IMPACT Results: Hall of Fame Inductee Announced, New #1 Contender, Tigre Calls Out Trump

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    [​IMG]Impact Coverage by Bobby James
    July 22, 2015 | HOF Announcement…

    Dixie Carter’s HOF Announcement

    Dixie Carter enters the Impact Zone with the announcement of the 2015 Hall of Fame inductee. She says, “While many are worthy, there is one that stands alone.”

    Carter gives way to a graphic of a guitar and Proverbs 3:14: “For wisdom is more profitable than silver. And her wages are better than gold.” The inductee is revealed: Jeff Jarrett.

    TNA recognizes Jeff Jarrett as one of the greatest wrestlers of the modern era – a visionary promoter – and a dedicated family man. “To a critic no explanation will do. To a fan, no explanation is needed. –Jeff Jarrett”

    Jarrett’s induction takes place next week on Destination America.

    [​IMG]Street Fight | Bram vs. Magnus

    The battle rages outside the ring. Magnus bounces Bram’s head off the ring post and then he rolls his former best-friend into the ring to dish out more punishment. Bram rolls from the ring, but Magnus is relentless against the “Human Hate Machine.”

    Magnus plants Bram with a superplex, but then he catches an elbow to the face when attempting to lift him off the mat. Magnus powers through with a big boot and Bram sends him outside soon after. Bram charges with a baseball slide, but he’s been well scouted and Magnus traps him between the ring and apron. Magnus pounds away with a series of shots.

    Magnus drags Bram from beneath the ring, but he’s caught with a trashcan lid to the face. Bram follows up with a baking sheet before driving Magnus face-first onto the stairs. The street fight takes a maniacal turn when “The Plague of Chesterfield” introduces a larger assortment of hardcore weapons.

    Bram laughs as Magnus crawls away. He rolls Magnus into the ring, but misses with an elbow drop. Magnus capitalizes with a dropkick. As Bram stands, Magnus places a trashcan over his head and swings a chair for full contact. The crowd chants, “One more time,” to which Magnus delivers.

    Magnus connects with an elbow drop from the top rope – it’s good for a near-fall. Bram leapfrogs Magnus a moment later, but inadvertently takes out Earl Hebner. Magnus overpowers Bram again, but Hebner’s slow to recover, resulting in a two-count. Bram connects with a low blow for the victory.

    Winner: Bram

    Post-match: James Storm carries a cow bell into the ring and clubs Magnus in the back of the head. Storm says he hasn’t forgotten about Magnus – and that tonight, he and Mickie James will know who his partner is.


    [​IMG]His Name is Eli Drake

    A recap is shown of Eli Drake’s shocking turn on Drew Galloway during last week’s main event. Drake says, “My name is Eli Drake – and Eli Drake has waited a long time to stand here by himself.”

    He says his motive was simple – he’s not a victim of circumstance; he’s a creator of them. He elaborates by saying that all of his decisions must create circumstances that are advantageous to him. He says Galloway got him in the door, but kept blabbing about people standing up and, “As far as I’m concerned, you can all sit down.”

    He says Micah is a puppet that did as he was instructed. He reminds the audience that his name is Eli Drake, before wondering who’d have ever known that beyond all the talking Galloway did. He says he used Galloway and The Rising for everything he could. Drake says he’s just like every fan – he claims everyone has called in sick at least once while perfectly healthy – that everyone has parasitic friendships – and that some of the women in attendance are in relationships because the men pay their bills.

    Drake says that as long as he’s standing, Galloway will never be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

    Drew Galloway enters in response. Galloway says he recruited Drake because he knew he had a killer instinct. He says he underestimated that instinct, and that Drake’s betrayal hurt him more than anything throughout his fifteen year career.

    Galloway asks the fans what he should do about the betrayal. A “Kick his ass” chant erupts. Galloway vows to make Eli Drake famous. Galloway takes Drake to the mat and pummels him with a series of elbows. Drake shifts the momentum and swings his crutch. Galloway ducks and sets up for a Future Shock DDT, but Drake escapes out of the ring and up the ramp.

    Taryn’s Tantrum & a Confrontation in the Cage

    Taryn Terrell storms into the Impact Zone, shoving past Christy Hemme while Jade and Marti Bell set up a dollhouse at the top of the ramp. Taryn says she blames Hemme and the fans for losing the Knockouts’ Championship. Then she screams, “Dolls! Get in the ring!”

    Jade and Marti Bell lead Taryn into the ring. She says she’s locking herself in the cage – and that she won’t leave until she has what belongs to her. Taryn addresses Gail Kim, saying she’s already destroyed her professionally. She then demands a TNA official, Brooke and her title – now!

    Brooke interrupts Taryn’s tantrum by calling her boring and saying, “Seen it.” Brooke knocks over the doll house on the ramp and says Taryn and her little Doll-ho’s are the only people to blame. Brooke says she and the fans are happy and that Taryn can’t stand it when the fans chant her name. She then screams, “This isn’t the Dollhouse, this is my house,” as she hoists the title into the air.

    Taryn says Brooke has her title – that she’s untouchable. She says no man is worthy of touching her and that no Knockout can touch her in the ring. Brooke says Taryn is so obvious and that she outwrestled and outsmarted her. Brooke invites her to come get the title if she wants it.

    Brooke climbs out of the ring and the arena goes dark. When the lights come up, Gail Kim is locked inside the cage with Jade and Marti Bell. Taryn screams frantically while Gail Kim dominates in six sides of steel. With Taryn distracted, Brooke stalks Taryn around the ring. Taryn retreats, leaving her dolls to fall prey to Gail Kim. Gail finishes Jade and Marti with a double dropkick that sends both women face first into the cage.

    Brooke and Gail stand tall.

    [​IMG]Slammiversary Replay | King of the Mountain

    Match Highlights:

    - Competitors: Drew Galloway vs. Eric Young vs. Matt Hardy vs. Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Jarrett

    - Rules: To become eligible to win, competitors must first earn a pinfall or submission. Wrestlers who are pinned or submitted must spend two minutes in a penalty box. The winner of the match must retrieve the title from the referee and secure it above the ring.

    - A “Thank You Jarrett” chant erupts before the opening bell.

    - Bobby Roode rolls up Jeff Jarrett to secure the first pinfall of the match.

    - Jeff Jarrett is released from the penalty box, only to be met by Eric Young with a savage assault. Eric Young secures a pinfall to send Jarrett back into the penalty box.

    - Drew Galloway delivers a Future Shock DDT to Matt Hardy onto a ladder!

    - Galloway and Hardy become eligible after simultaneously pinning Eric Young and Bobby Roode, respectively. Roode and Young are sent into the penalty box.

    - Hardy and Galloway battle atop the ladder. Jarrett tips the ladder and then delivers The Stroke to Galloway. Then, he drives Hardy into the mat with another Stroke.

    - Roode and Young join forces against the other three competitors, [briefly] reforming Team Canada.

    - Roode and Young simultaneously pin Galloway and Hardy, sending them back into the penalty box; Jarrett is left ineligible.

    - Eric Young attempts to steal Jarrett’s signature guitar. Karen Jarret steps in his way to deliver a slap! Jeff Jarrett smashes the guitar over Bobby Roode’s head, securing his pinfall to become eligible; Roode is sent into the penalty box.

    - Eric Young piledrives Jeff Jarrett onto a ladder mounted between the guardrail and ring apron!

    - Drew Galloway takes out Hardy, Roode and Young with a rolling senton from the top of the penalty box!

    - Hardy delivers a Twist of Fate to Galloway from the top of the ladder; Roode powerbombs Hardy from the ladder.

    - Jarrett delivers The Stroke to Eric Young from the ladder before climbing to victory!

    [​IMG]Tigre Uno Talks Trump

    A video package airs, introducing fans to Tijuana, Mexico – a border city, and home to lucha legend and X-Division Champion, Tigre Uno.

    Tigre Uno says, “I believe that Mexico is a great country. I have lived my whole life here in Tijuana. Mexicans are just passionate about our people. We are so proud of our history, who we are. We are so proud of our culture and we love our lifestyle. We are a very hard working people. We love our country.”

    [Recap] Donald Trump: “When do we beat Mexico at the border? They’re laughing at us. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime – they’re rapists.”

    Tigre Uno: “Mostly all Mexicans who come to America are good people. They are good workers. They are artists. They are plumbers. They are construction workers. Some are even landlords. The people who come to the United States work hard. They come to do good things, come to make a life for themselves and their families.”

    Tigre Uno invites Donald Trump to the Impact Zone next week, vowing to show him what a good and real, hard-working Mexican is.


    The Revolution’s “One Woman”

    James Storm leads his Revolution to the ring to introduce the fifth – female – member of his faction. Storm says there are a lot of lost people in the world and that he founded The Revolution on the idea that all are welcome. There is “always room for one more.”

    Storm says he gave Mickie James an opportunity to pledge to The Revolution. He claims to have provided her with gifts and opportunities – and an offer to take her away from the miserable life she has with Magnus. He says Mickie James has gone from being lost to being a lost cause.

    He says Mickie James will get “one more match” (with Magnus) against himself and the newest pledge to The Revolution: Serena.

    On commentary, The Pope explains Serena’s connection to Mickie James. He explores how Serena debuted in 2005 and was taken under the wings of Mickie James.

    Serena divulges the truth about Mickie James. First she says it’s a pleasure to stand beside James Storm in a TNA ring. She claims she and Mickie were best friends, sisters even, and the Mickie referred to her as a protégé. Serena says, “You know how much that meant to me? And then, Mickie James became Mickie James and suddenly our friendship didn’t even matter to her anymore.”

    Serena says Mickie left her behind and broke her heart. She says she was lost for a long time – and then she saw Storm.

    James Storm addresses Mickie James again. He says Magnus wants Mickie to stand behind him, but that a real man wants a woman to stand beside him. Storm places his arm around Serena and vows to embarrass Mickie and Magnus. Storm looks into the camera and addresses Donovan, saying that when he’s old enough, he’ll know this was the point his parents made their worst mistake.


    Chain Match | Eric Young vs. Rockstar Spud

    The match is presented as “an opportunity” for Spud, “The Ultimate Underdog.”

    “The Bearded Terror” Eric Young unleashes a vicious assault immediately. He overpowers Spud following a series of cheap shots and dirty tactics. Young applies a cross-face maneuver using the chain. Spud’s sent outside and then driven into the steps.

    Spud creates a moment of separation and is able to pull Young into the ring post, but Young is back on the offensive soon after. Young pulls Spud from the ring, wraps the chain around his throat and drags him through the Impact Zone. He gets Spud back into the ring where he lashes him using the folded chain!

    Spud crawls between Young’s legs and yanks the chain into a low blow. Spud uses the chain to clothesline Young before returning the lashings! Spud climbs the turnbuckle – only to see the referee shoved his direction. Young pulls Spud to the mat and delivers a piledriver for the win!

    Winner: Eric Young

    [​IMG]No. 1 Contender’s Tables Match | Bobby Roode vs. Matt Hardy

    Roode drives Hardy into the corner. They exchange a series of rights, which Hardy gets the best of. Hardy connects with the Side Effect before leaving the ring to position a table ringside. Roode tries driving Hardy from the apron, but Hardy counters with a shoulder block and the action returns to the six-sided ring.

    Roode pummels Hardy with a clothesline and both competitors find themselves outside. Hardy slams Roode’s face-first into a table. Then, he attempts to suplex Roode through the table, but Roode counters by suplexing Hardy onto the steel stairs!

    Roode folds a table and slams it on top of Matt Hardy, who’s still draped across the stairs. Roode stands on the table, then uses the ropes for leverage to leap into the air and come crashing down onto the table and Hardy. He rolls Hardy back into the ring.

    Roode chokes Hardy before mounting a table in the corner across the ring. Roode turns into a diving clothesline, which Hardy follows-up with a running clothesline. Hardy attempts a bulldog, but Roode counters, nearly sending Hardy through the table. Hardy turns into a spinebuster!

    With Hardy down, Roode places the table leg over Hardy’s throat, choking his opponent! Hardy counters with a low-blow and then he shoves table up, into Roode’s face. Hardy drops him with a Twist of Fate He rolls Roode onto the table and climbs the turnbuckle for a moonsault. Roode counters and knocks Hardy to the mat.

    Roode attempts a Roode Bomb, but Hardy counters by sending Roode flying over the top rope. Roode crashes through the table at ringside and Matt Hardy becomes the No. 1 Contender for EC3’s World Heavyweight Championship.

    Winner: Matt Hardy


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