and Hernandez to shreds :yay:
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  9. *Knockouts Tag Action: Gail Kim & Tara vs. Velvet Sky & Taryn Terrell

    Who said taryn ? :ksi:
  10. [​IMG]

    Now give me my cheap pop!
  11. She drives me crazy [​IMG]
  12. Taryn is a goddess, bring back evening gown matches, brother :hogan:
  13. Such a sexy chick.
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  14. :yay: iMPACT!

    I'm already excited for this. No matter what, it has GOT to be better than last week's show, right? A bit of :aries: and Roode, a little :park: action, good ole' Joe. Not to mention I'm pumped for the Pearce vs. Magno match. I'll be pulling for Scrap Daddy, but a masked wrestler would be great in TNA, so I honestly don't feel like we can lose either way. Either of them should be good for TNA's roster. Should also be interesting to see what, if anything, happens with Mr. and Mrs. Bully Ray.
  15. The build for the reveal of the first lady of A&E's begins Thursday night, sister!

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  16. :facepalm: That horrendous spoiler makes me want to strangle you, but fortunately your otherwise awesomeness makes up for it. :hogan:
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  17. It's terrible and haunts my dreams, and yet, I can't stop looking at it.
  18. Such a train wreck. :pity:

    Since I can't find a GIF of her escaping boobs from this fated day:

    Instead you get this:
  19. Second image not working :sad1:
  20. Works for me, another reason why the UK > Canada.

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    that now bring us to -1 reasons as I had to see that ridiculous gif
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