IMPACT Discussion: July 24

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by GrammarNazi82, Jul 22, 2014.

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  1. TNA IMPACT Wrestling
    July 24, 2014
    New York City

    IMPACT Preview: Team 3D Reunites, 6-Man NYC Streetfight, Bobby Roode faces MVP, Gail vs Taryn, The Great Muta, Austin Aries makes his "Option C" decision and MUCH MORE!

    This week on IMPACT, TNA’s NYC run continues with a huge show! New Executive Director Kurt Angle has spared no detail in making this show just as action-packed as last week.







    - The main event of this week’s broadcast will be a 6-Man New York City Street Fight, featuring Bully Ray, Devon and Tommy Dreamer teaming up to take on EC3, Rhino and Rockstar Spud. After Devon’s shocking return last week, this will mark the first time in years that Team 3D has been reunited. No doubt, they’ll have tables in tow!

    - Another major return is set for IMPACT this Thursday, as Jeff Hardy has invited his brother Matt to NYC. What will happen with the two brothers reunite? Can we also expect the reformation of one of wrestling’s most impressive tag teams of all time? We will find out Thursday night!

    - As announced by Kurt Angle at the end of last week’s broadcast, the excuses are over for MVP. Bobby Roode will finally get his 1-on-1 shot against the man responsible for his 7-week suspension. Making things even more interesting, it will be Roode vs MVP in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

    - The X-Division Champion Austin Aries has a HUGE decision to make this Thursday on IMPACT. Will he continue as X-Champ, or will the creator of Option C hand the X-Title over in order to challenge Lashley for the TNA World Title at Destination X? Aries makes his decision this Thursday on SPIKE.

    - Legendary Japanese star The Great Muta will be making a very rare US appearance on IMPACT this Thursday night as well. Who will step forward to face him?

    - Plus, Gail Kim defends the TNA Knockouts Championship against Taryn Terrell. These two have been part of some of the most memorable Knockouts matches in TNA history. Who will emerge victorious?

    All this and so much more happens this Thursday when IMPACT airs on SPIKE TV at 9/8c.

    Spud topless and rocking that bow tie. :lol1: :gusta: Actually kinda' looking forward to this show now that I'm working on getting back into it.
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  2. Gail/Taryn 3? :yay:

    please don't suck please don't suck please don't suck
  3. ^ Chicks. :tough: You guys enjoy that one. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  4. It's for the match, I swear!

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  5. Yeah, I bet. :ksi:
  6. I thought you knew me better than that :(( *goes to cry in the corner*

    Show Spoiler

    Well since everyone loved the Gail/Taryn matches it's hard not to get excited for the 3rd one, but I do have plenty of doubts. The first one was considered a MOTYC, but that was a Last Knockout Standing match with no interest or expectations that came out of nowhere to be really good... then there was the Ladder Match that was also good but couldn't really top the now-high expectations of the first match... fast forward a year and lots of dieting for Taryn to lose the baby weight, and expectations really feel sky-high after waiting so long for this. Hope they can pull a rabbit out of the hat again!

    Thing is, it's not like Taryn is really any good. Gotta respect her, she took some nasty bumps and clearly cares and gives her heart for this "sport", but she's just not a good athlete.

    Show Spoiler
    And Aids won't be able to see it. What a shame. :pity:

    Also Roode/MVP will be a whole lot of fun, and itty-bitty Aries staring Lashley in the eyes to take him on like the fearless warrior he is oughta be an amazing visual. We all salute you, Austin!
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  7. *huggggggg!*
    But of course! If you meant it pervy you would have said, "Please suck please suck please suck." :ksi:

    Show Spoiler

    Oooooh, good point! After such great matches -- or at least one great, one decent -- before between them, then all the buildup and time it's taken to have this third bout, hopefully they'll put on a good match! :yay:

    Roode/MVP should definitely be good, and I'll be looking forward to Aries as always. :gusta: And woo, Spud!!
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  8. TNA has been awesome this past week and this card looks awesome, can't wait for the Roode v MVP and Aries bout, I thought Matt Hardy was in ROH?
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  9. He is, or has been.
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  10. Anyone know if/when this nostalgia trip will end? (@Testify, do you know? Or at least want to show up? :tough:) I'm trying to not bitch about it since all this ECW stuff and a Hardy Boyz reunion are great for business so my opinion doesn't matter, but... I don't wanna see Matt Hardy! :why: Go away!

    This show should still be great based on the last 2 Impacts. GN82, you jumped back in at the right time. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  11. Seems like it! :otunga: Loved last week's show, and on paper this one seems like it should be pretty nice, too.

    @Leo C, IMPACT tonight. You in, buddy?
  12. I'm in! Again, if I remember the show's on and all of that. But I think I'll be here :dawg:
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  13. Stupid typos. :facepalm1:

    Woo-hoo! I will tag you mercilessly if you think it'll help you remember. :haha:

    You hear that, @Snowman? I've got Leo on board again. How can you miss LD time with the Leo?
  14. Look! At the top! *points at the six-man tag* See Spud's crazy hair? Yeah, yeah, now forget the show.

    Hoping to have you on board tonight, buddy, and that we have a fun LD.
  15. I honestly thought IMPAST was a joke, as in they're featuring 40-year-olds in the main feuds :lol1: How has no one actually called it that before? It's genius.

    Surely it'll be fun. Although Hardy's worthless without Corino talking about how great he is, um, fine. :dawg:
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  16. That hair and face with that bow tie. :lol1:
  17. :hmm:

    Yes, yes! That's exactly what it was! So glad you got it!

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  18. To be Serious Snow for a minute... In theory the nostalgia trips are actually well done. :robbie: like you have that thing with Bully and Dreamer last week and Devon coming back and people can go say "Look! The Dudleys are back on this Impact Wrestling show! Watch!" and then they're gonna turn it on and see Roode running down MVP, an incredible X-Division gauntlet, and a really good ME match so viewers still have plenty of reasons to STAY tuned in. The veterans aren't the only things that matter like they have so many times before - hell, they barely even matter.

    Can you imagine a new viewer tuning in to see 'The reunited Hardy Boyz!!!!!!!" if they're in a match with the Wolves?

    (Sounds good in theory, anyway) Plus any excuse for EC3 to pwn the "You Can't Wrestle" chants is cool with me! :yay:

    *stops being serious* Ooooooh if they do that chant again, maybe Spud can try to jump the barricade to attack these stupid fans while Rhino holds him back with a giant "wtf" face? Or Rhino can not hold him back, because Pissed Off Spud going full Kevin Steen on people is comedy gold. Or I'm just a sick bastard who wants to see violence. :dawg:
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  19. In theory, sure. But should Devon's return main event the show instead of the World title match? (the point here is that sure, that's what you use veterans for, but I think they're way too big a part of the show if that's their role)
  20. To unleash my inner @Testify and give the ultimate positive spin to TNA:

    Dixie Carter segments should ALWAYS be the final segment on the show because when she talks, people change the channel. Good job getting the World Title Match in before people did that!
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