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    Q1: The show after a PPV, Impact opened with a year-low 0.99 rating, which followed last week's year-low 1.03 rating in Q1. The segment featured Bobby Roode's seemingly-weekly show-opening confrontation with Sting, set up for a World Title match, and one full commercial break. (down 15.9% vs. 2011-Q1 average)

    Q2: Impact increased slightly to a 1.03 rating for the Roode vs. Jeff Hardy TNA World Title match and one commercial break. (down 10.9% vs. 2011-Q2 average)

    Q3: Impact dropped slightly to a 1.00 rating for post-match activity and two commercial breaks following the title match. (down 14.3% vs. 2011-Q3 average)

    Q4: Impact increased slightly to a first-hour-high 1.04 rating for the X Division tag match, plus one commercial break. (down 7.5% vs. 2011-Q4 average)

    Q5: Impact jumped to a 1.23 rating for the Knockouts battle royal and pre and post-match activity. There was also one commercial break. (even vs. 2011-Q5 average of a 1.23 rating)

    Q6: After increasing 18 percent in Q5, Impact declined 18 percent in Q6 to a 1.00 rating, which is where TNA hovered for most of the first hour. The segment featured Eric Bischoff's celebratory promo, various non-wrestling and backstage segments, and one commercial break. (down 13.8% vs. 2011-Q6 average)

    Q7: Impact steadily rebounded in the final half-hour, starting with a 1.04 rating in Q7. The segment featured the Bully Ray vs. James Storm #1 contender match and one commercial break. (down 8.8% vs. 2011-Q7 average)

    Q8: Impact increased to a 1.11 rating (even with the previous two weeks) for the post-match angle involving Ray, Storm, and NFL star Brandon Jacobs, followed by one commercial break, Sting setting up Roode vs. Storm at Lockdown, and Roode's show-ending attack on Sting. (down 5.7% vs. 2011-Q8 average)

    Lessons learned: When the Knockouts are on TV, people will turn over. When Eric Bischoff is on TV, people turn it off. Their commercial spots are timed horribly, and the spoilers don't help. (I don't get why people read them?). This show got TNA's worst rating in 2 years.

    Lessons I need to learn: If I should keep posting these and/or the Superstars review series (obviously that needs work)
  2. Keep posting these. Why do you say people turn over for Knockouts? They drew according to this? Unless you meant something else.
  3. People turn over to Impact from another channel, the Knockouts matches are always are the highest-rated segments of Impact.

    (Sorry, tried not to make the post too long, and wound up rushing through everything.)
  4. Another shitty ratings, which is a shame, bcuz the show was really, really, entertaining. TNA's and Spike's marketing suck donkey ass.
  5. All down from last year again, I can't believe that knockouts are their biggest draw though.

  6. TNA = Tits N Ass.

    The knockouts have drawn well for a while I think, I don't know if it's the segment they take or people are actually keen to see them though. Never really looked at ratings too closely.
  7. Bad thing is, it was rating of the night by quite a big amount, and it was still only even compared with last year. TNA need to really market their product better because it's slipping :emoji_slight_frown:.
  8. I wonder if the shows TNA plug (Bellator, Caged, MMA Unleashed, even Jersey Shore) give them a counter-plug? And on many websites, it seems that many disenfranchised fans still are saying the same old rhetoric that's been said for several years. It's a hard thing to do, but TNA really needs to get the word out that this isn't the same product as it was then, and get the wrestling fans back to give this company another chance.

    TNA really needs a top babyface as well. Jeff Hardy is still over from his WWE days, but many fans won't give him another shot. James Storm doesn't seem to be getting over much at all.
  9. They need to learn to use Styles.

  10. I don't think he draws that well tbh. It's a shame, he could be a great super hero style babyface with his ability to "fly".
  11. From the looks of it none of their "main event" draws well. If there's anyone who could be the super babyface it's him & Hardy.

  12. I could see Storm blowing up huge at some point, Roode too along with Styles but the problem is who knows who they are? TNA needs to take notice of Vince, because he's the only person who's created a wrestling megastar. He pushes and pushes his people out there so everyone knows their name. He did it with Hogan, Austin, Rock and Cena. You need to advertise, which is TNA's problem. Hell you didn't even know when it was on at one point and you own a wrestling forum. If you don't know how are the casual viewers to know?
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  13. Liked, so true. It's never advertised on TV either, in fact, the only time it was advertised was during commercials on one RAW episode where they advertised the UK tour. But even then it was a poor advertisement, I still to this day don't know what channel it's on on Sky. I just watch it online.
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  14. I didn't know the show even existed until Jeff Hardy joined in 2010. I watch the show online as well, Crayo, so that's 2 fewer viewers. Countless people do the same, and who knows how many people just read the spoilers. The ratings system isn't a very good way to show how much interest there is in your product, but what else is there?

    I just hope that since the product has been rated so much lower than last year, that they don't go back to the stupidity of last year.

  15. If they good out of the IZ more often we could use live attendances.
  16. Should take the risk and completely dump the IZ all together, it's like watching FCW.

  17. Agreed, if it's not viable to get on the road constantly once or twice a month would do for now imo.
  18. Dammit, @[Crayo], I was about to change my picture to that!

    The IZ wasn't that bad last Thursday. They've been better than most WWE crowds, but still: If they can do house shows on the road, they can tape Impact on the road.
  19. To be honest any episode in the IZ lessens my enjoyment by default, even if the show is great. Crowd reactions can make an episode worthy of a 5/10 to like an 8/10. Those Wembley episodes for example are the best wrestling-related TV programming I've seen in 2012, most of it is because of how awesome the crowd was.

    MITB 2011, awesome, mainly because of the crowd.
  20. I'd rather watch a good show in a dump venue than a dump show in a good venue

    obviously it'd be better for them to leave the IZ and hit the road, but it doesn't completely kill my enjoyment
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