Impact Ratings 4/18 (a.k.a. Gohan Troll Bait)

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Apr 20, 2013.

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    Slightly improved but still trash
  2. Yeah, still a bit low but an improve nonetheless. Normal.
  3. Crappy crappy crappy. What the hell is going on? :downer:
  4. So so bad :sad:
  5. tnasylum

    Their Q1 issues are resurfacing :downer:

    Yeah this is just expected IMO.
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  7. Dead on. Lol
  8. Wow ratings have really gone down since the love story between Bully/Brooke ended. Whoda thunk it? :robbie:
  9. The return to 9pm can't come soon enough, and to anyone out there who says that isn't a one major problem with the TNA ratings... Go fuck yourself.
  10. The 8 or 9 debate isn't the issue IMO, national advertising is a bigger problem. Even the 9 O'clock segments are drawing low 1s, they're starting to understand it locally by advertising when they're in town now they need to push that all over America to gain ratings. TNA biggest problem is advertising I think we all know that, look at WWE how saying how great your show is tend to be more effective than being a great show.
  11. It's a bit low but I think it'll return to a normal level soon
  12. I agree. You hear a lot about WWE with there pay per views and shows ect... never really see that from Impact, maybe something they need to spend out of a lot to improve ratings.
  13. "Q5: Impact popped to a show-high 1.07 rating for Mickie James vs. Miss Tessmacher in a Knockouts #1 contender match, plus one commercial. By comparison, the fifth quarter hour of Impact has averaged a 1.20 rating in 2013."

    Does this mean the Knockouts are doing good, or that there are just a lot of perverts watching the show?
  14. Well, Q5 normally gets more viewers naturally (9 PM) so it may just be that.
  15. it's kinda sad that the show's best point was the knockouts match, nothing against the Knockouts, but seriously.
  16. Knockouts have been proven draws in the past, but Pritchard doesn't like to put much emphasis on the knockout division.
  17. Balls on that prick, he should fucking die.
  18. Those first quoted stats are so backwards and confusing.

    Anyway, glad they've improved slightly, but they still have a long way to go. Hope that for whatever reason they'll see an increase in this week's ratings, as well.
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