News iMPACT ratings breakdown for 05/02/13

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Senhor Perfect, May 7, 2013.

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  2. Weak as fuck.:facepalm:
  3. They need to stick KOs in the first segment or something. That shit bombs week in, week out.
  4. Proven ratings getters over the past few yrs and you wanna stick them in the opening segment?:pity1:
  5. proven ratings getters. I love these goons (ie YOU) that try to micro analyze segment ratings breakdowns and say the people who get .99s instead of .85s are drawing. Yea dog, KOs are the reason oh so many people tune into TNA. Fa sho
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  6. Lol @ someone like Crayo (!) liking this post, is all I can say.

    And yes, regardless of your opinion on use of women in wrestling, they DO draw a certain amount of people into watching the TNA product and it's PROVEN. It's your fault that you can't argue against facts or proofs. Especially in TNA case, where every viewer more is a valuable one.
  7. >gets humbled by Dolph
    >goes out to get the guy who liked the post

    Seems legit.
  8. This post proves my theory that discussing wrestling with you (ratings especially) is the lowest form of conversation.
  9. The only 'proof' or facts you have are ratings segments that fluctuate from week to week for everyone, including KOs. The times I remember them "drawing" ie slight viewer increases it was because they were in TIME SLOTS that consistently drew. Chavo/Hernandez would draw if they got the same time slots that the KOs do (how many shows in a row were they opening the second hour at one point? )

    The fact that TNA consistently gives away hour 2 segment 1 to the KOs might be part of their problem since that and the last segment are generally the only two that see significant viewer increases from week to week
  10. Testify is the mid 90s Eric Bischoff of WWEF. Stop obsessing over ratings, brother.
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  11. I'm not at all obsessed, I just post the ratings info every week just like I do every other news tip I find on the internite that is interesting and newsworthy.

    And you are way more obsessed with (KO) ratings movement/downfall than I am, just saying.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Your posts here (and recently elsewhere) disagree, bro.
  14. I made a joke suggesting they put the KOs in the opening segment. That was the extent of my care until you took my joke at face value and responded seriously.
  15. The one thing i care less about than KOs/ratings is this conversation tbh
  16. I remember, no, I KNOW that Tara drew the highest rated segment(s) in Q4 (the quarter hour that NO ONE ever drew a fuck), and it was the highest rated segment of the show. Then, Tara turning on Tessmacher back in September of 2012 drew the highest q hour of the show in a fucking Q7. Then we had Velvet Sky return in Q2 (yeah) last year that drew the highest. And that's just from what I can remember at this moment without a detailed searching.

    Q5 always draws, there's no point iin arguing that, you can put Mike Tenay and Taz arguing for the full quarter, and it'd still draw.
  17. Well that's because you got nothing and you ain't winning.
  18. Right, but I care more about ratings than you.
  19. Go Testify :yes:
    #TeamTestify :testify:
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