Impact Ratings for February 9, 2012

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Feb 11, 2012.

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    Very disappointed with how the ratings have been in the Brother Love era as a whole, despite the product itself being much better. With the hype behind this episode, the Star Wars gimmick (which was undefined and not known it wouldn't be used), the Wembley Arena crowd, and a heat-drawing champion in Roode, you'd think the ratings wouldn't be so much worse than 2011.

    Lol @ the one-hour main event Bischoff segment being the lowest rated of the year.
  2. That's the second time in 2 weeks Hogan/Bischoff's segment has drawn terribly. Hopefully they realize no one wants to see this and just can it.
  3. Every segment is down from their average last year, damn.
  4. It's pretty sad as the show has been really good as a whole.
  5. Uh, oh... Bad ratings for a good show. It's a shame Bischoff keeps pushing himself and his son on top hour. Just fuck off already, Eric.
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  6. Tbh, I expected much better ratings or at least the same as last week's show, because it was quite good. Fuck it.
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  7. And ratings somehow went up for their segment this week.

    Hogan/Bischoff will say the problem is clearly not enough garrett bischoff storyline

    we'll get 30 solid minutes of Garrett Bischoff telling his Dad he's a mean guy next week on Impact
  8. I want a Scott Steiner shoot on both of them.
  9. I read this as 'I want Scott Steiner to shoot both of them'

    and I would have agreed.
  10. Yeah, but the Bully Ray and Bobby Roode segment was down a whole lot from the opening segments last year, the vast majority of which were Immortal promos. According to that, the fans want more Hogan and Bischoff talking about a bunch of irrelevant bullshit for 20 minutes.
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