Spoiler Impact Rassling 9/5/13

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Nano, Aug 30, 2013.

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  1. Source: http://www.prowrestling.com/
  2. * Eric Young beat Jay Bradley - Mahhhh
    * Mickie James comes out but ODB attacks her and they brawl. -Mahhhhh
    * Knux beat Chris Sabin by DQ after Sabin got caught using a hammer that Knux originally brought in the ring. -Maaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
    * AJ Styles wins a Gauntlet Match. -Saw that coming
    * Gunner and James Storm come out but Aces & 8s attack them. A tag team match is made and Aces get the win after using a weapon while the referee wasn’t looking. -At this state in TNA, the tag titles are useless too
    * AJ Styles comes out and picks his opponent for No Surrender – Austin Aries. Magnus vs. Bobby Roode is also announced for No Surrender. -Styles will win, yada yada, win back title, yada yada, redmeption yada yada
    * Sting vs. Bully Ray in a non-title main event. Hulk Hogan makes the match no DQ and bans Tito Ortiz from ringside. Sting ends up winning after Aces & 8s and The Main Event Mafia comes out to brawl. Bully and Mr. Anderson argue over the finish and Ray vs. Anderson for No Surrender is announced. -Just what is TNA thinking here, this match is just a bad idea
  3. just replied to your other thread and clearly you werent being sarcastic. What are you doing in here, outside of randomly hating with sounds a 3 year old makes?

  4. :harvey:
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  5. Eric Young vs. Jay Bradley is an Xplosion match, won't be on IMPACT.
  6. That's what Prowrestling said. I just copied and pasted it here...
  7. They are shit. I hate them.
  8. Ok... TNAinsider spoilers.

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  9. Hope Anderson will win that title at No Surrender.
  10. Don't really think he'll win tbh, but I hope he gets a title reign next year
  11. He'll be gone by 2014, imo.
  12. That's a possibility, but I think TNA will keep him until 2015
  13. Contract is up very soon in his case, and in time of budget cuts, especially when you know he's a high-paid talent, I don't think he brings much to the table and hence why I see him being released/not extending contract.
  14. I think they're turning him just to see if he can bring viewers as face. He hasn't been active fighting tbh and if he brings some more viewers TNA will extend his contract
  15. ranting on TNA, pissing people off, bitchin about life problems and fighting with my little brother, that so bad?
  16. it's pathetic as fuck, ill give you that much and nothing more.
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