IMPACT Exclusive: Bobby Roode's Reaction To Eric Young's Betrayal

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    Last night on IMPACT Wrestling's debut on Destination America, Bobby Roode defended his title against "The Destroyer" Lashley. When Samoa Joe, Low Ki and MVP charged the ring, the one person who came to even the odds became the most shocking betrayal. Eric Young sabatoged Bobby Roode's World Heavyweight Title defense costing him TNA gold. After IMPACT Wrestling went off the air. Roode sat down with cameras for an exclusive interview.

    Roode commented on on their relationship "15 years I knew that guy, one of my best friends in the world," Roode continued "He knew how much that World Heavyweight Championship meant to me."

    "In this business there is nothing more important to me than the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, and Eric Young took it away from me tonight!" Watch the video to see how Roode plans to handle the situation with Eric Young.


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