IMPACT Discussion May 8th

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, May 2, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]




    - Since he is banned from the Impact Zone, Bully Ray will be heading to Nashville to visit the headquarters of TNA Wrestling and Dixie Carter! What does Bully have planned for Dixie, will he put her through a table this time around?

    - Plus, Eric Young stated he wants to defend the World Heavyweight Championship once again on Thursday!​
  2. Wow, that looks great. EC3 vs Angle should be a good match - keyword being should. I have a little doubt in my head saying that Spud will get EC3 DQ'd and we'll see a rematch at Slammiversary. Y'know, classic TNA. The Tag Team ladder match sounds amazing, although I hope that'll mean we get more tag teams in because this should be the final match in this feud so The Bro-Mans can do something else/take a break seeing as how they've been there every week and could do with a little planning now. I don't really care about the Knockouts right now, but what the hell is that match type? The Menagerie looks interesting, and I'm assuming Knux will be put into the tag team division (which is a plus, in my book) but I hope they're not pushed too hard to be main eventing Impact shows (which I honestly can't see happening).

  3. I can sense a Menagerie vs. Bromans feud down the line to put over Knux and co.
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  4. Ok, let's do this
  5. Great opener.
  6. lol @Testify is going to give up his tna spot to kassius hoho here soon. Dude talks all this TNA shit but never can make a LD. I could show up back to back weeks and take a run at the shit.

    Change the TNA award to a copy/paste conference, dude who links shit without copy pasting most gets an award.
  7. Hey Leo, how was this one?

    Either way, maybe we can pick a different day to do these, when everyone isn't busy (and the NFL Draft isn't on)?
  8. Brilliant post, now go back to suckhole state you live in jabroni.
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  9. All I can say about this is "wow wtf".
  10. TNA or me failing at shit talking test.
  11. TNA. There's a whole bunch of other tired internet memes and smileys I can use at you shit-talking Test.

    Here's a good one: :facepalm1:

    And here's another: :downer:

    And here's this:

  12. [​IMG]
    so many fucks given.
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  13. Are Aries or Roode in any strong angles? Hell, are they even on TV?

    Really not interested in most of these jabronis. EC3 and EY are cool, but not good enough to draw me in and watch the show weekly. TNA is just so "meh" nowadays.
  14. I've stumbled across a few spoilers and forget what's happening and what's going to, but I know that Aries and Roode will be on TV in the next few Impacts.
  15. There was some good stuff on the episode, and some usual not that great stuff like the swerve in the end there. And seeing Kaz by himself was a sad, sad moment :((
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  16. The ending really sucked, a copy from WWE's idea. The rest of the show I gotta say wasn't that bad, this Bram dude looks cool, the new circus faction seems nice, but it sucks the freak is a repackaged Rob Terry. An evening gown match brings back memories, and you can obviously tell by the crowds reaction velvet had a bra on though, and i was kinda expecting one of the chics to be wearing a thong, idk the episode wasn't all bad.
  17. They did a really, really nice job setting up Roode vs Eric Young, spent 10 minutes with a pretty passionate, real, history-ridden speech between the two... just for MVP to say the match isn't happening a minute later before kicking Roode off the premises. Yay.

    Turning MVP heel was the right call. So far he's pissed off a bunch of "heels"... and when the heels are Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, and Kenny King? Sorry bro, if you're expecting any kind of babyface reaction from that garbage you've got another thing coming. In kayfabe you're the worst GM you can possibly be. Maybe those four can return as faces to overthrow MVP because if there's four more liked or likable guys on the roster in 2014, I don't know who they are.

    Whoever's idea it is to keep Aries off TV needs to be fired. It's probably Christy Hemme.

    Honestly, I'm lower on Impact right now than ever before. I want to defend this product, you guys know that, but outside of Rockstar Spud I can't name a single thing I'm interested in. This Magnus/Bram thing is kinda intriguing but that's not a draw lol. But to shut up Testify, yeah, I realize that my opinions vary from week to week. But right now? I'll pass.

    Also a +1 for Leo. Boy did I mark to hear the BI theme again though.
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  18. Shhh, don't say that. Testify will beat you up.
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