IMPACT Results: Spud Makes Decision On Option C, EC3's Celebration Cut Short, Tag Team...

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    Impact Coverage by Bobby James
    June 3, 2015 | EC3 is #1

    “Ladies and gentlemen, E-C-3!”

    Ethan Carter III enters to an ensemble’s live performance of “Trouble.” He’s accompanied by two models and Tyrus (sporting an “#EC3 2015” campaign sign). The models flash “#1” ring signs and the ensemble sings “He’s the number one contender” (a rendition of “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”) as balloons cascade from the rafters.

    EC3 probes the audience – to see if they want Tyrus to dance. Tyrus teases a past time and EC3 cuts it short. A “You can’t wrestle” chant erupts; EC3 counters it with, “I disagree. I’m very good. I’m #1!”

    EC3 invites TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle to the ring – to commemorate his final days as champion. Angle arrives, saying the celebration is incredible – but that legends like Verne Gagne and Lou Thesz would roll in their graves if they saw it.

    Angle concedes to the fact that EC3 is #1, but he says EC3 isn’t next in line for a title shot. EC3 contests and Angle reminds him that Destination X is one week away – and that the X-Division Champion, Rockstar Spud, has a World Title opportunity, if he so chooses.

    EC3 says he left Spud battered, bloody and bald in England. He says he’ll make Rockstar Spud an offer he can’t refuse. “Tyrus, buxom blondes – let’s go.”

    [​IMG]Singles Match | Lashley vs. Eric Young

    A video recaps Eric Young’s attempt to break Lashley’s ankle.

    Lashley brings Young into the ring over the top rope. Young rolls out of and rushes around the ring. He’s caught, rolled into the ring and powered down with a clothesline and hanging vertical suplex. Young leaps over the charging “Destroyer,” and then attempts to connect with a kick using his shin guard.

    Lashley moves and Young attempts to send him to the outside, but he catches himself on the apron. Young connects with a hard right and an enziguri, sending Lashley to the floor. Young rolls Lashley back into the ring where he drops several elbows across the back of his head.

    Eric Young connects with a running neckbreaker that he follows up with a Figure Four. Lashley powers out of the hold and sends Young through the ropes. Young climbs up and flies from the turnbuckle, but Lashley catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex and spinebuster! Lashley hoists Young onto his shoulders, setting up a running power slam, but Young rakes his eyes and attempts a piledriver.

    Chris Melendez appears at the top of the ramp. Lashley uses the distraction to connect with a spear. Lashley gets the three-count.

    Winner: Lashley

    Post-match: Chris Melendez storms the ring, but Lashley holds him back from Eric Young.

    Backstage: Rockstar Spud contemplates Option C.

    Dollhouse Pillow Talk: Taryn tells Marti Bell and Jade that she defeated Gail Kim, “the greatest women’s wrestler of all time.” She says she never even let Gail up and that she’ll no longer live in Gail’s shadow. Taryn says that at Destination X, she’ll give Kong an opportunity for the Knockout’s Championship before instructing Jade and Marti Bell to go claim their victim.

    Backstage: Chris Melendez says that Eric Young’s assault took him to a dark place – and that what’s coming is beyond wrestling.

    Backstage: Austin Aries discusses Option C with Rockstar Spud. Aries says he’s not sure that Option C was a great option. He says the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. He urges Spud to be a fighting X-Division champion.

    Singles Match | Jade w/ Marti Bell vs. Brooke

    Very early in the match, Brooke makes two quick pin attempts against Jade. Jade sends Brooke outside with a running dropkick. Jade gives chase and lands a stiff kick to the spine, and then she distracts the referee while Marti Bell connects with a hard clothesline. Marti rolls Brooke back into the ring.

    Jade unsuccessfully tries to pin Brooke three times before mounting her with a series of rights. Jade connects with several kicks to the face and a series of facebreakers. Brooke rolls through Jade for a pin attempt.

    Jade’s out quickly and drops Brooke with two high and stiff kicks. Brooke recovers and comes back with a diving clothesline. She charges toward Jade who counters with a roundhouse and two-count. Brooke evades a springboard moonsault and connects with a face-buster of her own. Brooke makes the cover, but Marti Bell again interferes.

    Brooke grabs Marti by the hair and moves just in time, allowing Jade to connect with a big boot to her Dollhouse playmate. Brooke plants Jade with the Tess-Shocker for the win.

    Winner: Brooke

    Backstage: JB interviews EC3. EC3 says Spud deserves to be a champion – but his ability levels off at the X-Division. EC3 says his shoulders were built to carry TNA Impact Wrestling into the future. EC3 takes a call that Tyrus brings.

    Backstage: Brooke celebrates her victory with Rebel. Rebel says The Dollhouse got what it deserved. Brooke heads to the showers and The Dollhouse attacks Rebel.

    Si:emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:erson Tag | The BDC vs. The Rising

    Eli Drake and MVP collide in the center of the ring. Drake commands the advantage with a clothesline, suplex and diving knee drop. He counters a big boot from MVP into a powerslam and a pin attempt. Drake comes off the ropes to a cheap shot from Kenny King, setting him up for a boot from MVP.

    King tags into the match with a flurry of offense following a snap suplex. He quickly tags out to Low Ki who connects with a snapmare and dropkick. Low Ki drags Eli Drake to his corner, where he and the rest of The BDC exchange rapid tags and offense.

    Low Ki traps Drake in an abdominal stretch. He breaks the hold to connect with a chop. Low Ki misses a running clothesline, which creates an opportunity to bring in Drew Galloway. Galloway powers through Low Ki and changes the complexion of the match. Galloway drops Low Ki with a huge running boot!

    Kenny King tries to interfere, but he’s countered by Mica. The two spill over the top rope to the floor as Galloway attempts a butterfly suplex on Low Ki from the turnbuckle. MVP trips Galloway, bringing in Eli Drake. Drake and MVP battle to the outside with Galloway hung upside down as Low Ki sets up for the Warrior’s Way.

    Galloway sits up to connect with a belly-to-belly suplex from the top rope! Mica lifts Low Ki onto his shoulders and Galloway flies from the turnbuckle with a big clothesline for the win!

    Winners: The Rising

    Backstage: EC3 says his phone call was a conversation that will change Rockstar Spud’s life.


    Mickie in Nashville
    : A recap of James Storm’s Nashville proposal to Mickie James. Mickie is shown in Nashville, preparing for a meeting. She enters an empty office and James Storm enters behind her. She asks why he’s there…

    Spud’s Decision

    JB asks Spud if he’ll fight to keep the X-Division Championship – or if he’ll relinquish it for Option C.

    Spud says this is a one in a million chance and that he needs more time to consider his choice. JB tells him the time is now as Kurt Angle climbs into the ring. Angle says he likes Spud – and that he’s the ultimate underdog. Angles cautions Spud to consider who he is – the only Olympic Gold medalist in the history of professional wrestling.

    Angle says that over his twenty year career, he’s set the standard for what it means to be a champion. He tells Spud that he’s trained harder for this reign as champion than ever before, and that he won’t be defeated for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship any time soon.

    JB probes Spud for an answer, but EC3 interrupts!

    EC3 says that he understands Spud’s predicament, but that Spud is a fish swimming with sharks. EC3 says he enabled Spud to become a champion – and that Kurt Angle is the greatest professional wrestler to ever live – until he [EC3] came along. He says he has an offer for Rockstar Spud.

    EC3 says he spoke with his Aunt Dixie and that they’re willing to offer Spud a lifetime contract as the Chief of Staff, as long as he’s willing to not cash in his X-Division title. EC3 asks Spud to come back home.

    Spud says that he loved being the Chief of Staff and that he’d have done anything for Ethan and his “Aunt D,” until they fired him. Spud says that Ethan’s had everything handed to him; that he hasn’t had to work for anything. Spud says he’s had to work fourteen years to get where he is.

    Spud screams, “You can take your job, you can take your big nose, you can take that old tired ‘Aunt D’ and you can stick it straight up your ass! ‘Cause this might be [a] one in a million shot, but I’m Rockstar Spud, and I’m cashing in the X-Division Championship!”

    JB moves to make the official announcement for Destination X and EC3 attacks Spud!

    Backstage: The Dirty Heels mention that they’re 0-2 against The Wolves. Aries says they need to do whatever it takes to win.

    Mickie in Nashville: Storm explains to Mickie that the office is empty because “stars” are fashionably late. He tells her she was born to be a star. Then, Storm changes his tone. He tells Mickie he wants her to join him on his journey and that Magnus can’t give Mickie the things he can. Storm asks Mickie (and her son Donovan) to join him in his Revolution!

    Mickie declines, offended. Storm apologizes and says he’ll support whatever decision she makes. He hugs her and walks beside her out of the office.

    Round 3 (Best of 5 Series) | Dirty Heels vs. The Wolves

    Aries makes a series of very early pin attempts before locking in the Last Chancery! Davey Richards stretches his foot to the bottom rope, forcing the break. Aries tags the “It Factor” Bobby Roode. Roode tweaks Richards’ arm; Richards counters. He exchanges rapid tags with Eddie Edwards.

    The Wolves work over Roode’s arm until he’s finally able to tag Austin Aries. Edwards sends Aries flying with a back body drop. Aries stumbles into a headbutt from Davey Richards. Richards and Edwards continue their offense as Richards becomes the legal man.

    The Wolves send Aries flying from the apron with a double running boot. Aries crashes into the guardrail. As The Wolves set up for what appears to be a double suicide dive, Roode grabs their feet at the ropes. The Wolves regain their footing and are about to suplex Roode into the ring over the ropes as Aries chop blocks their knees.

    Order’s restored and Aries unleashes a flurry of offense before bringing Roode back into the match. Richards battles back and reaches for a tag, but Aries pulls Edwards from the apron and Roode capitalizes. The Dirty Heels again isolate Richards, but he fights out of their corner and makes the tag to Eddie Edwards!

    Edwards leaps over Roode and takes Aries off the apron with a big boot. Then, he powers Roode to the mat with a series of clotheslines and a kick to the mid-section. Edwards connects with a Shining Wizard! Aries rushes into the ring, but Edwards fends him off before nailing Roode with a series of chops.

    Aries rakes Edwards’ eyes and the Dirty Heels set up a double-team suplex. Davey Richards makes the save and The Wolves send the Dirty Heels outside! They connect with a huge suicide dive! Then, The Wolves double team Roode and score a near fall.

    The Wolves set up the Force of Nature, but Aries pulls Richards from the ring and the Dirty Heels double team and score a near fall on Eddie Edwards. They whip Edwards into the corner. He counters a charging Aries by sending him over the top rope to the apron. Edwards ducks under a punch from Roode that connects with Aries!

    The Wolves regroup and drop Roode with a Pop-Up and Michinoku Driver. Aries interrupts the count! Richards throws Aries out of the ring and The Wolves climb the turnbuckles to unleash their howls. Aries shoves Richards from the turnbuckle and the distraction allows Roode to capitalize on Edwards. Aries lands a huge kick and Roode scores a spinebuster!

    Aries connects with a 450 splash and Roode makes the cover as Aries fends of Richards! Eddie Edwards kicks out! Aries throws Richards back to the outside and connects with a suicide dive of his own as Roode looks on in disbelief. Aries grabs a chair from under the ring; he slides it in to Roode. Edwards rolls up Roode for a two count.

    Aries grabs a title belt and distracts the referee while Roode delivers a low-blow and chair shot! Roode makes the cover for the win.

    Winners: Dirty Heels (Best of Five Series: The Wolves lead 2-1)

    Mickie in Nashville: Security camera footage shows James Storm and Mickie James walking down a platform beside a train. Storm asks Mickie if her phone’s ringing. She reaches for her phone and Storm bumps her off the platform onto the tracks! Storm says, “That’s a long way down. You made your decision and I made mine.”

    Storm calls Magnus to tell him that Mickie won’t be home for dinner. A train nears as Storm walks away whistling!


    Velvet Goes to Jail

    Madison says she’s frustrated, because unless you twerk down the ramp, shove a sucker down someone’s throat – or unless you’re Gail Kim, you get nothing in TNA Impact – and it makes her sick. She says she’s contracted talent, yet is forced to wait her turn to someone like Velvet Sky, a woman who was fired from the company.

    Madison says that Velvet believes her own hype – and that if the fans chant her name loud enough, she’ll probably crawl out from somewhere to steal more camera time. Velvet emerges and Madison mocks, “Told you…let her through. She doesn’t work here, but it’s okay, let her through the security barricade.”

    Velvet climbs onto the apron. Madison says she’d love to let off some steam, so she invites Velvet into the ring. Madison says she’d like to remind Velvet what her spot is – and what it’s always been, and then she slaps her. Madison goes on to mock Velvet’s chains and hair color; she’s speared for her efforts.

    Velvet delivers a stunner to Madison and Angelina Love emerges, screaming enough. She instructs Love’s Security to arrest Velvet for assaulting a very good friend of hers. Angelina says Velvet can go the easy way or the hard way. Velvet attacks Love’s Security, but they regroup and restrain her.

    Angelina says, “This is what happens to trash like you.”

    Angelina says people like her are better than people like Velvet. She slaps Velvet; Velvet laughs. She repeats this and Velvet laughs again. Angelina mocks her before delivering a stiff right that sends Velvet to the mat. Velvet stops laughing as Angelina sings her out.

    Additional security emerges to arrest Angelina Love for assaulting a fan.

    Dollhouse Pillow Talk: Taryn asks the fans if they like what they see. She vows to unveil a whole new side of the Knockout’s division next week.

    Main Event | EC3 and Tyrus vs. Rockstar Spud and Kurt Angle

    A tenacious Rockstar Spud attacks EC3 before the opening bell with an unrelenting assault. EC3 shifts the momentum when he takes a cheap shot to Spud’s throat. Spud battles back with a series of furious chops!

    EC3 grabs a handful of tights, sending Spud face-first into the turnbuckle. Spud battles back to exchanges blows with EC3! Spud lands an enziguri! Spud runs the ropes, landing chops to EC3’s throat each time until Tyrus interferes. Tyrus makes the tag.

    Tyrus slams Spud to that mat, and then stands on the small of Spud’s back! Tyrus tags EC3 back into the match. EC3 chokes Spud with his boot. Spud attempts fighting from his isolation, but Tyrus re-enters the match and again powers Spud to the mat. He drops two elbows across Spud’s back before using Spud as a platform for pushups!

    Tyrus hits Spud with three backbreakers before tagging EC3. EC3 connects with a splash in the corner and then he sends a message to Kurt Angle using a strong belly-to-belly suplex! Spud slips through EC3’s legs to make the tag to Kurt Angle!

    Angle cleans house. He sends Tyrus over the top rope and slaps an Ankle Lock onto EC3! Tyrus breaks the hold and traps Angle in a bear hug. Spud lands a missile dropkick to Angle’s back that sends Tyrus toppling over. Angle delivers the Angle Slam and Spud makes the cover for three!

    Winners: Rockstar Spud and Kurt Angle

    Post-match: Angle holds up his title. He and Spud come face-to-face as Austin Aries interrupts. Aries says he’ll cash in his “Feast or Fired” briefcase at Destination X, against the winner of Angle vs. Spud.


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