IMPACT Discussion 5/22

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, May 24, 2014.

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  1. Didn't realize there wasn't a discussion for this and I just got done watching it so I decided to make one; granted it may be a few days late but meh better late than never I suppose.

    To quickly recap here's the results:

    TNA Knockout Championship: Angelina Love (w/Velvet Sky) vs Brittany
    Winner & Still TNA Knockout Champion, Angelina Love.

    MVP vs Austin Aries

    Winner by DQ: Austin Aries

    Magnus (w/Bram) vs Willow
    Winner following Twist of Fate; Willow.

    Eric Young vs Bobby Lashley
    Winner Bobby Lashley​

    Personally I felt the episode was filled with way too much talking and building up of the MVPLand Faction or whatever.. It had it's entertaining moments like the Storm and Anderson segment was pretty good but idk, I feel like this overexposure may do some harm to MVP/Lashley/King.. Also I don't know if Lashley having mic time is such a good idea, he's not very good on it.
  2. I agree. There was way... waaaaay too much of MVP/Lashley/King here.
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  3. It's a good idea for a faction given the current state of the roster this will allow Lashley/King to team up eventually.. but honestly the execution so far hasn't been too good. We'll see, like I said the talking was a bit too much however I think the main reason I was annoyed was simply because of Lashley on the mic :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  4. This was the first show in a long time that I just couldn't make it through, and that includes plenty of terrible Raws. It wasn't all the talking as much as it was what was being talked about.

    I honestly don't think wrestling can ever do another "authority figure turns heel and puts a faction around him" angle ever again in wrestling. It is completely played out. It's never really worked outside of Austin/McMahon (and to a lesser degree the Authority) and both companies have been trying to recreate this angle ever since. Hell, we just had Dixie/Magnus/EC3/Spud on their reign of terror, they sold Lockdown based on Dixie going away (which she didn't, since Dixie thinks she's a draw) just to turn around and do this.

    Thing is, it's a shame that MVP is stuck in this role because he's playing it really well. If only he could become a midcard wrestler.
  5. Behind on this not watched yet, will post my views as soon as I do. Likely later today an if not will be Weds unfortunately.
  6. Pretty cool little clip there.
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    Bully Ray is a freakin' wrestling god. Only he could make that opening segment work.
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  8. 4 matches TOTAL with one being a DQ win and another being another KO match? :mog:
    You can never have too much Kenny King.
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  9. True dat Aids

    This was sweet to see (the only minor minus is Eddie screaming on the mic, but he gets a pass)
  10. I'm just gonna randomly bump threads to talk Impact I guess, but I'm 6 minutes in to this week's episode and something is glaringly obvious. While so much focus is on the completely stale power struggle storyline... look at the babyfaces. Last week opened up with Bully Ray being pissed off and yelling at everyone, then the Wolves and Austin Aries making the save. This week, I just marked out to see Joe again in that video package, then yet another basic, intense Samoa Joe promo followed by more Aries... and Roode should be returning soon (if TNA doesn't continue their complete incompetence).

    Aries, Roode, Joe, EY, and the Wolves as the top faces of TNA? :damn:
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  11. CM Punk is probably too gay to eat digiorno. He is one of those douchebags who drinks pepsi and likes his pizza well did
  12. A First Blood 8-man tag?

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