IMPACT Preview: World Heavyweight Title Match between Lashley and MVP...

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    After last week’s 20-Man Gauntlet, the table is set for a huge edition of IMPACT WRESTLING. The main event will see a showdown of epic proportions with Lashley defending his TNA World Heavyweight Championship against MVP. MVP and the BDC played the numbers game to run the table in last week’s Gauntlet Match. Will they do the same to ensure that they leave IMPACT with TNA gold? Find out this Friday on Destination America!

    Despite the BDC stealing a victory last week, Kurt Angle has vowed to reclaim the TNA World Heavyweight Title. Kurt heads to IMPACT and, we understand, he plans to call out Lashley. How will this affect Lashley’s mindset before his title defense? Find out when Kurt Angle kicks off IMPACT this Friday night on Destination America!

    Mr. Anderson’s shocking return not only saved Rockstar Spud from being shaved bald by EC3 and Tyrus, but also allowed Spud to turn the tables and take Tyrus’ hair last week. Now, Mr. Anderson is scheduled for his first match since his return and will team with Rockstar Spud against EC3 and Tyrus. Is EC3 the next to get his head shaved!? See what Spud and Anderson have in-store this Friday night on Destination America.

    Taryn Terrell defended her Knockouts Title in impressive fashion against Angelina Love last week. However, after the match, Awesome Kong appeared and laid waste to Taryn. This Friday, Taryn is headed to IMPACT and will call out the Awesome one. Will Kong answer the challenge? Find out Friday night on IMPACT.

    Last week saw the debut of British Boot Camp II sensation Grado. This week, more Boot Camp contestants have the chance to shine as Noam Dar takes on Rampage Brown.

    Drew Galloway shocked the wrestling world when he charged the ring against the BDC. Will we see the once-dubbed “Chosen One” again and what are his intentions? Watch and find out, this Friday on IMPACT!

    All of this and so much more when IMPACT comes to you from Manchester this Friday night on Destination America!



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