Spoiler Impact August 29th preview.

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  1. Source: http://www.tnawrestlingnews.com/

    Looks a nice show imo.
  2. I can't wait to see what AJ Styles has to say about his actions.

    Also, all 3 EGO memebrs are in action, seems like some major developments and shenanigans are about to go down.

    And Hogan is back? Well it was good while it lasted.
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  3. Will be good, IF there are no suprises and changes in storyline track
  4. Yeah cause thats a bad thing :pity1:

    Styles and Roode and Aries and Daniels will be awesome. Fuck Mexishit, Fuck Hardy.
  5. This sounds like a great Impact! show, give the spotlight to AJ (make his turn feel special by a big backstory as to why he turned), epic BFG series, tons of EGO and actual storyline development that doesn't blow hard
  6. Styles vs Roode, A Double vs Daniels? Oh yeah
  7. AJ's explanation will be cringe worthy probably. Shame really given the potential he had with this story.
  8. - Madison Rayne, who was released from TNA Wrestling last month, posted a message yesterday promoting next Thursday's live Impact Wrestling from her home state of Ohio.

    She wrote on Twitter: "Hey CLEVELAND!... @IMPACTWRESTLING LIVE is coming your way next Thursday, 8/29! Show them how crazy my fellow Buckeyes can get!!! O-H.."

    She is due to give birth in the next few weeks and plans to continue wrestling in the future.

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