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    Impact Coverage by Bobby James

    October 1, 2014

    Austin Aries kicks off IMPACT!

    Aries mentions winning the New York City Gold Rush and says that last week, he won the right to challenge any champion in TNA. Aries teases an interactive experience. He asks if he should challenge Gail Kim for the Knockout’s Championship? Maybe he’ll challenge The Wolves in a 2-on-1 handicap match for the Tag Team Championships? Or maybe he’ll challenge Samoa Joe for the X-Division Championship.

    Samoa Joe interrupts. Joe says that Aries should challenge him because he’s the most dominant champion in TNA. Aries accepts the challenge.

    Match #1:
    X-Division Championship
    Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe (c)

    Aries and Joe battle back and forth until Joe catches Aries with a running back elbow. Joe takes the advantage. He battles Aries into the corner and nails a series of hard rights. Joe hits an enziguri and then he attempts a muscle buster from the top rope, but Aries battles out. Aries attempts a missile dropkick, but Joe sidesteps, leaving Aries to crash.

    Aries is able to mount enough offense to lock in a leg lock. Aries breaks the hold, and he continues to target Joe’s leg. He attempts a suicide dive, but Joe catches him with a stiff kick to the head.

    Samoa Joe regains control and hooks Aries with a rear-naked choke. Aries drops to the mat, turning Joe’s hold into a jawbreaker. Joe kicks out of the pin attempt and Aries locks in the Last Chancery.

    Aries breaks the hold. He and Joe begin a rapid-fire exchange that sees Joe drop Aries with an inverted atomic drop. Aries connects with a suicide dive and a top-rope missile dropkick. Aries connects with a brainbuster! Just before three, Joe kicks out!

    Aries attempts a second Last Chancery, but Joe counters into a rear-naked choke! Aries begins to fade and eventually taps out.

    Winner: Samoa Joe

    Backstage: Rockstar Spud approaches EC3. EC3 instructs Spud to follow him to the ring.


    Backstage: The Wolves are backstage with Kurt Angle. Angle says he approves the stipulation for the final match of the Tag Team Title Series. Angle predicts it will be the match of the year!

    EC3 and Rockstar Spud make their way to the ring.

    EC3 asks Spud if he’s his best friend. Spud says yes, to which EC3 asks, “In what world are we friends?” EC3 says that Spud works for him, and that his friends have trust funds and own yachts. He says the fans don’t support Spud. The crowd erupts into a “Spud” chant.

    Spud asks EC3 why he’s doing this. EC3 says because Spud was the last line of defense for his Aunt Dixie – and he failed. EC3 screams, “Cry for me spud!” He slaps Spud. Spud regains his balance with a frustrated look on his face.

    Eric Young emerges from the back and encourages Spud to stand up for himself. EC3 attacks Eric Young!

    Match #2:
    EC3 vs. Eric Young

    Eric Young takes down EC3 with a dropkick. EY counters an attack from EC3, sending him to the outside. Eric Young flies over the top rope and connects with a cross body.

    Back in the ring, EC3 sends EY face-first into the turnbuckle. This allows the momentum to shift and for EC3 to gain control of the match. EY finds himself draped over the middle rope and Spud appears conflicted – should he take a cheap shot or not? Spud doesn’t.

    EC3 locks in a standing armbar. EY counters with a suplex and a series of right hands. EY comes off the top rope with a flying elbow! He makes a pin attempt, but Spud pulls EC3’s foot onto the bottom rope, interrupting the count. EC3 screams at Spud to climb onto the apron. EY dropkicks EC3 into Spud. With the referee distracted, EC3 nails a low blow, which sets up the One Percenter and the three-count.

    Winner: EC3

    Post-match: EC3 forces Rockstar Spud to raise his hand.


    Backstage: Chris Melendez thanks Mr. Anderson for his help after his match with Kenny King.

    Video: Recap of Havok’s arrival.

    Match #3:
    Knockout’s Championship
    Gail Kim (c) vs. Havok

    Gail Kim makes her way to the ring, but Havok ambushes her from behind! Gail tries fighting back, but Havok sends her crashing headfirst into the ring post!

    Gail sends Havok face-first into the steel steps, then she furiously unloads a series of rights. Havok overpowers Gail and drops her onto the guardrail! Gail comes back again, this time connecting with a big kick to the head. As Havok stumbles, Gail flies off the apron, catching Havok with a continued series of rights.

    Havok lifts Gail and locks in a hybrid hold combining a bear hug with a Hammerlock. Havok rams Gail’s shoulder into the ring post before powering Gail onto the floor! Gail clutches her shoulder and writhes in pain.

    Trainers emerge and help Gail to the back, while Havok admires her destruction. The match never started, making this scheduled match a no contest.


    The Wolves enter the IMPACT Zone to reveal the stipulation they’ve chosen for their next encounter with Team 3D and The Hardys. Davey Richards says the final match in the Tag Team Championship Series will be…

    Team 3D interrupts! Bully Ray says The Wolves don’t get it – that despite the praise they’ve received from Team 3D and The Hardys, they’ll never be as great as Team 3D. Bully says that The Wolves will never conquer tag team wrestling like Team 3D has for the last twenty years.

    Bully Ray says The Wolves are good – but they’re not great. The Hardys interrupt. Matt Hardy says Team 3D is extraordinary and that The Hardys are excellent. Matt says The Wolves should step aside and let the tag team icons figure it out.

    Davey Richards gets in Bully’s face and says that The Wolves’ time is now – and that they’re the tag team that will dominate the next twenty years. A brawl ensues.

    Kurt Angle enters and demands to know what the final match in the Tag Team Title Series will be. Davey Richards declares it to be Full Metal Mayhem!

    Backstage: Mr. Anderson and Chris Melendez run into MVP and Kenny King. Anderson challenges Kenny King to a match. MVP


    Backstage: Kurt Angle approaches Gail Kim in the trainer’s room. The trainer says Gail shouldn’t compete tonight because she’s suffered a separated shoulder. Gail says she’s fighting Havok tonight – and she demands the trainer get her ready for the fight.

    Match #4:
    Manik w/ James Storm and Sanada vs. Shark Boy

    Manik flies toward Shark Boy before the bell sounds, but Shark Boy counters and begins dominating James Storm’s protégé. Shark Boy mounts Manik in the corner and attempts a series of ten punches. Manik counters, sending Shark Boy face-first into the turnbuckle.

    From that moment, Manik commands the match and finishes Shark Boy with a frog splash.

    Winner: Manik


    Backstage: Team 3D says they’re going into the TNA Hall of Fame as the 25-time Tag Team Champions!

    Match #5:
    MVP w/ Kenny King vs. Mr. Anderson w/ Chris Melendez

    Anderson and MVP collide at an even pace, until MVP sends Mr. Anderson through the ropes to the outside. Chris Melendez checks on Mr. Anderson and MVP gets in his face. MVP slams Anderson’s arm onto the guardrail, then he locks in an armbar.

    MVP tosses Anderson with a suplex before continuing to work Anderson’s weakened arm. MVP charges into the corner, but Anderson sidesteps and the two begin trading punches. Anderson charges MVP in the corner – he’s met with a boot to the face.

    MVP hops onto the turnbuckle, but Anderson counters. He hoists MVP onto his shoulders and rolls through with a Green Bay Plunge for a two-count. Anderson attempts a Mic Check, but Kenny King provides a distraction. Chris Melendez rips King from the apron and MVP rolls Anderson up for the three.

    Winner: MVP


    Bobby Roode enters the ring. He mentions being the longest-reigning World Champion in TNA history. Then, he references the old saying, “You’re only as good as your last match.”

    He mentions that he lost his last match against Lashley two weeks ago. That he failed to reclaim the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He invites Lashley to the ring. Lashley enters, with MVP and Kenny King in tow.

    Roode says the World Championship means everything to him. He asks Lashley for one more chance. Lashley moves in for a handshake, but MVP interrupts, shoving Lashley out of the way. MVP says Lashley’s answer is no.

    MVP, Lashley and Kenny King leave the IMPACT Zone.

    Backstage: The trainer is taping up Gail’s shoulder for her next collision with Havok!


    Knockout’s Championship
    Gail Kim (c) vs. Havok

    Gail enters the ring and grabs a mic. She yells, “Havok – you may have taken me down, but you haven’t taken me out!”

    With Havok on the ramp, Gail attacks. Havok battles back with ease. Havok dominates the Knockout’s Champion. Again, Havok locks in a bear hug-Hammerlock. She rams Gail into two turnbuckles before tossing her into the hair!

    Havok contorts Gail’s shoulder, but Gail doesn’t tap. Havok lifts Gail, only to drop her with shoulder breaker! Havok locks in another submission, but Gail fights out with a series of knees to Havok’s face. Gail charges Havok, but she’s taken down with a shoulder block.

    Havok attempts a leg drop but Gail rolls out of the way and sends Havok face-first into the turnbuckle. Gail leaves the ring to lock in her signature figure four leg lock on the ring post! Havok screams!

    Gail attempts Eat Defeat, but Havok counters and locks in another bear hug-Hammerlock combo. She powers Gail to the mat, before lifting her for a chokeslam! Havok covers Gail to become the new Knockout’s Champion!

    Winner: Havok


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