IMPACT Results: New Era Begins on Destination America, New Champions Crowned, Surprise...

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    Impact Coverage by Bobby James
    January 7, 2015

    Welcome to IMPACT Wrestling, broadcasting live on Destination America.

    To start the show, the entire Impact roster breaks out into a brawl and chaos ensues as bodies fall around the arena. Kurt Angle calls for security. Angle says all champions will defend their titles tonight!

    MVP confronts angle – and the raucous New York audience gets censored for a deafening “Shut the ---- up” chant! Angle says he’s no longer the Director of Operations and that, as of a short time ago, he’s signed on to become an active wrestler on the Impact roster.

    Angle announces himself versus MVP, to start the show.

    Match #1:
    Steet Fight
    Kurt Angle vs. MVP

    Angle commands the match and catches MVP with a German suplex. MVP rolls through a pin attempt and puts on a wrist lock. Angle counters and scores with three more German suplexes.

    Angle attempts an early Angle Slam, but MVP counters and locks in an ankle lock. MVP wraps Angles leg around the ring post. Then he slams the knee into the steel steps before catching Angle’s knee with a steel chair!

    MVP rolls Angle back into the ring and attempts a powerbomb, which Angle turns into an ankle lock. MVP counters once more and sends Angle face-first into the turnbuckle. Angle counters MVP’s assault, catching him with an Angle Slam for the win.

    Winner: Kurt Angle


    Backstage: MVP argues with Kenny King, asking him where he was for the match.

    Backstage: Taz and Josh Mathews are introduced as the commentators for tonight’s broadcast.

    Backstage: EC3 and Tyrus threaten Rockstar Spud!

    Backstage: Taz and Josh Mathews introduce Mike Tenay in his new role, as a backstage interviewer and correspondent. Mike Tenay interviews “The Cowboy” James Storm about The Revolution.

    Match #2:
    Tag Team Championships
    The Revolution (c) vs. The Wolves

    The champions, James Storm and Abyss, make their way to the ring, accompanied by Manik and Sanada. Their opponents, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards – The Wolves are out next.

    Before the match begins, The Hardys enter the arena – to the surprise of everyone.

    Richards and Storm start the match and The Wolves send The Revolution reeling. Edwards and Richards launch themselves out of ring with four suicide dives! Storm is rolled into the ring and Edwards makes a pin attempt. Storm is out at two.

    Abyss interrupts a double team attempt, allowing James Storm to change the complexion of the match. Storm mounts some offense against Richards, but Richards rolls, making a tag to Edwards.

    The Wolves double team Storm, but Abyss makes the save again. Abyss slings Edwards into a DDT by Storm. Manik and Sanada interfere, but The Hardys make the save. Jeff inadvertently hits Eddie Edwards, setting him up for Storm’s Last Call.

    Winners: The Revolution


    Backstage: MVP yells at Lashley. He says that without him, Lashley would have never been champion or an MMA star.

    Ethan Carter III graces the Impact Zone with his presence!

    EC3 declares 2015 “the year of our Lord of wrestling: E-C-3,” and the year that he’ll become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. He says before his quest begins, he has some business to attend to. The defiant crowd irks EC3 and he calls them a “rowdy bunch.”

    EC3 calls out Rockstar Spud. The crowd chants “We want Spud!” Tyrus carries Spud from the back and then slams him to the floor. Tyrus tosses Spud into the ring. Jeremy Borash tries intervening, but EC3 screams at JB – and JB retaliates! He slaps EC3! Tyrus squashes him and then EC3 shaves his head, while Tyrus forces Spud to watch.

    Backstage: Kenny King and MVP conspire against Lashley


    Match #3:
    X-Division Championship
    Low Ki (c) vs. Austin Aries

    Low Ki and Aries lock up in the center of the ring and rush one another between turnbuckles. They break. Aries catches Low Ki with a wrist lock, but Low Ki breaks the hold with a well placed kick.

    Aries turns a headlock into an arm drag. Low Ki reverses with a headscissor, but Aries counters with a headstand that he turns into a dropkick! Low Ki rolls through and nails a mule kick off the turnbuckle. Low Ki is sent to the floor, but he catches Aries with a kick to face on an attempted suicide dive!

    Low Ki misses a springboard assault. Aries sends him outside again and connects with a suicide dive that sends Low Ki crashing through the guardrail. The pace of the match quickens, until Aries attempts a brainbuster that Low Ki counters into a dragon sleeper.

    Aries breaks the hold and the two battle back and forth atop the turnbuckle. Low Ki connects with a kick that sends Aries falling to that mat. Aries recovers quickly and catches Low Ki with a brainbuster and a three-count!

    Winner: Austin Aries (new champion)


    Match #4:
    Knockout’s Championship Battle Royal
    Taryn Terrell (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Havok vs. Velvet Sky vs. Angelina Love vs. Rebel vs. Madison Rayne

    Knockout chaos ensues at the sound of the bell. The Beautiful People eliminate Rebel with a Botox Injection! Havok eliminates Madison Rayne.

    In the center of the ring, Gail Kim connects with an Eat Defeat on Velvet Sky. Havok and Gail battle at the far end of the ring, while Taryn Terrell works to eliminate Angelina Love, despite Jessie’s interference!

    Gail and Taryn unite in an effort to eliminate Havok, but Havo proves too powerful. Gail and Taryn launch themselves at Havok with a double missile dropkick! Velvet Sky catches Gail and Taryn with a double clothesline.

    Brooke Tessmacher attacks Robbie E at ringside, distracting Velvet Sky, who’s then eliminated. Havok eliminates Gail Kim and Taryn creeps up from behind and eliminates Havok to retain her title!

    Winner: Taryn Terrell

    Post-match: Havok attacks Taryn Terrell. The arena goes dark – it’s AWESOME KONG! Havok backs down and Kong slays the referee!


    Main Event:
    TNA World Heavyweight Championship
    Lashley (c) vs. Bobby Roode

    Roode wastes no time starting the action. He attacks Lashley before the opening bell, but Lashley asserts his dominance, powering Roode to the mat.

    Roode is able to mount enough offense to attempt a cross-face. Lashley reaches the rope. Roode breaks the hold and then quickly applies another cross-face! Again, Lashley reaches the rope.

    Lashley rolls to the outside, but Roode gives chase and continues to assault Lashley. Again, Lashley tries to create separation – but Roode is hungry for another run with the title.

    Backstage, MVP and Kenny King enter the arena with two masked men. The distraction allows Lashley to gain the advantage. Lashley rolls Roode into the ring and mockingly slaps him in the face. An enraged Roode attacks, but Lashley sends him crashing down to the mat before catching him with several shoulder blocks in the corner.

    The crowd gets behind Bobby Roode when Lashley locks in and holds a chokehold. Roode makes it to his feet, but Lashley turns into a bear hug. Roode catches Lashley with several elbows to the back of the head, but Lashley’s hold is unyielding.

    Roode again makes it to his feet, this time, breaking the hold. Roode knocks Lashley to the mat after three clotheslines. He follows up with a running clothesline into the corner and a neckbreaker. Roode gets a two-count!

    Lashley catches Roode as he’s coming off the ropes and plants him with running power slam! He lifts Roode to the top rope and attempts a superplex. Roode counters into running sit-out powerbomb. Lashley kicks out at two – and then he connects with a Roode Bomb to Bobby Roode!

    Roode’s just out at two! Lashley misses a spear, but Roode connects with one! Lashley’s out just before three. Roode locks in a crossface as MVP, Kenny King and the two masked men emerge from the back.

    Lashley battles out of the hold, but Roode connects with Roode Bomb! Lashley kicks out and Roode locks in another crossface!

    Kenny King attacks referee Brian Hebner and Kurt Angle emerges from the back. MVP and his cronies attack Angle. MVP’s masked men reveal their faces – it’s Low Ki and Samoa Joe!!! Eric Young rushes into the ring with a steel chair to make the save.

    …but then, he attacks Bobby Roode with the chair! Lashley connects with a spear and makes the cover to retain his championship!

    Winner: Lashley


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  2. Wasn't Roode the champ going in? I bet Vinny Ru wrote this.
  3. Yes Roode was the champ going in.. For sure he did, it had his scent all over it.
  4. Havok attacks Taryn Terrell. The arena goes dark – it’s AWESOME KONG! Havok backs down and Kong slays the referee! that was Awesome
  5. HAVOK vs Awesome Kong, it had to happen sometime.
  6. Awesome kong VS HAVOK That would be a Great match this should happen that's if Havok doent back down like she did last night
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