IMPACT Results: Knockouts Main Event The World Title Series (Oct. 28, 2015)

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    Impact Coverage | by Bobby James

    October 28, 2015 | World Title Series

    World Title Series: Group Tag Team Specialist | Robbie E vs. Matt Hardy

    Robbie E applies a hammerlock to Matt Hardy before countering a bulldog with a shoulder block and running clothesline. Hardy is sent to the outside, where he counters a kick from Robbie E, planting him face-first on the apron.

    Robbie connects with a senton from the apron and drives Hardy against the ring with a running clothesline. Hardy catches Robbie with a sleeper that he releases into a neckbreaker. Robbie regains control and heads up the ropes; Hardy delivers a snapmare from the turnbuckle!

    Hardy delivers a Side Effect, but Robbie is back to his feet, sending Hardy into the turnbuckle. Hardy pulls Robbie from the ropes into a sit-out powerbomb! He follows up with a diving elbow and Twist of Fate; Robbie counters into the Boom Drop!

    Hardy kicks out and connects with a second Side Effect and Twist of Fate for the win!

    Result: Matt Hardy def. Robbie E (Matt Hardy: 3, Robbie E: 0)

    Backstage: Gail Kim puts Awesome Kong on notice, while mentioning what’s at stake.

    Backstage: Matt Hardy commends Robbie E’s effort in their match. Robbie E says he brought “The Boom!” and is working to cultivate a new image.

    World Title Series: Group UK | Grado vs. Drew Galloway

    Grado trips Galloway. Galloway catches him with a German suplex. They exchange chops; Grado nails Galloway with an inadvertent low blow. Galloway returns with a hard right and overhead belly-to-belly suplex!

    Galloway slaps Grado, eliciting a furious response from Grado which includes a rolling senton. Galloway counters a tree of woe with a reverse suplex followed by a running dropkick, henceforth known as the “Claymore,” for the victory.

    Result: Drew Galloway def. Grado (Drew Galloway: 3, Grado: 0)


    World Title Series: Group Wildcard | Crazzy Steve vs. Aiden O’Shea

    Crazzy Steve teases Aiden O’Shea with a bike horn. O’Shea knocks it from his hand and out of the ring. Then he mocks Steve, to which Steve unhinges. He snatches back his horn and honks it in O’Shea’s face. O’Shea unloads.

    Aiden O’Shea powers through Steve before pushing him from the ring. O’Shea misses wildly with a shot to Steve’s head, instead connecting with the steps. Steve smashes O’Shea’s knuckles against the ring post! He rolls O’Shea into the ring and bites his face. O’Shea pummels him with a clothesline for the victory.

    Result: Aiden O’Shea def. Crazzy Steve (Aiden O’Shea: 3, Crazzy Steve: 0)

    Backstage: Abyss says he will be the prevailing member of Group TNA Originals.

    Backstage: A disoriented Grado rambles on before mounting a forklift.

    World Title Series: Group TNA Originals | Abyss vs. James Storm

    James Storm tells Abyss to leave and let him win by count-out. Abyss attacks Storm, planting him with a sidewalk slam just before the opening bell. Storm rolls to the outside where he slams Abyss’ face into the stairs before driving him into the ring post.

    Storm mounts a chair in the corner and tries driving Abyss headfirst into the turnbuckle. Abyss counters, slamming Storm head-first into the chair. Abyss scores a near-fall following a big splash. Then he pulls Janice from beneath the ring. He plants her in the corner after failing to connect with Storm.

    Storm drops “The Monster” with a backbreaker and cowbell to the skull. It’s good for two. Abyss attempts a counter, but Storm rolls through into a powerbomb from the top rope! Storm delivers a diving elbow for a near-fall. Storm connects with a Last Call, but Abyss remains standing to deliver a chokeslam!

    Storm’s out a two. He crawls to the edge of the ring, takes a swig of beer and spits it into Abyss’ eyes. He delivers a second Last Call to end the match.

    Result: James Storm def. Abyss (James Storm: 3, Abyss: 0)


    [​IMG]Exclusive Interview: Jeremy Borash talks to Mahabali Shera, who says winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship would make his family, friends and country proud.

    World Title Series: Group X-Division | Tigre Uno vs. DJ Z

    Tigre Uno grounds DJ Z with an armbar before scoring a dropkick. DJ Z counters with a flipping hurricanrana from the corner! He sends Tigre Uno out of the ring to receive a tilt-a-whirl headscissor into the steps!

    DJ Z connects with a huge standing clothesline before setting Tigre Uno up for a superplex. Tige Uno counters, but as he comes off the ropes, DJ Z counters with a standing dropkick! Tigre Uno thwarts an attempted a springboard tornado DDT by sending DJ Z out of the ring and off the apron with a running dropkick!

    Tigre Uno takes out DJ Z with an over-the-top-rope corkscrew. He rolls DJ Z back into the ring and delivers a springboard missile dropkick! Tigre Uno flips a powerbomb into a standing frankensteiner for a two-count! DJ Z sends Tigre Uno into the ropes with a hurricanrana. Tigre Uno counters another springboard tornado DDT with a cutter.

    Tigre Uno doesn’t connect with a split-legged corkscrew splash, and DJ Z capitalizes with a springboard tornado DDT for the win.

    Result: DJ Z def. Tigre Uno (DJ Z: 3, Tigre Uno: 0)


    World Title Series: Group Knockouts | Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong

    Gail Kim takes the fight to Awesome Kong. She’s overpowered and sent under the ropes to the outside. Gail storms back into the ring with a focused assault on Kong’s shoulder! Kong sends her over the top rope and clotheslines her onto the apron.

    Kong swings Gail into the turnbuckle before settling in with a camel clutch. Kong releases her hold, but misses a splash. She powers out of a hurricanrana from Gail with a clothesline.

    Kong chops Gail’s collarbone before locking in a sleeper hold. Gail breaks the hold with a chin-breaker. Gail battles back and locks in the Flying Dragon! Kong counters with a sidewalk slam. Gail sends Kong through the ropes with a dropkick. She connects with a flying fist from the apron and the official begins a ten-count!

    Kong ends the count at nine, but Gail answers with an armbar that Kong turns into a pin attempt; Gail’s out at two!

    Gail nails Kong with a roundhouse; Kong catches Gail mid-crossbody and plants her with a slam as the five-minute warning flashes. Kong motions for a chokeslam; Gail counters with a DDT! Gail connects with a dropkick to the knee and a diving crossbody for a two-count.

    Kong counters the Eat Defeat; Gail ducks under a back fist. Kong sets up for an Implant Buster, but Gail flips into pin for the three-count!

    Result: Gail Kim def. Awesome Kong (Gail Kim: 3, Awesome Kong: 0)



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