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  1. Impact Coverage | by Bobby James
    November 4, 2015 | World Title Series


    World Title Series: Group Knockouts | Madison Rayne vs. Brooke

    Madison and Brooke trade momentum after the bell as Josh Mathews details how Brooke broke a finger during her bout with Gail Kim. Brooke catches Madison with a dropkick. Madison follows up with a clothesline.

    Brooke comes back with a series of rights and a clothesline off the ropes. She plants Madison with a flapjack before connecting with a diving elbow drop. Brooke motions for a suplex; her hand gives out and Madison surprises her with the Rayne Drop.

    Result: Madison Rayne def. Brooke (Madison Rayne: 3, Brooke: 0)

    Backstage: Eric Young says he has a target on his back because he’s the best – and that he’ll prove it against Bobby Roode in the main event.



    World Title Series: Group UK | Bram vs. Rockstar Spud

    Bram repeatedly shoves Rockstar Spud, but “The Ultimate Underdog” battles back with a series of rights. Spud adds a series of kicks to the knees and gut, as well as a flurry of running fists. Spud bites Bram’s thumb. Bram takes him down, but misses a couple of elbow drops.

    Bram’s frustrations mount as Spud engages him in a game of cat and mouse. Bram catches Spud as he comes off the apron and powers him into the stairs. Bram applies a face lock that Spud counters with a jaw breaker. Spud’s back on offense with a second flurry of running punches and a dropkick.

    Spud catches Bram with a drop toe hold and a Shining Wizard before calling for the Underdog. Bram counters with the Brighter Side of Suffering to secure his first victory in the World Title Series.

    Result: Bram def. Rockstar Spud (Bram: 3, Rockstar Spud: 0)

    Backstage: Bobby Roode sends a message to Eric Young before vowing to close out 2015 as a double champion.



    World Title Series: Group X-Division | Mandrews vs. Manik

    Madnrews and Manik begin with a pace known by the X-Division. They fly through holds and slams with ease. Mandrews whips Manik across the ring and uses his body to send Manik face-first into the mat. Mandrews turns a wheelbarrow into a submission that finishes as a pin attempt.

    Mandrews flips out of a snapmare, but Manik answers with an electric chair drop. Manik capitalizes applies an array of submission holds. Mandrews breaks the hold, disorienting Manik in the process. Manik regains his balance and applies a scissor armbar.

    Mandrews flips Manik overhead before connecting with a running kick. He catches Manik with a hurricanrana followed by a springboard DDT. Manik counters a standing moonsault with a cross armbreaker.

    Mandrews breaks and connects with a northern lights suplex and corkscrew moonsault. He climbs the turnbuckle and as he flies, Manik catches him with a Detonation Kick for the win.

    Result: Manik def. Mandrews (Manik: 3, Mandrews: 0)

    Backstage: The Wolves discuss their upcoming World Title Series match against one another. Eddie Edwards predicts he’ll be victorious.



    Backstage: Eric Young says it’s not if – it’s when – he gets his hands on Bobby Roode.

    Exclusive Interview: Part One| Jeff Hardy

    Jeff Hardy says 2015 hasn’t been a great year for him. He recounts his fall from the cage in January, the injuries that resulted and his triumphant return and defeat of James Storm. Hardy says reuniting with his brother to claim the TNA World Tag Team Championships in an Ultimate X Match was the highlight of his year.

    Then tragedy struck, “We just won the tag team titles – and I just broke my leg on my dirt bike…”



    World Title Series: Group Tag Team Specialists | Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards

    Eddie and Davey lock up in a mesmerizing show of sport, wrestling one another in an almost mirrored image. They trade submissions and pin attempts as the Impact Zone chants for The Wolves. Davey connects with a dropkick and snap suplex.

    Davey grounds Eddie with a reverse figure four. Eddie’s sent across the ring, but mounts a comeback that grounds Davey as he delivers a knee to the face. Eddie sends Davey to the mat with a hard elbow to the face and scores a two-count as Christy Hemme announces that there are five minutes remaining.

    Eddie scores with a facebreaker and running dropkick. As Eddie positions himself on the top rope, Davey connects with a spin kick and superplex! The Wolves trade rights. Eddie connects with a huge sitout facebreaker. Davey’s out at two as the two-minute warning appears.

    Davey counters the Chin Checker with a roundhouse kick into a German suplex! Eddie’s out a two. He catches Davey with a sunset flip – and the two trade a series of pin attempts. Once more, they trade blows as the time expires, resulting in a time limit draw.

    Result: Time Limit Draw (Davey Richards: 1, Eddie Edwards: 1)



    Backstage: The Wolves say their match didn’t end any differently than expected.

    Exclusive Interview: Part Two | Jeff Hardy

    Hardy recounts the dirt bike accident, citing it as the first time in his life that he couldn’t get off the ground. He says watching Matt give up the Tag Team Championships was a career low-point and that he felt as if he’d let his fans and brother down.

    Jeff says the only positive to come out of his injury was watching Matt challenge for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, despite his personal run-ins with Ethan Carter III throughout. He doesn’t regret believing in Matt, but says he’s glad the “colorful” past with EC3 is behind him.

    Jeff says the events from Bound For Glory were deserved on behalf of EC3 and that seeing his brother become the TNA World Champion in his hometown was fulfilling. In retrospect, Jeff says that the official roughing up the champion was unfair – and that his brother’s decision to surrender the TNA World Title was honorable.

    Jeff applauds TNA’s decision to host a World Title Series, but says he’s unfortunately left out of the series because of his actions at Bound For Glory. He puts his faith and support with Matt.

    Backstage: Bobby Roode hunts Eric Young. Young says his mission’s accomplished – he’s in Roode’s head.



    World Title Series: Group Wildcard | Mahabali Shera vs. Kenny King

    Shera ground King twice. King delivers a drop toe hold and rolls into a headlock. Shera powers him down with a body drop and shoulder tackle. He charges King in the corner; King counters with a diving neckbreaker.

    Shera rolls outside where King meets him with a corkscrew crossbody over the top rope! In the ring, King pummels Shera with a clothesline before grounding him again with a headlock. Shera dumps King over his shoulder; King comes back with a spin kick to the back of the head.

    King drops his knee pads, but misses a running double knee. Shera floors King with a bunch of clotheslines and standing vertical suplex. King plants a boot in his face and comes off the top rope. Shera catches him mid-air to deliver the Sky High!

    Result: Mahabali Shera def. Kenny King (Mahabali Shera: 3, Kenny King: 0)



    World Title Series: Group TNA Originals | Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode

    Bobby Roode drives Eric Young into the corner where he delivers a series of hard rights. Roode floors Young with a clothesline before sending him over the top rope. When Young reenters the ring, Roode sets up a Roode Bomb; Young rakes his eyes and delivers a neckbreaker.

    Roode breaks free of a headlock to deliver a dropkick. Young answers with a swinging neckbreaker to briefly regain control. Young’s distracted by the crowd and Roode catches him with an enziguri to the side of the face!

    Roode and Young come to blows until Roode connects with a spinebuster. Roode sets up a fisherman’s suplex; Young counters with a piledriver attempt. Roode counters with a jackknife pin attempt before scaling the turnbuckle. As Roode flies, Young uses Earl Hebner as a shield. The distraction sets up the piledriver.

    Result: Eric Young def. Bobby Roode (Eric Young: 3, Bobby Roode: 0)



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