IMPACT Results: Matt Hardy Returns! Austin Aries Cashes in Option C, Great Muta Double Crossed...

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    Impact Coverage by Bobby James

    July 24, 2014

    Video: IMPACT Wrestling opens with a recap of Bully Ray’s quest to put TNA President Dixie Carter through a table!

    Christy Hemme announces the first contest:

    MATCH #1: ​

    Falls Count Anywhere​

    BOBBY ROODE vs. MVP w/​

    “The It Factor” Bobby Roode enters the IMPACT Zone to kick-off the show, but MVP no-shows his introduction.

    Backstage, MVP argues with Kurt Angle about having a match, claiming his torn meniscus prevents him from competing. Bobby Roode rushes to the back and attacks MVP. They fight throughout the backstage area of the Manhattan Center before the brawl spills into the arena and Roode hits MVP with a trash can.

    Roode clears an area of fans out of harm’s way – then sends MVP flying into a cluster of folding chairs! MVP throws a drink into Roode’s eyes before hitting him with a chair. Roode and MVP fight around the ring until Roode sends MVP crashing onto the ramp with a suplex.

    Kenny King surprise attacks Roode from behind, but Eric Young rushes in to make the save. MVP slams Roode into the steel stairs, and then rolls him into the ring. The crowd chants for Bobby Roode as MVP repeatedly assaults him with a steel chair.

    Roode regains his advantage and slams the chair into MVP’s knee, leaving MVP reeling on the mat. After repeated assaults with the chair on MVP’s knee, Roode locks in a sharp shooter and forces the former director of wrestling operations to tap!

    Winner: Bobby Roode


    Backstage: Dixie Carter says she’s here to support EC3 tonight and that by the end of the show, she’ll be standing over Bully Ray’s dead body.

    Jeff Hardy says Kurt Angle and the people asked to see him back, but that fans haven’t seen the end of Willow. The crowd thanks Jeff for his continued efforts. Jeff says there’s one person he wants in TNA with him – then he introduces his brother Matt Hardy!

    Matt talks about growing up with Jeff – and about having a dream to be a great professional wrestling tag team. He says he thinks they’ve accomplished that. Matt says he had to step away for a couple years to get healthy and that he feels like he’s let his brother, and the fans, down. Matt says actions speak louder than words – so he proposes that The Hardy Boys challenge The Wolves at Destination X for the World Tag Team Championships!

    The Wolves enter and Eddie Edwards says he and Davey Richards want to be the best tag team – and in order to do that, they have to beat The Hardy Boys. They accept the challenge for Destination X!

    Backstage: Austin Aries says he’s made a decision regarding “Option C.” He says he wants to “change the equation.”


    “The BroMans are back in NYC!” Robbie E says they’re back and better than ever! Jessie says Robbie E is no longer afraid of clowns. DJ Z says he’s better than the entire X-Division and everybody in New York City!

    MATCH #2​

    DJ Z vs. LOW KI​

    Low Ki enters the ring as the bell sounds! The returning Low Ki unleashes an onslaught of speeding offense – which includes a series of stiff, running/flying kicks before planting DJ Z with a Ki Krusher!

    Winner: Low Ki

    Backstage: Gunner and Samuel Shaw are talking, when Mr. Anderson walks up and mentions the tag match he has with Gunner. He tells Gunner’s “pet project” [Samuel Shaw] to stay in the back and not get involved.


    Backstage: EC3, Rhino, and Rockstar Spud discuss their street fight tonight. Dixie, with King Mo, walks up and orders them to take out Bully Ray! They vow to leave just enough for Dixie.


    MATCH #3​


    Magnus and Gunner start the match and trade running clotheslines. Magnus tags Bram, who immediately tries to overpower Gunner. Bram’s offense enrages Gunner, who sends Bram to the mat with a high knee.

    After butting heads, each man tags out – sending Mr. Anderson and Magnus to battle in the middle of the ring. Mr. Anderson dominates Magnus and attempts a Mic Check. Magnus reverses and flees the ring, allowing Bram to hit Mr. Anderson from behind. Bram rolls a stunned Anderson into the ring, which allows Magnus to finish him off for the three.

    Winners: Magnus and Bram

    Bram and Magnus attack Mr. Anderson and Gunner after the match. Bram retrieves a weapon from beneath the ring, but Samuel Shaw rushes into the ring and stands in defense of Gunner. Bram attacks Samuel and tosses him from the ring, which brings out “The Monster” Abyss, who finally stops Bram’s onslaught by sending him over the top rope.

    Does Mr. Anderson Still not trust Samuel Shaw? Find out Friday, July 25 at 2PM CST!


    Backstage: Bully Ray tells Tommy Dreamer and Devon that he can’t sleep at night – because he wants to put Dixie Carter through a table and rid the wrestling business of her once and for all!

    Video: A package recaps Austin Aries creating “Option C.”

    Kurt Angle promotes Destination X next week and invites the reigning X-Division Champion, Austin Aries, to the ring. Aries enters with his title in tow. Angle says that since Aries created “Option C,” every person who’s cashed in has become the World Heavyweight Champion.

    Angle asks Aries if he wants to cash in for his World Title opportunity. Before Aries can answer, he’s interrupted by Bobby Lashley and MVP. MVP says that Lashley is physically superior, and that Aries should keep his X-Division title and to stick to what he knows.

    Aries says he knows what it takes to be World Champion and that he has unfinished business with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Aries hands the X-Division Championship to Kurt Angle and challenges Bobby Lashley for the World Title at Destination X!

    Aries says after he wins, he’ll create “Option D,” which would guarantee the reigning X-Division Champion a World Championship opportunity, any time – any place.

    Video: The Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell rivalry is revisited, ahead of their Knockout’s Championship match.


    MATCH #4:​

    TNA Knockout’s Championship​


    Taryn Terrell makes her way to the ring to challenge Gail Kim in the “rubber match,” to determine who the best Knockout is. The proud champion, Gail Kim enters the IMPACT Zone holding her title high into the air.

    Gail and Taryn lock up in the center of the ring and push each other against the ropes. Gail locks in a headlock and mounts some early offense, but Taryn is able to fight back and scores two near-falls before launching Gail Kim across the ring.

    Taryn leaps from the second rope and takes the champion down with a flying clothesline. When she returns to the turnbuckle for another high-risk attempt, Gail sends her crashing down to the mat with a suplex – it’s good for a two-count!

    Taryn is able to mount a flurry of offense and appears to be closing in on her first championship reign when The Beautiful People interfere and leave Gail and Taryn laying in the center of the ring.

    Winner: Gail Kim (via disqualification)


    Backstage: Dixie Carter has a mystery person on the phone. She says she’ll call on them later.

    MATCH #5:​


    Jeremy Borash introduces The Great Muta. Just as The Great Muta enters the ring, Robbie E interrupts and asks, “Is this a joke, bro?”

    Robbie E asks “Where’s my match? Where’s my grand entrance?” He says, “Me – you – match – now!” The bell sounds.

    Robbie E’s impromptu challenge earns him a spray of green mist, which allows The Great Muta to drop Robbie E with a Shining Wizard for the three-count!

    Winner: The Great Muta

    James Storm says all he sees is a wannabe legend – a fraud – a has-been! Storm says, “In this damn company, I’m the legend!” Storm says where he’s from they don’t spit mist, and then he takes a swig of beer and spits it into the face of The Great Muta!

    Sanada storms the ring with a chair; Storm retreats. The Great Muta rises and spits mist into the air, just before he’s met with a chair to the back – from Sanada! Sanada spits his own mist and attacks The Great Muta with a moonsault before leaving the IMPACT Zone with James Storm!

    See why James Storm did what he did Saturday July 26 at 2PM CST!


    Jeremy Borash is in the balcony with King Mo and Dixie Carter. Dixie says she’s feeling good and that she’s here to watch Bully Ray and his posse go down for good. Dixie calls Tommy Dreamer and his group has-beens of a dead memory.


    New York City Street Fight​


    The fight ensues and Spud is immediately tossed from the ring by Dreamer as Team 3D makes easy work of EC3 and Rhino! Spud attempts a top-rope assault, but he’s caught and thrown from the ring with ease.

    Bully Ray calls for Devon and Tommy to fill the ring with weapons, and then he drags a cheese grater across the chest of EC3! The crowd chants, “We want blood!”

    Rhino regroups and mounts just enough offense to allow Rockstar Spud to get back into the match. Spud mounts Devon in the corner, but is sent crashing to the mat by Team 3D! Tommy Dreamer dropkicks a trashcan into the face of EC3, then Team 3D and Dreamer triple team Rhino!

    A fan(?) attacks Devon. Bully drags the mystery man over the guardrail as Tommy Dreamer spikes Spud with a piledriver! Just as Dreamer’s about to finish the match against EC3, another mystery man rushes into the ring. EC3 drops Tommy Dreamer face-first onto a chair with the One Percenter for the three-count!


    After the match, the two mystery men assist with a further beat-down of Team 3D and Tommy Dreamer, while Dixie Carter stands tall.


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