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  2. +1 for that awesome picture of Roode. The new champ is coming, the new champ is coming... :yay:
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  3. Wow, I like these posters they use to promote each show, which are getting better and better every week. Roode's going to be the next champ which is going to be awesome. I liked EY as champ, so him being one of the top guys if a-okay with me because he will have a great match with Lashley. Also, The Wolves defending their titles is always good even if TNA are struggling to get new stars in (I mean, there's only so many times the Bro-Mans can get beaten before they become a complete joke - at least their title reigns give them credibility when the big matches arrive - and the Menagerie aren't really that great).
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  4. Wait, aren't these a whole bunch of Slammiversary rematches on free TV? Fine with that. As much as I criticized the EY title run, he definitely earned his spot near the top of the card and I'd love to see him stick around there for a little while and not get dropped too far like guys like Gunner have. Not high on rematches of EC3/Bully or Angelina/Gail, but as long as they're used for story progression (hey Kurt Angle, you have a crooked referee and Taryn's back... just saying...) and while seeing either the Bromans or the Menagerie again is a depressing thought, at least it's a fresh matchup and the Wolves can salvage anything. Hopefully the pretapes are few and far between.
  5. Think TNA put far more effort into impact than their PPVs at this point because the Spike TV deal is the only thing keeping them going. Only 1 of the last 6 world title changes have happened on PPV.
  6. You're absolutely right, and I agree it's the right business plan. Just have that cliche' stuck in my mind, haha.

    They still haven't resigned with Spike so priority #1 is that they get back in favor with the Network, so they do need to do everything possible to produce the best TV they can. Besides, it's not like PPV is important to this company. More people stream PPV's than buy them (especially for TNA) and that's caused the WWE to change their entire business model, and that change has made TNA's model even more obsolete.

    Don't see why they bother doing them anymore.
  7. Getting resigned with Spike would be awesome, because apparently it's not even really free TV if it's part of a package deal so TNA will get more money if Impact's are doing good. Heck, I love PPVs because of the big event feel but maybe if they could make them big special TV events with Spike, available to rewatch by paying and maybe even a PPV pre-show.
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  8. This is actually an amazing idea! Looking at Spike's schedule they can certainly afford more Impact over the random shows or movie reruns they have going on the weekends. And love your idea with the preshow. At house shows they're already doing these "pre-show parties" hosted by DJ-Z and Rockstar Spud that are getting rave reviews (no surprise there), maybe having those two + Borash doing an interactive type of thing before each "Impact Special" could be fantastic television.
  9. Impact has been really good lately... I'm fn' glad about that! Can't wait to watch this episode tomorrow!
  10. Not really. Out of 9 Slammy matches, only 3 rematches happened: Storm/Anderson, Gail/Love and EC3/Bully.

  11. could be a good show.
  12. Great discussion lol.

    Anyway, after watching some older TNA on Wednesday night, seeing Kurt Angle open this show was really crazy. I was over here yelling "Come on, guys, it's Kurt Effing Angle! Hello! Remember the Main Event Mafia!? Remember when he turned on Sting to join Immortal!? All the evil shit this guy's done, and now you trust him?" haha, and then Samoa Joe calls him out on this shit. Great, great stuff.
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  13. Okay, that Brittany thing... Can someone fill me in on the backstory here? Completely missed the setup for this... :upset:

    Either way, wow is there a lot of interesting things in womens' wrestling now! And Summer vs Layla, too.
  14. Some good segments here and there... It was a decent show, I'd give it a 6/10. Once again, it could've and should've been longer.
  15. Ass and titties, ass ass and titties.
  16. Basically, Madison Rayne was being a bit of a dick to Brittany for a while, until Brittany had enough, supposedly turned heel by not helping her in the match with Angelina Love when Velvet Sky got involved. That's all I saw, not seeing why the crowd would hate Brittany when she was just a bit too eager to help but Madison pretty much stuck her middle finger up at the poor girl. :/
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  17. Thanks, buddy! :yay: Knew the short version, but didn't know the specifics of what she was bitching at Madison about. I still associate Madison as the annoying little harpy from all those years ago, so if you say Brittany's in the right here I'll more than oblige than cheer for her.

    And ever since the moment that she "turned" her confidence shot up like a rocket.
    As much as I love Bully Ray, seeing Rhino return and spear the fuck out of him allowing my boy EC3 to grab the win was solid.
    TNA Impact has been pretty good as of recent.
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