IMPACT Results: Hardy Faces Storm In 6 Sides of Steel! X Division Title Match and more!

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    Impact Coverage by Bobby James
    March 27, 2015 | “Hardy’s Revenge”

    Six sides of steel surround the ring as James Storm, leader of The Revolution, enters with Khoya in tow. Storm antagonizes the fans by telling them Jeff Hardy is not in the building.

    Storm credits himself with sidelining assaults to both of the Hardys. He declares people are either with, or against, The Revolution. To remind everyone of what he did to Jeff Hardy, Storm throws a watermelon over the side of cage and screams, “Splat!”

    Jeff Hardy interrupts, saying that he still doesn’t walk right, but “I can still walk good enough to kick your ass.”

    Hardy references a famous moment in his career when he uttered, “I’m still standing.” He adds that he requested the cage tonight, so he can end The Revolution. Manik attacks Hardy from behind. Hardy overcomes the cheap shot, connecting with a Twist of Fate!

    With a chair, “The Monster” Abyss runs in, with another cheap shot to Hardy. He drives Hardy face-first into the cage. Abyss, too, is overcome. Jeff asks the operator to lower the cage roof as he gets the crowd to chant “Hardy’s Revenge.”


    Backstage: James Storm says Manik and Abyss have failed him. He instructs Khoya to find and “dispose” of Jeff Hardy.

    X-Division Championship | Low Ki vs. Rockstar Spud (c)

    Low Ki uses his experience to catch Spud off guard with two well-placed kicks to the knee. Spud is on the defensive against a rapidly striking/kicking Low Ki.

    Rockstar Spud’s comeback is thwarted by a headbutt and a stiff uppercut. Low Ki double stomps Spud in the abdomen, but he takes too much time as the referee begins his count out on Spud. Spud regroups and flurries back with a series of lefts and a tornado DDT!

    MVP distracts the referee and Kenny King distracts Spud, preventing an Underdog. Low Ki takes a cheap shot to the back of Spud’s head, but a distraction from Drew Galloway allows Spud to secure the win via rollup.

    Winner: Rockstar Spud



    MVP gives Drew Galloway an ultimatum: To come face-to-face with The BDC, or watch some of the fans get slapped around.

    Galloway says MVP must think he’s either the dumbest – or toughest – man alive; he claims to be a little bit of both. Galloway says he’s going to “Stand Up,” for the fans and professional wrestling; he says the fans are the voice of wrestling.

    Galloway surveys the crowd about their desires for professional wrestling. They cheer against being told what to do – and for a desire to see competitive matches. Galloway says he has an arena willing to “Stand Up.”

    Kenny King says Galloway won’t be able “Stand Up” after the beating he’ll suffer at the hands of The BDC. Galloway rushes into the ring alongside two unnamed men. Together, The Rising clears the ring and sends The BDC retreating to the back.

    Video: Kong declares the Knockout’s Championship will be hers – and that “All the pretty ones will suffer!”



    Backstage: The BDC wonders about The Rising. MVP says it’s time for him to make a call.

    Knockout’s Match | Brooke vs. Awesome Kong

    Brooke furiously attacks Kong, attempting to take her off her feet. Brooke connects with a series of punches and kicks. Kong powers her down to the mat.

    Brooke catches Kong against the ropes and lands a chain of rights in the corner. Kong powers out again and slams Brooke onto the mat. Kong stands on Brooke’s hair and lifts her off the mat before tossing her across the ring.

    Kong clubs Brooke across the back of the head, and then chokes her, using the middle rope. Brooke connects with two kicks and three clotheslines, but Kong won’t budge. Brooke counters an Implant Buster into a facebuster before landing an elbow drop from the top rope!

    Kong powers out at two and punishes Brooke with a savage chokeslam! Kong lifts Brooke for the Implant Buster – and the match is over.

    Winner: Awesome Kong

    Post-match: Kong plants Brooke with a second Implant Buster! Kong leaves the ring to retrieve a table! Kong places the table at the bottom of the ramp. She drags Brooke from the ring, but Taryn Terrell makes the save!

    Kong smashes Taryn’s forehead onto the guardrail. Kong rolls Taryn into the ring, but Taryn counters with two dropkicks when Kong enters! Kong’s enraged. She charges toward Taryn, who ducks and pulls down the top rope, sending Kong to the outside.

    Kong counters a crossbody attempt by Taryn. She throws Taryn into the steel steps before powerbombing her through the table!!!



    Backstage: Khoya attacks Jeff Hardy. Hardy uses a ladder to floor Khoya. Khoya attempts to rise but Hardy smashes a bottle over his head. He follows up with a kick and two more bottles to the head. Hardy screams, “Stay down!”

    The six-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle enters for his Championship Celebration. He thanks all of his supporters and says this is his 14th trip to the mountaintop.

    Angle’s about to make a promise to the fans before being interrupted by Ethan Carter III.

    EC3 says Angle did the impossible: He beat “The Destroyer” Bobby Lashley. EC3 asks Angle if he knows what else is impossible – being undefeated for 18 months and defeating every TNA Hall of Famer, including Sting and Kurt Angle himself.

    EC3 vows to be the man to unseat Angle for the title. Bobby Roode enters, saying he hasn’t received a fair rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship. He says he’s the most deserving contender, which brings forth Eric Young.

    Eric Young says he’ll stop Bobby Roode. He says he took the title from Roode, because he could – and because he’s the better wrestler. Eric Young declares that as long as he breathes, Bobby Roode won’t be champion again.

    Eric Young claims to determine the fate of the World Heavyweight Championship. Austin Aries interrupts, showcasing his “Feast or Fired” briefcase. Aries says he’s probably the one who truly determines the fate of the title.

    Aries reminds everyone that this is supposed to be Kurt Angle’s celebration. He takes a bottle of champagne out of the briefcase. He asks Angle if they’re going to be celebrating Angle’s win, or his own.

    Angle invites them all to challenge for his title before leaving the ring. Lashley confronts Angle, demanding his rematch. Angle says Lashley can challenge him now, but officials work to separate the two. In the ring, EC3 and Tyrus double team Aries and Eric Young attacks Bobby Roode. Mr. Anderson comes to the aid of Roode and Aries.

    Six-Man | EC3, Tyrus & Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Mr. Anderson

    Austin Aries attempts an early cover against EC3. He and Mr. Anderson exchange tags and double team the undefeated Ethan Carter III.

    Anderson brings in Bobby Roode. Roode attempts to come off the ropes against EC3, but Eric Young and Tyrus take cheap shots, allowing EC3 to take the advantage with a knee to the face.

    Tyrus is tagged into the match. He powers through Roode with an overhead slam. Eric Young tags and continues the offense against “The ‘It’ Factor.” EC3 chokes Roode with the middle rope, and then he distracts the referee, as Eric Young connects with a cheap shot.

    EC3 locks in a half nelson, but Roode battles out of the hold. He and EC3 butt heads and EC3 beats Roode to the corner. Eric Young attempts a piledriver, but Roode counters and makes the tag to Austin Aries!

    Aries takes out the opposing team, sending Eric Young to the outside. Aries appears to be headed for a suicide dive, but Tyrus rolls through him with a clothesline! All of the competitors start fighting one another and bodies fly everywhere. Aries and Roode double team Eric Young.

    Aries misses a 450 splash, allowing Eric Young to lock in a Figure Four Leg Lock. Aries taps!

    Winners: Eric Young, Ethan Carter III, Tyrus



    Bram enters, repeating the word “Coward!”

    He claims Magnus is a coward for hiding behind his family. Bram says Magnus sent Mickie James to tidy up his dirty work and that she’s more of a man than he is. Magnus and Mickie emerge from the back.

    Magnus tells Bram to never mention his son again. He says Bram jumped him from behind and put his hands on his fiancé. Bram challenges Magnus to a fight; Magnus says he’ll fight him anywhere.

    Bram says he wants to see Mickie cry.

    Mickie says the only tears he’ll see will be tears of joy. Bram tells her that his door will always be open for her if she gets tired of Magnus.

    Magnus attacks, but Bram gains control with a low blow. He pulls a weapon from beneath the ring, but drops it before hitting Magnus. Instead, he shifts his attention to Mickie. He grabs her by the hair and pulls her over the middle rope. Bram tries forcing her to kiss his boot.

    Mickie struggles, so Bram says a sloppy kiss will do. Before he presses his lips to Mickie’s, Magnus catches him with a German suplex! Magnus repeatedly smashes the metal weapon across Bram’s back.

    Magnus gets Mickie out of the ring before climbing out himself. Mickie jumps back into the ring and attacks Bram! Bram escapes and retreats up the ramp.



    Six Sides of Steel | James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy

    Storm smashes a trash can over Hardy’s head before the opening bell. Hardy stumbles around the ring as Storm connects with a few more stiff shots. Hardy battles back with a clothesline.

    Hardy mounts a bit of offense before launching himself off a chair into Storm. The second time, Hardy misses and connects with the cage instead. Storm charges Hardy for a Last Call; Hardy counters. Storm then counters a Whisper in the Wind, sending Hardy crashing onto the mat.

    Storm, with a series of rights, sends Hardy falling face-first onto a trash can. Hardy attempts to comeback, but Storm keeps him grounded by powering through him with a clothesline. Hardy counters a whip from Strom with a takedown and dropkick to the face.

    Storm misses a second attempted Last Call – and he’s met with a Twist of Fate! Hardy flies with a Swanton Bomb, but Storm gets his knees up. Storm utilizes the shift in momentum to score an Eye of the Storm.

    Storm connects with a facebreaker and a backstabber! Storm finally lands a Last Call, but Jeff Hardy manages to kick out just before three!

    Storm pulls his cowbell off the ring post. He misses as he swings at Hardy. Hardy drives him face-first into a chair before connecting with a Whisper in the Wind and a Swanton Bomb! Storm’s out before three!

    Storm nails a low blow before ascending the cage, to claim weapons from the ceiling. Hardy attacks with the trash can and two stiff kicks while hanging off the roof! Hardy follows up with a wild Frankensteiner! Hardy smashes the trashcan lid across Storm’s face and clubs him with the cowbell!



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