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    IMPACT Coverage by Bobby James
    August 27, 2014

    From the crowd, Kurt Angle runs down tonight’s card, including the first of three matches between The Hardys, Team 3D and the World Tag Team Champions, The Wolves!

    MVP, Lashley and Kenny King interrupt Angle.

    MVP claims to have lost respect for Kurt Angle because he panders to the fans who, with their smart phones and 140-characters, think they can book a match. MVP mocks NYC fans by calling them “sissified savages with no class and even less dignity.”

    MVP claims Lashley is the “King of New York.”

    Tommy Dreamer enters the ring saying they’re better than this. Dreamer says Lashley finally lived up to his potential and became the most dominant champion professional wrestling has ever seen. Kenny King, with a cheap shot, sends Dreamer flying out of the ring.

    Dreamer, with a Singapore cane, attacks Kenny King. Angle interrupts and books Lashley against Tommy Dreamer in a New York City Street Fight! Lashley attacks Dreamer and the bell sounds.


    MATCH #1:
    New York City Street Fight

    “The Innovator of Violence,” Tommy Dreamer commands an early advantage when he attacks Lashley with a trashcan lid and a Singapore cane. Lashley counters a swing of the cane, dropping Dreamer onto the ramp. Lashley powers Dreamer onto the guardrail and strikes hard with a fist to Dreamer’s face.

    Lashley rolls Dreamer into the ring and drives two stiff shoulders into his abdomen before locking in a bear hug. Dreamer counters, but is powered down to the mat by Lashley.

    Kenny King attempts interference, but Dreamer sidesteps a spear from Lashley that connects with King. Dreamer grabs a trashcan and smashes it over Lashley’s head, and then he leaps from the top rope with a Singapore cane. Lashley counters with a powerful clothesline that he follows up with a spear for the three-count.

    Winner: Lashley

    Backstage: Madison Rayne talks about her No. 1 Contenders match against Taryn Terrell


    Video: Havok is coming next week.

    Video: Samuel Shaw and Gunner are in a hotel room. Samuel is drawing and Gunner leaves the room for a moment. Samuel sees Gunner’s military uniform.

    Match #2:
    No. 1 Contender’s Match for the Knockout’s Championship

    Taryn leads with a series of quick pin attempts. Madison’s out easily and slaps on a headlock. Taryn reverses, sending Madison flying across the ring. Madison charges toward Taryn, but misses and crashes onto the arena floor. Taryn leaps from the apron and misses a diving crossbody.

    Madison attempts a series of pins, then sends Taryn flying backwards with a dropkick. Taryn kicks out and charges Madison with a series of clotheslines. Madison fights back, dropping Taryn with a Northern Lights Suplex and a two-count.

    Taryn counters another suplex attempt by Madison with a snap suplex of her own. After shoving Madison from the top rope, Taryn flies with a clothesline and follows-up with a series of sit-down clotheslines.

    Taryn scores a neckbreaker and connects with a flying crossbody, but Madison’s out a two. Taryn charges Madison in the corner, but she gets her foot up, sending Taryn to that mat. She attempts a cover with her feet on the ropes. The referee stops the count. Madison tries for a running boot to the face but Taryn counters a neckbreaker for the win.

    Winner: Taryn Terrell

    Backstage: Bobby Roode walks into Kurt Angle’s office, where he finds Eric Young. Angle walks in, instructing the camera crew to leave.


    Video: Gunner reenters the hotel room, to find Samuel Shaw wearing his army uniform.
    Match #3:

    Homicide and Crazy Steve start that match, which Homicide seems to command with ease. Crazy Steve tags out to Tigre Uno as Homicide tags in DJ Z. Tigre Uno weathers and counters attacks from DJ Z, Manik, and Homicide.

    Homicide finally gains control of Tigre Uno, but his team’s advantage soon disappears as Tigre Uno asserts his dominance over DJ Z.

    Low Ki storms the ring and assaults Manik. Manik tosses Low Ki into the air and Low Ki counters with a double foot stomp onto the chest of Manik! Homicide rushes into the ring with a hard clothesline to Low Ki.

    The match breaks down and bodies fly everywhere. Manik, looking to close in on a suicide dive, catches a surprise kick to the head from Low Ki. Low Ki drops Manik with Ki Krusher for the win.

    Winners: Low Ki, Crazy Steve and Tigre Uno

    Backstage: Bobby Roode and Eric Young leave Kurt Angle’s office. Angle says they’ve reached a decision.


    Bobby Roode enters the ring to address the controversial finish to last week’s six sides of steel match. Roode says Angle has decided to host another No. 1 Contender’s Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

    He says the match between himself and Eric Young will take place next week.

    Eric Young enters. Bobby Roode says it’ll be an honor to face EY next week. Eric Young says he was the fans’ World Champion – that he did it for them. EY says Bobby Roode is the best wrestler in the business.

    Backstage: The BroMans are taking a Tinder challenge to see who has more matches. Robbie E and Jesse match with a TNA Knockout. They won’t reveal her identity, but both vow to “hit her up” and go on a date with her.


    MATCH #4:

    EC3 attacks Rhino immediately, but Rhino counters and throws EC3 to the outside. Rhino launches EC3 into the guardrail, drives his face into another rail and then rolls him into the ring.

    EC3 jumps forward with a clothesline as Rhino reenters the ring. EC3 chokes him on the middle rope before landing an elbow drop and driving Rhino’s face repeatedly into the mat. EC3 locks in a choke hold.

    EC3 hits Rhino with a Carter clothesline and reapplies his choke hold. Rhino refuses to tap and eventually explodes with a series of hard takedowns. Rhino stalks EC3, but Rockstar Spud grabs his ankle – distracting both Rhino and the referee. EC3 nails a low blow.

    Rhino powers out at two and counters EC3 with a clothesline and a bell-to-belly suplex. The crowd chants “Gore! Gore! Gore!” But again, Spud interferes and EC3 attacks with a chair! EC3 bashes Rhino over and over, threatening the referee and Rockstar Spud in the process.

    Winner: Rhino (via disqualification)


    “The Cowboy” James Storm enters the IMPACT Zone promising to deliver “The Great Sanada.”

    The Great Sanada crawls into the ring. He removes his hood to reveal face paint representative of The Great Muta. His opponent enters next:

    MATCH #5

    The Great Sanada displays a new aggression against his familiar opponent Austin Aries. Sanada bows to James Storm and maintains control of the match. Sanada drops Aries face-first onto the turnbuckle and hoists Aries to the top rope.

    Sanada climbs the ropes and Aries counters, sending Sanada falling to mat. Storm distracts the referee and Sanada spits green mist into the eyes of Austin Aries. Then he kicks Aries in the face and covers for the three.

    Winner: The Great Sanada


    Video: The introduction of Sgt. Chris Melendez, an army war hero, who dreamed to become a professional wrestler. He officially joins the TNA Wrestling roster…next.
    Kurt Angle, with Team 3D and Mr. Anderson, introduces Chris Melendez and welcomes him to the IMPACT Wrestling family.

    Mr. Anderson says he received a call from the Wounded Warrior Project. They asked if he could train Chris to become a professional wrestler. He said he didn’t have a ring, but that he sent the tapes to Team 3D, who offered to train him for free.

    Bully says this is one of the proudest moments of Team 3D’s career.


    Tag Team Championship Series – Match 1

    Bully and Davey Richards begin the match. Eddie Edwards and Davey exchange rapid tags and double team assaults to the shoulder of Bully Ray. Bully reverses one attempt and takes control of Davey Richards with a series of loud chops!

    Davey returns a series of kicks to the chest of Bully. Bully powers Davey to the mat and Devon climbs the turnbuckle. Eddie nails a kick to Devon’s head, sending him from the top rope. The Wolves take control until The Hardys break into the match.

    Team 3D ejects The Hardys, then power Davey Richards down with a double team drop. Devon stalks Davey and Matt Hardy tags himself into the match. He drags Davey to his corner and tags his brother Jeff. Together, they assault Davey, continuing to work the arm.

    Matt goes for the pin following a Side Effect. Devon interrupts the count, which brings Eddie Edwards into the match. Eddie attacks Devon and Matt, then Bully and Jeff. The Hardys begin to gain control, but The Wolves counter, evading a double clothesline from the Hardys and connecting with a suicide dive onto Team 3D!

    Jeff flies over the top rope, taking out The Wolves. Matt leaps from the top rope, connecting with a moonsault to Team 3D and The Wolves. Matt Hardy and The Wolves make it back into the ring and there’s a near-fall on Matt.

    Devon tags himself into the match, but The Wolves howl and drop back-to-back double foot stomps onto Devon! Bully breaks the count, but is met with an ejection from the ring by Matt Hardy. The Wolves battle Devon and The Hardys in the ring, but Team 3D gains control long enough to score a 3D and the victory.

    Winners: Team 3D

    Team 3D will choose the stipulation for the second match.


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