Impact Rating 9th August

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  2. What is happening :((
  3. TNA ratings seem so random. You start to expect shitty ratings and they go up.. you start to expect decent ratings and they crash.

    this must drive Bischoff nuts
  4. Can the fact that they are on Spike be a factor in the yo yo ratings?
  5. These ratings became depressing, really. I don't know what the hell is going on. Yes, there's the Olympics, timeslot change, summer, DVR and all, but still depressing.
  6. :sad: Hopefully it'll get better next week
  7. 0.89, that's low...
  8. Quarter Hour Ratings for August 9th IMPACT

  9. Contract signings draw.
  10. 1.01 is not a draw even when overall ratings are this bad. Learn2business
  11. ^boss. Honestly get the aj feud to end, and reveal aces and 8s. Start a real movement for fed-x and finish bfg so it doesnt look like you gave 20 points to the two people who needed points or lost tv time.
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