IMPACT Preview: Who Will Win The Gold Rush?

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    Tonight, TNA Wrestling presents IMPACT on Spike TV. The show tonight presents 10 TNA superstars with the opportunity of a lifetime. However, only 1 superstar will be able to mine his way through The Manhattan Center in New York City leaving with a guaranteed Championship match. It's appropriately called the "NYC Gold Rush."

    As the sun sets on our summer in NYC so too will the dreams of 9 TNA Wrestlers. As per Executive Director Kurt Angle, tonight there will be 5 qualifying encounters, pitting 10 of TNA's best in one on one competition. The winners advance to a chaotic, frantic & One Fall to a Finish finale that will surely be brutal.

    Why would these men put themselves in such a violent affair? For the prize! The winner earns a guaranteed Championship Opportunity, at anytime, for ANY Championship he sees fit for the taking.

    Why wouldn't the winner simply choose the World Title? Well, would you want to face The Destroyer, Lashley? Would a "Bro" pick any title other than a Tag Team Title? What if a beaten down Samoa Joe was simply too weak to defend The X Title?

    Here we are going to look at the 5 favorites who should emerge from their respective qualifying matches & enter the final round of the NYC Gold Rush tonight on IMPACT presented by TNA Wrestling.


    1) Knux vs. Austin Aries: Knux would be a powerhouse in the finale against four other TNA superstars, but in order to do so, The 300 pounder will have to defeat former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Austin Aries. Aries will rely on his speed & agility to outmaneuver the slower Knux. In the end, it's hard for even the most critical of TNA aficionados to go against Austin Aries.

    Aries wins this one, but it's closer than the experts think.


    2) MVP vs. Low Ki: On paper it's the toughest match of these qualifiers to pick, the word "qualifiers" hardly does any of these matches justice. Throw in the fact that MVP & 'Ki are close friends and anything can happen. They know each other very well, training together & having the same pedigree. This is really a toss up, but we are going with MVP, quite honestly this is a "pick 'em" and will be a treat for us watching. Whoever emerges from this match could very well be the frontrunner for the whole tournament!


    3) Tajiri vs. Robbie E: In a dream sequence, Tajiri wins NYC Goldrush & goes on to face Samoa Joe for The X Title in a thriller! Not so fast, friends! Robbie E pulls off the upset & "amazingly races" his way to grabbing fellow Bro & challenging for The TNA Tag Team Titles. It's what a bro should do, right? Imagine the intrigue here if Robbie E somehow topples The Japanese Buzzsaw? Robbie can go after The TNA World Championship, but says, "nope, The Bro Mans want to be Champs together!" Or, Robbie hands the Title opportunity over to The Beautiful People & one of the gorgeous girls challenges for The Knockouts Title! A lot to speculate here, folks. Let's take Robbie E to win!


    4) Mr. Anderson vs. Magnus: Hey, Mr. Anderson, it's time to remember who you are again. It's time to realize you can be at the top of TNA and it only takes one night. Go grab the opportunity and run with it. Score the winning touchdown. It's not too late. Although, Magnus might disagree. This is a pivotal match for both of these men. The winner here must carry their energy into the final and climb back to the top! We have to pick a winner here, but much much more is at stake for both men. We are going with Mr. Anderson!


    5) Abyss vs. Samuel Shaw: Oh boy, two heavy hitters here. Abyss is very comfortable in chaos & Samuel Shaw knows no other way. Sit back and enjoy this one. It should be very physical! These guys will feel the affects of this contest for a couple weeks to come. We think they damage each other enough to ruin any chance of winning The NYC Gold Rush. However, for the one on one match, we are taking Samuel Shaw.

    Those are our picks for the five favorites: Samuel Shaw, Mr. Anderson, Robbie E, MVP & Austin Aries. Maybe not "favorites," but the five we feel have the best chance to qualify for the finale of the NYC Gold Rush. It's gonna be a fun and entertaining night on Spike TV. It's our last night of IMPACT in NYC and someone is leaving the concrete jungle where dreams are made of with an opportunity of a lifetime.

    We want to hear from everyone tonight, engage on social media - and, on Twitter, use #NYCGoldrush to be part of the conversation.


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