Impact Ratings for 5/3

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, May 5, 2012.

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  1. Q1: 0.97 rating - Ric Flair calls out Hulk Hogan for an in-ring verbal exchange, Brooke Tessmacher and Velvet Sky backstage promo, Knockouts ring entrances

    Q2: 1.00 rating - Velvet Sky and Brooke Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne, Rob Van Dam promo with Bobby Roode interruption

    Q3: 0.97 rating - Roode and RVD pick opponents for one another, Devon vs. Robbie T

    Q4: 0.95 rating - Devon vs. Robbie E continuation, Ric Flair, Al Snow, and Bruce Prichard talk backstage, Gut Check video package, Flair, Snow, and Prichard debate backstage, Hulk Hogan and Mr. Anderson talk, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam entrances, two commercial breaks

    Q5: 1.03 rating - Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam, Joseph Park and Bully Ray backstage, Jeremy Borash backstage promo interrupted by Bully Ray, Ray takes Borash to the ring

    Q6: 0.98 rating - Austin Aries confronts Bully Ray, Daniels and Kazarian backstage, Roode promo, A.J. Styles, Magnus, and Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle, Kazarian, and Daniels

    Q7: 0.96 rating - Six-man tag continuation, Alex Silva, Ric Flair, Al Snow, and Bruce Prichard in the Gut Check judgement,

    Q8: 1.00 rating - Gut Check segment continues, Bobby Roode vs. Mr. Anderson with Jeff Hardy's interference backfiring, RVD out and DDT'd by Roode to close the show

    Love how the Gut Check backstage segment didn't draw... and Bully Ray does. Brother.
  2. So, 0.98? :facepalm1:

    Something needs to be done about this, RIGHT NOW, Dixie!
  3. The Bella's are free. Of course they're the answer.
  4. Until they start advertising even the tiniest bit the ratings are going to stay in the gutter.
  5. Advertisement plays its part but the constant Hogan, Eric, Garret, Flair and other shitty segments play a bigger part. As Steiner says, give them the fucking boot.
  6. No way does it play a bigger part; I question any of those things driving down ratings besides maybe Garrett who people really seem to hate. If they would advertise even half as much as WWE does they could get ratings in the mid 1s on a consistent basis.
  7. Every single TNA fan I've seen has hated Hogan's over-involvement. TNA themselves don't even blame ratings on advertising. Let's not be naive.
  8. All of you are right... How many casuals even know TNA exists? How many people laugh at the simple thought of TNA (Ziggles)? How many people turned off the TV during the 186th Gut Check segment they had?
  9. Since when does TNA know jack shit about business? If you don't think advertising their show would result in more viewers idk what to tell you other than you are wrong.
  10. Dixie needs 2 take her company back and empower herself
  11. Advertising is everything is today's wrestling business, but you have to back it up with a good, consistent, and exciting product. And Impact misses excitement.
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  12. Re: RE: Impact Ratings for 5/3

    The WWE doesn't,if you get a strong enough brand recognition you'll get ratings better then what TNA usually do. Advertise your product as the best thing ever, even if it isn't then you'll get people interested and sticking regardless of product quality.
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  13. Advertising excuse works for PPV's and stuff like that. Everyone knows what time TNA is on weekly, it's not like the live SmackDown's where WWE refuse to mention it more than twitter, hence why no one remembers to tune in on Tuesday's instead of Friday's. Face it, the current product is sucking, and I personally blame it on the fact TNA are going to their old ways in giving old guys ridiculous amounts of TV time. We all complain about HHH, but what about Hogan, Flair, Bischoff?
  14. I really, really doubt it. Only hardcore wrestling fans on forums know. Casual fans don't know jackshit about TNA bro. The current product is fine, and outside of hardcore smarks such as yourself who have personal beef with Hogan, those guys and there 20 minutes per show are not what is driving ratings down, sorry bro.
  15. Translation: "I thought the show was good, I personally love Hogan so I'll say it's advertising's fault".

    So RAW with bad ratings is just bad advertising yeah? Not enough people seeing those adverts.

    "Casual fans don't know shit about TNA", source please? That's ridiculous. Fans of anything at least know when it's on. That's why the repeat version of SmackDown drew just as much (and more) than the live version 3 days before, routine is routine regardless. I'm not surprised people don't like seeing washed up has been's on their screens. It sure as hell isn't just me.

    Douglas put it perfectly:


  16. Don't the Knockouts bring in better ratings than Hogan and Bitchoff and all their segments? I don't watch TNA on the whole, so I'm curious because of something I read. There was an article from last year that talked about how Hogan and Bischoff having some sort of contempt because at least back then, the Knockouts were drawing better ratings than them and all the other old guys (Flair, Sting, etc.) and they couldn't stand it.

    Either way, it's still certain that no one on the whole cares a lot about Hogan or Flair or Bischoff. It's not 1985 anymore, and Bitchoff was never a draw in the first place.
  17. They did but they also had a prime segment, the top of the 2nd hour I reckon so how much you read into it is up to you.
  18. I personally love Hogan now? I was a fan of his back in the day, sure, but I've made it clear I don't want him in a featured role and he needs to step out of the spotlight and just act as a regular GM does and not be the focus of the show.
  19. LOLShane Douglas. :dafuq:

    Bobby Roode is the frickin WHC and he's underused? GTFO. And tells us the man who was midcarder at best.

    And lulz at the statement of how much ECW and TNA spend. The guy clearly doesn't know that times have changed, business is faster, everything's quicker and this a modern age.
    I'm sorry, Douglas may be right in some of his talk, but generally it's shit.
  20. I didn't bother to read Douglas' drivel. how the fuck does he know that Dixie has the company in the red? It's privately owned and they don't disclose that type of thing. He's talking out of his asshole
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