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    [​IMG]Impact Coverage by Bobby James
    June 24, 2015 | Full Metal Mayhem

    Angle’s Mystery Opponent

    Kurt Angle tells EC3 that his campaign for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship will be coming to an end. Angle says, at Bell-to-Bell, he’ll prove that there’s no one better than him. He demands to know the identity of his mystery opponent.

    The undefeated Ethan Carter III enters the Impact Zone. He says it will only take one man to defeat him – and that Angle is only “the best” for now.

    Angle says, like his mystery opponent this week, EC3 will tap out next week. EC3 interrupts, saying he’s beaten everybody from “The Icon” Sting and Angle himself, to the likes of Lashley and Bully Ray.

    Angle enrages EC3 by vowing again to make him tap. EC3 charges toward the ring – but think better of it, choosing to instead announce Angle’s mystery opponent: Matt Hardy! Angle looks on as Hardy stares down the ramp.


    [​IMG]X-Division Championship Elimination Match | Low Ki vs. Tigre Uno vs. Grado

    Grado and Low Ki argue after the bell. Low Ki slaps Grado before throwing Tigre Uno from the ring. Low Ki commands an early part of the match as he sends Grado crashing onto the mat. Tigre Uno rolls back into the ring, connecting with a headscissor to Low Ki.

    Low Ki’s sent through the ropes and Grado surprises by holding his own against the high flying Tigre Uno. Grado slams Tigre Uno to the mat before climbing onto the top rope. Low Ki shoves him from the turnbuckle and delivers a Warrior’s Way!

    Grado is eliminated by Low Ki.

    Tigre Uno regains his composure and engages in a fast-paced and aerial exchange with Low Ki. Low Ki turns the match in his favor by connecting with a springboard hurricanrana! He scores a near-fall. Tigre Uno misses a springboard corkscrew dive. Low Ki misses a dropkick, which creates an opportunity for Tigre Uno to connect with a Sabertooth Splash to claim his first X-Division Championship!

    Winner: Tigre Uno

    Backstage: Bram calls out any past member of the Impact roster.


    [​IMG]Dollhouse Pillow Talk: Taryn Terrell scolds Jade and Marti Bell for the Dollhouse loss last week.

    Singles Match | Velvet Sky vs. Angelina Love

    Angelina Love taunts Velvet Sky. She says this is Velvet’s last chance to earn her spot back on the Impact roster. She says it won’t happen.

    Angelina strikes first by shoving Velvet across the ring. Velvet drops her former best friend with a spear. Then, she rams Angelina’s face into turnbuckles around the ring. Velvet sends Angelina flying through the ropes.

    Velvet smashes Angelina’s face on the apron before sending her crashing shoulder-first into the ring post. Angelina tries to comeback, but she’s sent into the steel stairs for her effort. Angelina’s rolled back into the ring and before Velvet re-enters, Angelina connects with a dropkick. The complexion of the match changes as Angelina reveals a more vicious side.

    Angelina starts throwing Velvet around the ring like a rag doll, but when she heads to the top rope, Velvet capitalizes by dragging her from the ropes. She connects with a series of a kicks that culminates with a huge roundhouse kick to Angelina’s head.

    Angelina attempts one more comeback, but a missed Botox Injection sets her up for a stunner from Velvet Sky.

    Winner: Velvet Sky

    Backstage: Dirty Heels, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode, vow to win Full Metal Mayhem. They say the dirtier the better.


    [​IMG]Backstage: MVP enters the building, saying he has a new plan and strategy for the Beat Down Clan.

    Round 4 (Best of Five Series): Full Metal Mayhem | Dirty Heels vs. The Wolves

    The Wolves collide with the Dirty Heels at the opening bell. Soon after, both teams find themselves in the ring wielding steel chairs. Connecting with their chair shots first, The Wolves send the Dirty Heels into retreat.

    Aries and Roode “strategize” outside the ring. The Wolves attempt a suicide dive, but the Dirty Heels have them scouted – and they lift a ladder that sends The Wolves reeling back into the ring.

    The Dirty Heels command the encounter. Aries and Roode set up chairs in the center of the ring. Sitting in the chairs, they each apply a headlock to their opponents. The Wolves battle out of the holds. Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards charge the Dirty Heels, but they’re sent face-first into the chairs!

    Roode and Aries taunt The Wolves, but their arrogance proves costly. Roode is sent flying into a ladder mounted in the corner, while Aries is dropped in the center of the ring. The Wolves use a chair and trashcan lid to assault their opponents. The Dirty Heels roll to the outside where they’re caught with a trifecta of suicide dives!

    Eddie Edwards hands Davey Richards a steel chain. Richards wraps the chain around his boot. He attempts a roundhouse kick to Aries, but Aries counters with a discuss forearm and the Last Chancery! Edwards interrupts the count, but the Dirty Heels find themselves back in control.

    Roode pulls out a table. He slides it into the ring and then he hoists Eddie Edwards up for a powerbomb. Aries connects with a missile dropkick that sends Edwards through the table! The Dirty Heels make the cover, but Richards makes the save!

    Richards is sent outside and the Dirty Heels’ hone in on Edwards. They send him into the corner and mount a ladder in front of him. Edwards uses the ladder to counter an incoming dropkick and The Wolves take control.

    Aries finds himself stuffed head-first into a trashcan. The Wolves land a double dropkick to Aries. Edwards lifts Aries for a powerbomb and Richards climbs the turnbuckle with a steel chair. Roode rushes into the ring and smacks Richards with a chair of his own. Richards tumbles to the outside as Roode connects with a low-blow to Edwards. Roode positions Aries for the pin on Edwards.

    Winners: Dirty Heels (series tied 2-2)

    Backstage: Matt Hardy says he wants to prove to everyone that he is better now than ever – and that his sights are set on the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.


    [​IMG]The Jarretts Return!

    Jeff and Karen Jarrett surprise the Impact Zone!

    Jeff Jarrett claims hell has frozen over. He asks the fans if they’re curious to know why the owner of Global Force Wrestling is on Impact. He says he received a call from TNA officials last week, asking him to return for one match. Jarrett says he was curious to know why they thought he’d wrestle for TNA, considering he doesn’t even wrestle for his own promotion.

    He reveals being asked to participate in the King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary! Jarrett recalls co-founding TNA and that match itself, with his father. He says the consideration weighed heavy on him – as did thoughts about what his wife may think.

    Karen Jarrett takes the mic. and says she’s different than Jeff. She says TNA was in the past, in their rearview mirror, and that their family has moved on. Global Force Wrestling is their future. She says she advised Jeff to not call or text back.

    Karen says that despite being in the ring, she doesn’t fully understand why they’ve returned to Impact Wrestling. She breaks down as she recalls a conversation with a confidant, Sonjay Dutt. She says during their conversation, Dutt revealed to her that Jeff didn’t leave TNA Wrestling on his own terms – and that this would be a way to rectify that.

    Karen says she didn’t get back into an Impact ring to watch her husband just go home. She says Jarrett will leave the company. He agrees, saying he will do so on his own terms. He vows to walk down the aisle one more time and to reign supreme at Slammiversary.


    Bram’s Open Challenge | Bram vs. Vader

    Vader returns to confront Bram. Bram finds himself overpowered, but he maniacally laughs off his vulnerability. Vader connects with a series of clotheslines. Bram battles back with a series of rights.

    Bram unmasks Vader before slapping him in the face. Bram charges toward Vader, but Vader counters, exploding from the corner to ground “The Plague of Chesterfield.” Bram rolls out of the ring and grabs a turnbuckle wire from beneath the ring. He uses the wire to earn a blatant disqualification.

    Winner: Vader (via DQ)

    Post-match: Bram assaults Vader until “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan makes the save!


    [​IMG]Singles Match | Eric Young vs. Chris Melendez

    Eric Young attacks Chris Melendez as soon as the bell rings. He screams, “You don’t belong here!”

    Young’s domination continues well into the match. He connects with a powerful DDT and then he throws Melendez out of the ring. As soon as Melendez climbs back into the ring, he again finds himself at the mercy of Eric Young.

    Young applies a rear chin lock. When Melendez breaks free, he’s powered down to that mat – and Young attempts to rip off the prosthetic leg again! Melendez fends him off, but Young proves too much when he nails a piledriver for the win.

    Winner: Eric Young

    Hernandez Returns

    The BDC brawls with The Rising throughout the Impact Zone. Hernandez makes his return to tip the scales – and to leave Drew Galloway motionless in the center of the ring.



    Main Event | Matt Hardy vs. Kurt Angle

    Hardy immediately focuses his attack on Angle’s neck. He connects with an early neckbreaker. Hardy whips Angle into the corner, but he counters with a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle makes a pin attempt; Hardy kicks out.

    Angle applies a chin lock but Hardy powers out and delivers a swinging side Russian leg sweep. Hardy and Angle exchange a series rights, culminating in three German suplexes to Hardy.

    Hardy regains his footing and drops Angle with a Side Effect! Angle powers out of the pin attempt and connects with an Angle Slam! Following the slam, Angle applies the Ankle Lock! Hardy rolls through into a pin attempt; Angle’s out at two.

    Hardy misses a moonsault and Angle catches Hardy with two more German suplexes. Hardy counters a third and then he counters another Angle Slam attempt. Hardy connects with two more Side Effects and a Twist of Fate!

    Angle’s shoulder barely comes off the mat. When Hardy attempts another Twist of Fate, Angle drops him and applies the Ankle Lock to earn the submission.

    Winner: Kurt Angle

    Post-match: EC3 and Tyrus attack Kurt Angle. Matt Hardy fends off Tyrus though and Angle applies the Ankle Lock to EC3. EC3 taps as Impact goes off the air.



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