IMPACT Results: New #1 World Title Contender, Tag Team and Knockouts Championship and More.

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    Impact Coverage by Bobby James

    March 6, 2015

    The Beat Down Clan addresses Drew Galloway.

    Kenny King and MVP ask Galloway to consider what he’s done – and who he’s done it to. MVP says his road to the World Championship was a year in the making, and that Drew Galloway chose to involve himself in BDC business.

    MVP invites Galloway to explain himself, saying Galloway is public enemy number one. Galloway enters through the crowd. Galloway declares that he’s at home – surrounded by wrestling fans. He says he’s come to TNA to speak up for those who’ve been ignored – to give the fans a voice.

    Galloway says guys like MVP are the problem with professional wrestling, because they think they dictate who the champion(s) should be. Galloway says he interfered because the fans should have a say – and that those with the ability should be champion.

    Kenny King cuts in, saying The BDC will have retribution for Galloway spilling Low Ki’s blood last week. He challenges Galloway. Galloway accepts, saying he came to TNA to fight.

    King says The BDC is a family, but that he is a one man army. The match is next.

    Kenny King vs. Drew Galloway

    Before the bell rings, The BDC rushes from the back to distract Galloway. King catches him with an enziguri. MVP takes a cheap shot as Kenny King gains control of the match. The referee sends The BDC to the back.

    King whips Galloway into the corner, but he counters, pummeling King with a vicious clothesline. The momentum shifts as King is sent to the outside. Galloway drops King onto the barricade. King and Galloway trade blows, then King taunts the fans. King charges Galloway, who counters, catching King with a tilt-a-whirl slam spine first onto the apron!

    Drew Galloway attempts to get the action back into the ring, but King hangs him up on the top rope. King connects with a leg drop on the apron. Galloway fights out of a chin lock and attempts a big boot. King counters with a high cradle suplex.

    King repeatedly slaps Galloway in the face. Galloway’s enraged. He smashes King’s face with a series of rights before throwing him into the turnbuckle. Galloway connects with a clothesline from the top rope.

    King flips over the top rope, catching Galloway with a springboard neckbreaker. King tries to steal one with a backslide pin with his feet on the ropes. Galloway powers out and connects with Future Shock DDT to secure the win.

    Winner: Drew Galloway

    Post-match: The BDC rushes toward the ring as Galloway escapes through the crowd.




    Bobby Roode declares that he’ll become the new number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

    Kurt Angle interrupts Roode, saying he’ll stand in Roode’s way; that he’ll become number one contender. Angle vows to defeat Lashley for the title as he moves toward Roode. Eric Young jumps Roode from behind.

    Roode, Angle and Young brawl. Young retreats as Roode and Angle come face to face.

    Video: Ahead of their championship match, a video package highlights Taryn Terrell’s reign as the Knockout’s Champion and the return of Awesome Kong.

    Backstage: James Storm tries to recruit Bram to The Revolution.


    Bram vs. Matt Hardy

    Hardy counters Bram’s intense style early with a bulldog and a clothesline that sends Bram to the outside. Outside, Bram takes control of the match as he connects with a series of uppercuts. Bram drops Hardy with a jumping spin kick, and then he locks in a rear chin lock.

    Hardy battles back, connecting with two clotheslines from the turnbuckle. From the second rope, Hardy connects with an elbow to the back of the head. Then, he follows up with another elbow drop, a leg drop, a Side Effect and a moonsault.

    Bram shoves the referee and connects with a low blow. Bram drops Hardy with “The Brighter Side of Suffering” DDT.

    Winner: Bram

    Post-match: Bram grabs a pipe from beneath the ring. As he approaches Hardy, Magnus explodes onto the scene to attack Bram! Bram retreats as Magnus promises to have his revenge. Magnus assures Bram that his blood “will stain the hallowed ground of England.”

    Backstage: Rockstar Spud tells Mr. Anderson that his feud with Ethan Carter III ends tonight.




    Backstage: Drew Galloway says “stay tuned” to see what he’s got planned.

    Video: A video package recaps Rockstar Spud’s feud with Ethan Carter III.

    Rockstar Spud enters the arena in a brightly colored suit covered with British flags. Spud says the last few months of his life have been challenging. He says he’s survived because of the fans. The crowd chants, “We love Spud!”

    Spud says the time has come for “this” to end. He calls out EC3.

    Ethan Carter III enters alone. EC3 and Spud have a stare down, until Spud says, “I want to fight you Ethan – this ends with you and me, in a fight. No friends, no shenanigans – just you and me.”

    EC3 says people like Spud don’t get to challenge people like him. He says he’s a franchise, born and bred to carry TNA into the future. EC3 reminds everyone that he’s undefeated. Spud screams at EC3 and says, “Fight me in a match, so I can be the one who ends your streak!”

    EC3 accepts, on the condition that if he wins, he gets to shave Spud’s head. Spud agrees and says EC3 should put his hair on the line as well. EC3 says, “Hair vs. Hair; Streak vs. Spud – challenge accepted. But Spud, don’t forget, in this world, the bad guys win.”

    Spud reminds EC3 that EC3 told him that he was fierce – a lion – a gazelle. Spud screams, “I’m none of those things. I’m a freakin’ man! And I’m going to end your streak and shave you bald!”



    Knockout’s Championship

    Awesome Kong vs. Taryn Terrell (c)

    Taryn Terrell jumps into the ring and immediately attacks Kong! Kong pummels the champion and stomps her as the bell sounds.

    Kong tosses Taryn across the ring repeatedly. Taryn’s finally able to counter Kong and land a few forearms before being powered down with a shoulder block. Kong punishes Taryn – sending her flying into turnbuckle.

    Taryn flies from the top rope with a clothesline attempt, but Kong doesn’t budge and Taryn just bounces off. Taryn bounces off the ropes and leaps for a cross-body. Kong catches her powers her down with a slam.

    Kong stalks Taryn. She charges the champion, but Taryn moves and Kong collides with the turnbuckle. Taryn mounts Kong with a series of rights before hanging her over the top rope! Taryn connects with a flying cross-body! She makes the cover, but Kong powers out.

    Taryn attempts a Taryn cutter, but Kong shoves her down, powering out with ease! Taryn counters an Implant Buster – and again, she attempts a Taryn cutter. Kong again doesn’t budge.

    Kong chokes Taryn. Earl Hebner tries to break the hold, but she shoves him and is disqualified!

    Winner: Taryn Terrell (via DQ)

    Post-match: A raging Kong slams Taryn into the steel steps. Kong’s destruction is about to culminate with an Implant Buster outside the ring, but Gail Kim makes the save. Kong battles Kim into the back!



    Tag Team Championships

    The Revolution (c) vs. The Wolves

    James Storm and Abyss represent The Revolution on their quest to defend the Tag Team Championships. The Wolves enter the arena, but are attacked from behind by Khoya, Sanada and Manik before the match gets underway.

    Davey Richards is rolled into the ring; the bell sounds. Storm and Abyss attempt a double-team suplex, but Eddie Edwards makes the save. The champions retreat to the outside. The Wolves appear to be headed for a suicide dive, but at the ropes, they’re tripped. The interference allows Abyss and Storm to regain control.

    Abyss dominates Davey Richards. Just before Richards can tag Eddie Edwards, Edwards is torn from the apron by Manik, allowing Abyss to maintain control. Abyss tags Storm, who powers through Davey Richards and sends Edwards flying off the apron.

    Richards counters James Storm’s offense and finally tags Eddie Edwards! Edwards battles both Storm and Abyss, ultimately earning a two-count on Storm! The Wolves double team Storm; the crowd howls.

    Eddie Edwards flies off the ropes with a cross-body, but Storm counters with Closing Time. Storm follows it up with an Eye of the Storm! Edwards kicks out at two!

    Storm delivers a neckbreaker before tagging out to Abyss. As the rest of The Revolution looked poised to attack, Matt Hardy comes to ringside to even the odds. The Wolves double team Storm and Abyss, before connecting with a suicide dive to Manik and Sanada!

    Then, they connect with two suicide dives to Abyss and Storm! Across the ring, they double team Khoya – and leap again with a suicide dive. Storm pulls Matt Hardy in the way and this time, The Wolves connect with Abyss and Hardy.

    Sanada attempts to spray Eddie Edwards with the mist, but Edwards ducks and the mist flies into Manik’s eyes instead. Abyss brings a cow bell into the match, but the referee thwarts the cheap shot. While official deals with the cowbell, Matt Hardy sneaks in a Twist of Fate!

    The Wolves double team the fallen Abyss to earn their third Tag Team Championship reign!

    Winners: The Wolves



    Backstage: Matt Hardy says that as soon as Jeff is healthy, The Hardys would like to battle The Wolves again. The Wolves agree.

    No. 1 Contender’s Match

    Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle

    Roode and Young brawl outside while Angle awaits the opening bell. Roode rolls Young into the ring, then he and Angle work together, ultimately sending Young to the outside.

    Roode and Angle lock up. Angle drops Roode with a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle gets distracted by Eric Young, which allows Roode to connect with diving neckbreaker. Eric Young takes the advantage after sending Angle shoulder-first into the turnbuckle.

    Eric Young takes control of the match as Angle clutches his shoulder outside. Roode starts to rally, but Young thwarts his comeback with a neckbreaker. Young climbs between the ropes and stomps on the back of Angle’s head.

    Young continues his assault on Roode. He places Roode onto the top turnbuckle and attempts a superplex. Angle rushes to the corner – he powerbombs Eric Young. Young’s grasp on Roode never broke, so at the same time Roode is superplexed!

    Angle delivers ten German suplexes to Eric Young!

    Roode catches a regrouping Angle with a cross-face! Angle grabs Roode’s ankle, forcing the hold to break. Angle locks in the ankle lock! Roode breaks the hold and counters with his own, but Eric Young makes the save. Young tries for a piledriver, but Roode counters and Angle immediately catches Young with an Angle Slam.

    Kurt Angle slaps on an ankle lock. Eric Young makes it to the bottom rope! Angle puts Roode in an ankle lock! Roode rolls through, sending Angle into the official. Roode tries to drag Eric Young back into the ring, but Eric Young grabs a chair and smashes Roode in the head. Angle capitalizes, sending Young flying off the apron before catching Roode with an Angle Slam to win the match.

    Winner: Kurt Angle

    Post-match: Lashley comes face-to-face with the new number one contender.



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