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    IMPACT Coverage by Bobby James
    November 12, 2014

    Backstage: Lashley confronts Kenny King on the whereabouts of MVP.

    Accompanied by Manik and “The Great” Sanada, “The Cowboy” James Storm makes his way to the ring; Strom introduces them as “The Revolution.”

    Storm calls out Davey Richards, demanding an answer to his offer. Will Davey Richards join Storm?

    The Wolves emerge. Eddie Edwards begins to answer Storm; Davey Richards takes the microphone. Richards tells Edwards that he can speak for himself.

    Davey Richards says Storm is out of his mind – that he’s a Wolf – and that his answer is no. The Revolution attacks The Wolves!

    James Storm uses a bull rope to lasso Davey Richards’ foot. Storm ties up the rope before smashing a chair across Richards’ leg/ankle! The Revolution leaves the ring; they return carrying a briefcase. Storm takes a shot at Eddie Edwards using the case and then he assaults Richards again.

    Storm says the case is a “Feast or Fired” briefcase that guarantees him a Tag Team Championship match. He cashes in!

    Match #1:
    Tag Team Championship Match
    The Revolution vs. The Wolves

    The bell sounds and Storm attempts an early cover. Eddie Edwards kicks out just before three. Storm connects with an Eye of the Storm.

    Abyss emerges from the back. He makes eye-contact with Storm. Storm introduces Abyss as the newest member of The Revolution! Abyss tags in and chokeslams Eddie Edwards before connecting with a Black Hole Slam.

    Storm tags in and makes the cover for three! Abyss and “The Cowboy” James Storm become new tag team champions!

    Winners: The Revolution

    Post-Match: Abyss launches Davey Richards with an Eye of the Storm.


    Match #2:
    Madison Rayne vs. Taryn Terrell​

    Taryn launches her assault early. Madison tries to escape; leaving the ring for a “time-out.” Taryn flies off the apron, connecting with a cross-body. Madison rises, then she tries waving off the match and leaving the arena. Taryn tosses her back into the ring.

    Taryn misses a second cross-body and Madison gains control of the match. Madison slaps on a headlock before connecting with a series of knees. Madison chokes Taryn on the middle rope, then floors Taryn with an elbow to the face.

    Madison connects with a “scissor stomp,” and then a kick to the face. It’s good for two. With Taryn positioned in the corner, Madison begins taunting her opponent. She rushes toward Taryn, who counters with knees to the back. Taryn leaps off the turnbuckle with a diving clothesline.

    Momentum shifts in Madison’s favor – then she stacks Taryn up and attempts a pin with her feet on the rope. Taryn kicks out. Madison dodges another diving attack from Taryn and connects with boot to the side of the head. Taryn battles back and catches Madison with a running cutter.

    Winner: Taryn Terrell

    Backstage: Lashley approaches Kurt Angle, demanding his title rematch. Angle declines.


    Backstage: Manik offers to introduce Mahabali Shera to James Storm. Shera follows.

    Kenny King says MVP has the night off – and that Lashley isn’t angry with him or MVP. King says Lashley’s angry with the fans, Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode. He switches gears, saying he has a problem with Chris Melendez – and demands his presence.

    Chris Melendez and Mr. Anderson come to the ring.

    Kenny King calls Chris Melendez a fraud. Mr. Anderson takes exception to King’s words. He calls Melendez a hero. Kenny King shuts Anderson down and challenges Chris Melendez to a 1-on-1 match. Melendez accepts and vows to defeat Kenny King next time they meet in the ring.

    Kenny King takes a cheap shot at Mr. Anderson before rushing up the ramp.


    Backstage: Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell approach Kurt Angle about Havok. Angle books a triple-threat Knockout’s Championship match for next week.

    Match #3:
    Handicap Elimination Tag Team Match
    The BroMans & The Beautiful People vs. The Menagerie

    Knux, Crazy Steve and Rebel enter the ring for their match against Jessie, DJ Z, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky.

    Angelina Love and Rebel start the match. Angelina commands an early advantage until Rebel connects with a snapmare. Rebel’s rebellion is short-lived as the 6-time Knockout’s Champion comes back strong.

    Crazy Steve distracts Angelina, allowing Rebel to gain the roll-up and the first elimination. Angelina Love is eliminated. Knux and Jessie storm the ring. Knux connects with a cartwheel dropkick and a strong shoulder block.

    Jessie tags DJ Z, who flies off the top rope. Knux catches him, but Jessie connects with a cheap shot and with his feet on the ropes, DJ Z scores the pin. Knux has been eliminated. Crazy Steve storms the ring and scores a roll-up to eliminate DJ Z.

    Rebel and Velvet Sky collide. With the referee distracted, Angelina sprays rebel with hairspray. Velvet connects with In Yo’ Face and the pin. Rebel is eliminated.

    Jessie tags in and powers through Crazy Steve, the last remaining member of The Menagerie. DJ Z illegally interferes, then Jessie drops Crazy Steve with an overhead military press. He tags Velvet. Velvet attempts a pin, but Crazy Steve rolls through. He kisses and pins Velvet Sky!

    Jessie powerbombs Crazy Steve then makes the cover. Surprisingly, Crazy Steve kicks out at two. The two battle around the ring until Crazy Steve flies off the top rope and connects with a Tornado DDT. Crazy Steve makes the pin!

    Winners: The Menagerie

    Backstage: Eric Young and Jeremy Borash talk about last week. Rockstar Spud thanks EY for saving his “backside” last week. Then, Rockstar Spud asks if he can be in EY’s corner. EY agrees.


    Backstage: Manik introduces Mahabali Shera to James Storm. Storm spits on Shera and says “There’s a price to be paid for salvation! Get him out of her!” Storm recalls Manik and whispers something inaudible.

    Match #4:
    Tyrus w/ Ethan Carter III vs. Eric Young w/ Rockstar Spud

    Eric Young uses his agility to escape a charging Tyrus in the early-goings of the match. Finally, Tyrus catches EY by powering him down to the mat. Tyrus powerbombs EY into the turnbuckle.

    EY rolls out of the ring. EC3 approaches, but Rockstar Spud steps up. Tyrus rolls Eric Young back into the ring. EY attempts a comeback – he tries to lift Tyrus, but he’s squashed for his efforts. Tyrus gains a near-fall.

    Tyrus launches EY across the ring with an overhead suplex. EY stands – but he’s caught with a running clothesline into the turnbuckle. Tyrus positions Eric Young near the edge of ring but misses a splash from the ropes.

    EY gains momentum by flying off the ropes with a series of fists and a clothesline! EY lifts Tyrus and slams him onto the mat! EY climbs the turnbuckle – EC3 attempts to interfere, but Rockstar Spud attacks!

    Tyrus and Eric Young battle on the top rope. EY shoves Tyrus from the turnbuckle and connects with a diving elbow for three!

    Winner: Eric Young

    Post-Match: Lashley spears Eric Young! Rockstar Spud tries defending EY, but Lashley powers him onto the mat! Lashley attacks a crew member before wrapping a steel chair around the arm of EY. He stomps on the chair before locking in a crossface! Austin Aries makes the save and challenges Lashley to a match.


    Backstage: Brittany tells Samuel Shaw that gunner came onto her. Samuel leaves angry.

    Samoa Joe enters the IMPACT Zone as footage plays showing an injury suffered during last week’s tag team championship match.

    Joe says he’s not medically cleared for competition, but that he’s come to do the right thing. Joe says he won’t be medically cleared “for quite a while.” He says he became the X-Division Champion to reinvigorate the division for the true wrestling fan.

    Joe says the men in the back – who give it their all night after night – and the fans deserve better. He announces that he’ll vacate the X-Division Championship before vowing to get well and come back to reclaim his X-Division title.


    Backstage: Kurt Angle makes a Fatal-Four Way for the X-Division Championship: Low Ki vs. Manik vs. Tigre Uno vs. DJ Z.

    Backstage: Bram challenges Tommy Dreamer next week.

    Match #5:
    No Disqualification
    Samuel Shaw w/ Brittany vs. Gunner​

    Brittany distracts Gunner during his entrance and Samuel Shaw attacks Gunner on the ramp. Gunner drives Samuel into the ring apron. Brittany screams, then Samuel regains control.

    Samuel drives Gunner into the apron. He swings a chair at Gunner’s head, but Gunner ducks and Samuel connects with the ring post. Gunner catches Samuel with a fall-away slam. Gunner rolls Samuel into the ring and picks up another steel chair. Brittany distracts Gunner, allowing Samuel to connect with a drop-kick that drives the chair into Gunner’s face.

    Samuel attempts a Kata-gatame, but Gunner power’s out and takes Samuel over the top rope with a clothesline. Gunner connects with another chair shot, but Brittany’s role remains vital. Her continued distraction allows Samuel to drop Gunner face-first onto the steel steps! She screams, “I’ve got your crazy!”

    Samuel positions the steps just outside the ring. He attempts to suplex Gunner out of the ring, but Gunner brings him in over the top rope. Gunner powers Samuel back to the mat. Gunner retrieves more chairs from beneath the ring – he piles them in the middle of the ring and takes another shot to the back.

    Gunner connects with a superplex onto the stack of chairs!

    Gunner attempts to finish Samuel, but Brittany hops onto the apron again! Gunner says he has something to show her, he powerbombs Samuel onto the stairs outside the ring! He rolls Samuel back into the ring. As he moves toward Samuel, Brittany climbs into the ring, allowing Samuel to connect with a low-blow!

    Brittany tries pulling Samuel into the cover, but Gunner trips her and holds onto her ankles as she struggles to escape. Samuel connects with a chair shot on Gunner! Samuel grabs Gunner by the head – and as he’s lifting him, Gunner counters and drops Samuel face-first onto a steel chair! As the referee counts, Brittany rushes into the ring, but she’s too late.

    Winner: Gunner


    Main Event:
    Lashley vs. Austin Aries

    At the sound of the bell, Austin Aries attacks with a flurry of offense. Lashley counters with a front slam. Lashley drives Aries into the corner with a series of shoulder blocks. Aries counters Lashley’s attack with a bridging submission hold. He breaks the hold and sends Lashley to the outside.

    Aries flies over the top rope. Lashley catches him, but Aries counters, sending Lashley face-first into the ring post. Lashley stumbles backwards and rests on the guardrail. Aries connects with a huge running dropkick to the face!

    He rolls Lashley into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle. Aries stumbles and Lashley capitalizes on his miscalculation. Aries attempts to fight back, but Lashley powers through, driving him back down to the mat. Lashley stomps Aries in the corner. Then, he drags Aries to the opposite corner, but Aries counters and connects with a series of rights.

    Lashley shoves Aries backwards – and when he stands, Lashley pummels him with a hard clothesline. Lashley continues to assert his dominance by hurling Aries overhead with seven belly-to-belly suplexes!

    Lashley charges with a spear, but Aries catches him with a boot to the face. Aries goes up top – but Lashley counters and attempts a superplex. Aries bites Lashley, then boxes his ears, sending “The Destroyer” crashing onto the mat!

    Aries connects with a huge missile dropkick and discus forearm! Aries attempts a brainbuster, but Lashley counters, sending Aries over the top rope. Aries lands on the apron and connects with a series of forearms.

    Aries catches Lashley with a neckbreaker that sends him to the outside. Aries flies – and connects with a suicide dive, sending Lashley crashing into the guardrail! He rolls Lashley into the ring and climbs the ropes again. Lashley counters, sending Aries crashing into the steel steps!

    Lashley leaps out of the ring and powers Aries into the steps again. Aries gets destroyed with a huge spear – as the referee’s count reaches ten for a double count-out.

    Result: Double Count-out

    Post-Match: Lashley sends Aries crashing onto the ramp with an overhead press! Then, he locks in a crossface that requires additional referees to break the hold.


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