IMPACT Results: New #1 Contender to World Title, EC3 Reveals His New Body Guard and more!

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    IMPACT WRESTLING Coverage by Kristofor Long
    October 15, 2014

    Executive Director of Wrestling Operations Kurt Angle Kicks off IMPACT WRESTLING to settle the controversy between Bobby Roode and the World Champion, Lashley.

    Kurt opens by addressing the situation that happened last week and calls out Lashley to address the issue between him and Bobby Roode.

    Video: Recap of what happened last week between Bobby Roode and Lashley

    Kurt Addresses Lashley about MVP and Kenny King manipulating the World Heavyweight Title picture and wants to know why he did not accept Roode’s request for a rematch. Lashley stated that he already had his shot and continued by extending a title shot to Angle. After a long staredown Angle said that one day they will fight and he’ll regret it, but not today. Angle set up a #1 Contender match between Eric Young, Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. Angle finished and wished them all luck.

    Video: Hightlights from Team 3D’s Hall of fame induction this past weekend in Japan.


    Backstage: Matt Hardy is asked about his brothers match but is interrupted by Magnus who taunts him to the point of that made Matt extend a challenge, to which Magnus accepts

    Match #1
    Knockouts Championship Match
    Madison Rayne vs. HAVOK

    While Madison enters for her match against HAVOK a video is shown of her commenting on the previous week between her and Taryn and that she did no wrong and Taryn will get over it.

    Video is played during Havok’s entrance recapping her successful title defense this past Sunday at Bound for Glory.

    The match starts with the two locking up and HAVOK displaying dominance over Madison from the offiset. Madison managed to gain some momentum at which point HAVOK regained her composure out side the ring. Rayne could not wait but it was to her detriment to go on the offense as HAVOK gained the upper hand immediately after a failed dive.

    Havok made a number of attempted submission attempts that, while not successful, wore down Rayne who continued her onslaught of submission attempts and hits. HAVOK threw Rayne outside of the ring and HAVOK followed, but her offense was stopped by the referee. While HAVOK was arguing with the ref, Madison managed to turn things around back in her favor.

    Rayne continued with a series of offenses and after a missile dropkick went for the pin attempt but was unsuccessful. Madison couldn’t regain the upperhand, HAVOK put her finishing Harlot Slayer on Rayne and was able to pick up the pin.

    Winner: HAVOK

    Backstage: Kurt Congrats Devon on the TNA Hall of Fame, Devon was thankful but wanted to let him know he is still committed to do what he has to for the roster.


    Backstage: Eric Young weighs in on the match tonight and his odds of winning the title.

    Match #2
    Magnus vs. Matt Hardy

    The two lock up but the immediately start exchanging a series of offenses leading to Hardy attempting to pin. Hardy continues but an obviously flustered Magnus leaves the ring to catch his composure. Hardy follows but Magnus is ready, first smashing his spine into the ring post then the edge of the ring.

    Magnus dominates back inside the ring with more pin attempts. Matt manages to pull the match back in his favor for a short period but Magnus was able to regain and continue his domination of the match. Magnus puts Hardy into a submission hold, Hardy attempts to get out of it but is responded to with a series of offenses that were unsuccessful and control returned in Hardy's favor.

    Continuing the series of offenses Hardy does a moonsault into a near pinfall. Magnus makes pin attempts using the ropes for leverage but is caught by the referee. While distracted Matt managed to pull off a twist of fate on Magnus and pick up the pin for the win.

    Video: Ethan Carter III while in Japan talks about his firing of Rockstar Spud and his imminent firing. Carter alludes to his replacements debut tonight.

    Winner: Matt Hardy


    Match #3
    Angelina Love, DJ Z and Jessie Godderz accompanied by Velvet Sky
    vs. Knux, Rebel and Crazzy Steve

    Angelina Love and Rebel Kick things off but Rebel is immediately distracted and things start in the favor the Love and the BroMans. Knux made his way in and took DJ Z to task for a spanking! Crazzy Steve came in to wear down DJ Z who immediately was able to tag in Godderz. Favor was now leaning to the BroMans and Love who picked up a near fall.

    Godderz tagged in DJ Z who continued to wear down Crazzy Steve to pick up another near fall. DJ Z tagged in Godderz to continue the offense. This led to Love and Rebel being tagged and Love nearly picked up a pin. Both were obviously worn down and tagged in Crazzy Steve and Godderz.

    Crazzy Steve nearly picked up the win but Love interfered and Crazzy Steve made an attempt to kiss Love but was stopped by Godderz. Godderz attempted to take out Crazzy Steve but unable to put in any offense Crazzy Steve was able to pick up the pin fall for the win.

    Winner: Crazzy Steve, Rebel and Knux


    Backstage: Roode comments on his #1 Contender match, Aries comes in and talks about what tonight is about. It’s not luck, it’s determination. When the bell rings the mutual respect is out the window.

    EC3 Enters and is followed by his new huge body guard. EC3 introduces his new body guard who is called Tyrus. EC3 addresses Rockstar Spud, who he says he’ll never see again then moves on. EC3 moves on to address the main reason he’s there which is to hold Bully Ray accountable for his actions and be removed from the Hall of Fame. EC3 touches on how he is undefeated and how nobody will ever defeat him…

    Devon comes out after hearing this and confronts EC3 for all of his talk. Devon makes him aware of the fact that he hasn’t beat him. Devon challenges EC3 to a match but before he even made it to the rign Bram beats Devon with a metal lid and continues the attack before leaving the arena.


    Ethan Carter III and Tyrus still in the ring chalk it up as a win for EC3 and claims that he beat Devon.

    EC3 not wanting to leave has set up a match for Tyrus to continue the fun they are having. He reveals that Sharkboy is his legendary opponent. Sharkboy’s music begins to play however he is nowhere to be seen.

    Backstage: An agent looking for Sharkboy finds him in the back eating donuts and sends him on his way to the ring.

    Match #4
    Shark Boy vs Tyrus

    Shark Boy starts of but is obiviously very out of shape and the match is extremely shortlived with Tyrus not even breaking a sweat. Tyrus unleashes an offense and Sharkboy couldn’t swim away and Tyrus defeats him with ease.

    Winner: Tyrus

    Video: Recap of Bound for Glory this past Sunday on Pay-Per-View

    Backstage: Jeff Hardy weighs in on jumping back into the title scene, Creatures Mount up!


    Video: Recap of the Tag Team Series leading the the Wolves being victorious

    Video: A cryptic message from the Wolves to challenge any team who wants a shot at the titles. But warns them to be careful.

    Elimination Match
    #1 Contendership for the World Title
    Eric Young vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode

    The match kicks off with Aries taking the fight to Hardy right at the offset. Aries and Hardy end up outside the ring and Young and Roode lock up in the ring. Aries makes his way back in but both Aries and Roode end up getting knocked outside the ring and Young faces off against Hardy. As Hardy attempts to go high risk Aries stops him and they fight on the ropes. As Aries attempts to go high risk against Hardy, Roode stops him and ends up pushing him off the top rope onto the mat leaving Young and Aries to face off which leads to Young making a dive on Roode to the outside of the ring.

    Hardy managed to take out Roode and Young through jumping off the back of Aries onto the floor but this is promptly followed by Aries taking out all 3 with a dive. A countout is initiated but Young managed to slide in and stop the count. All men exchange blows, though between the four of them though none of them manage to take the advantage and no eliminations happen. Young was able to land a DDT on Hardy but could not get the 3 count. Young was able to unleash a series of offenses and went to the top rope, but was stopped by Roode, however this ended up leading to an amazing double suplex from Hardy, however, he could not pick up an elimination from this.

    The first elimination finally happened in what seemed to be an unlikely situation where Roode gave Young a Roode Bomb into the pin attempt while at the same time Aries goes for a Brainbuster on Hardy into a pin resulting in the referee counting them both for a double elimination!

    Roode and Aries are facing starting out with a flurry of exchanges and dominance changes in true contender fashion. Roode and Aries exchange submission holds trying to make the other tap. Aries was able to gain dominance for a time but in the end Roode was able to get Aries into position for a Roode Bomb, which allowed him to get the pin on Aries for the win and become the new #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship Title.

    Winner: Bobby Roode


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