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    Impact Coverage by Bobby James

    October 8, 2014

    The “It Factor” Bobby Roode opens IMPACT Wrestling.

    Roode says he will not give up on his dream to become the World Heavyweight Champion. Roode calls out Lashley, demanding a direct answer to his challenge for a rematch.

    MVP and Kenny King answer the call. MVP says Roode doesn’t have the right to ask for a rematch and says the answer is no.

    Roode says MVP and Kenny King are content being lackeys for Lashley. That neither man has what it takes to be World Heavyweight Champion. MVP says Roode can have his title opportunity – if he defeats him and Kenny King in a handicap elimination match. MVP stipulates that if Roode loses, he will never challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship for the rest of his career.

    Roode accepts the challenge – and the stipulation.

    Video: Recap of Gail Kim vs. Havok for the Knockout’s Championship.


    Match #1:
    No. 1 Contender’s Match for the Knockout’s Championship
    Angelina Love vs. Taryn Terrell vs. Madison Rayne

    Accompanied by Velvet Sky, Angelina Love enters the ring, followed by Taryn Terrell and Madison Rayne.

    Before the bell, The Beautiful People begin double teaming Taryn Terrell. The bell sounds and Madison rushes into the ring, fending off Angelina Love. Angelina gets the upper hand, until Taryn Terrell hits her with a shoulder block.

    Taryn and Madison hit Angelina with a double suplex before locking up with one another. Taryn makes a pin attempt; Angelina breaks the count. Madison and Taryn attempt to double team Angelina, but Velvet trips Madison, then pulls her to the outside. Angelina drops Taryn with a jawbreaker.

    Angelina charges Taryn in the corner. Taryn sidesteps, causing Angelina to crash shoulder-first into the turnbuckle. Taryn takes the advantage and Madison makes her way back into the match. Taryn fends off Madison, then she climbs the ropes and connects a flying crossbody to both Madison and Angelina.

    Angelina misses a Botox Injection and Taryn drops her with a neckbreaker. Madison sneaks in a roll-up and handful of tights for the win.

    Winner: Madison Rayne

    Post-match: Havok enters the IMPACT Zone. The Beautiful People and Madison Rayne abandon the ring. The Knockout’s Champoin attacks Taryn Terrell.


    Backstage: MVP and Kenny King tell Lashley to have a “thank you” ready for them.

    Video: Recap of Sanada’s transformation into “The Great” Sanada.

    Match #2:
    James Storm and Sanada w/ Manik vs. Low Ki and Tigre Uno

    James Storm starts the match against Low Ki. Storm shows disinterest early and tags in “The Great” Sanada. Sanada and Low Ki lock up. Sanada targets Low Ki’s arm with a submission hold. The crowd chants for Low Ki and he begins to battle back. Low Ki tags Tigre Uno.

    Tigre Uno gets a pin attempt, but a distraction allows Manik to sneak in a neckbreaker, allowing Sanada to make a tag to James Storm. Storm easily commands the match as he drags Tigre Uno to his corner. Storm tags Sanada.

    Sanada maintains the advantage, until Tigre Uno catches him in the back of the head with a stiff kick. Tigre Uno brings in Low Ki who fights off Sanada and James Storm. Low Ki intensely attacks – connecting with a series of punches and a stomp to the gut.

    Manik distracts Low Ki and Storm connects with a backbreaker! Storm attempts a cover, but Low Ki’s out a two. Storm hoists Low Ki into the air and unknown to Storm, Low Ki tags Tigre Uno. The final moments break down into a blur of bodies flying around the ring and Storm connects with a super kick to Tigre Uno. Storm makes the cover for three.

    Winners: James Storm and Sanada

    Backstage: Samuel Shaw says to Gunner: “I’m doing all of this for you!”


    Match #3:
    No Disqualification
    Samuel Shaw vs. Bram

    Samuel Shaw and Bram collide as the opening bell sounds. Samuel shadows Bram after setting up a chair in the corner. Samuel whips Bram toward the chair, but Bram baseball slides out of the ring. Samuel gives chase, but Bram catches Samuel and drives him into the guardrail, then into the ring apron.

    Samuel dodges an attack, and drives Bram headfirst into the ring post. Samuel pulls a chair out from beneath the ring. He stalks Bram around the ring and then begins his assault!

    Samuel tosses a pile of chairs into the ring. When he turns, he’s met by Bram with a Singapore cane! Bram attempts a superplex onto the pile of chairs. Samuel counters with a rolling powerbomb!

    Samuel attempts a submission, but Bram counters, sending Samuel face first into the chair mounted in the corner! When Samuel turns, Bram drives a steel cable into his face, then he makes cover for the pin.

    Winner: Bram

    Post-match: Brittany comes to the ring to cradle Samuel Shaw.

    Backstage: Bobby Roode hypes his match against MVP and Kenny King.


    Backstage: Team 3D says The Wolves are crazy for making their final encounter a Full Metal Mayhem match. The Wolves interrupt. Eddie Edwards says, “To be the team – you gotta beat the team!”

    Match #4:
    Handicap Elimination Match
    Bobby Roode vs. MVP and Kenny King

    MVP and Kenny King start with a double team attack, then they circle and mock Bobby Roode. MVP whips Roode into a spin kick from Kenny King.

    They whip Roode into the ropes, but Roode explodes with a double clothesline. Roode follows-up with a knee to MVP’s mid-section. Roode makes a cover; the count is broken by Kenny King. Roode is tossed from the ring and King and MVP maintain control.

    MVP and Kenny King roll Roode into the ring. MVP holds Roode and King attempts to punch him. Roode ducks and King connects with MVP. King rushes toward Bobby Roode, but he’s tossed him from the ring. MVP connects with a running boot to the face.

    While King recovers outside the ring, Roode battles back and scores a surprise pinfall on MVP! MVP is eliminated. King and Roode’s battle intensifies, but MVP provides interference and distraction at ringside.

    Earl Hebner ejects MVP from ringside. Roode takes advantage in the match, but Kenny King catches Roode with a jawbreaker. King jumps to the top rope and as he flies, Roode catches him and connects with a Roode Bomb!

    Lashley comes out of nowhere to attack Bobby Roode. Kenny King is disqualified and Lashley connects with a spear!

    Winner: Bobby Roode

    Backstage: Ethan Carter III says he’s willing to give Rockstar Spud one more chance to prove his loyalty.


    EC3 enters the ring. He says he’s been in IMPACT Wrestling for one calendar year – and he’s undefeated. EC3 says he’s never been pinned or submitted.

    EC3 says he’s vanquished all who’ve failed him. He demands the presence of Rockstar Spud. Spud emerges from the back. EC3 says Spud has failed him, but that he’ll give him an opportunity tonight.

    Spud says he’s EC3’s best friend. EC3 says prove it.

    Spud says EC3’s favorite color is green – that he likes maids to keep his hotel rooms below 71 degrees – and that he thinks he’s a very good wrestler. EC3 acknowledges Spud’s knowledge, but he says Spud still failed Dixie Carter. He calls Spud a loser – just like the rest of the people.

    Spud says, “Sir, I’m not a loser. I’m Rockstar Spud!”

    EC3 shoves Spud to the ground, then he repeatedly screams “LOSER!” while slapping Spud in the face. Spud retaliates! He slaps EC3! EC3 says, “You’ve got heart kid, I’ll give you that. That’s what makes this so much sweeter. Rockstar Spud – you’re fired.”


    Backstage: MVP says everything worked out just fine. Kurt Angle interrupts and says MVP overstepped his bounds – and that it’ll never happen again. Angle says Roode will battle for the No. 1 Contender’s spot next week.

    Tag Team Championship Match
    Full Metal Mayhem
    The Hardys vs. Team 3D vs. The Wolves (c)

    The bell sounds and Full Metal Mayhem is mayhem to start! Taz and Mike Tenay mention that Davey Richards suffered a break in his leg – and they question whether or not he’ll be 100% in the match. They also note that Devon is competing with a tear in his groin.

    Devon sets up two tables while Bully bounces a chair off of Jeff Hardy. Matt Hardy attempts to climb a ladder, but Bully pulls him from the ladder. Bully tries to climb, but he’s stopped by Davey Richards. Davey attempts to climb and Jeff Hardy makes the save. Devon rushes into the ring and drops Hardy. Devon attempts a go and Matt Hardy pulls him down.

    Eddie Edwards introduces a chair into the ring, but Matt Hardy counters, sending Eddie face-first into the chair. The Wolves regroup and double team Matt Hardy. Davey Richards drops Matt Hardy neck first onto a chair!

    The Wolves attempt to double team Jeff Hardy. They whip Jeff into the ropes and Bully takes the moment to send Davey Richards out of the ring. Bully catches Jeff, then he and Eddie Edwards trade blows. Matt Hardy powers through them both with a clothesline.

    Bully Ray and Matt Hardy superplex Eddie Edwards! Devon takes a piece of steel guardrail and creates a bridge between the ring and the steps. Devon attempts to suplex Davey Richards from the ring, but Davey counters with a headbut.

    Devon falls back onto the guardrail. Davey howls, attempting to climb the turnbuckle. He’s going to fly onto Devon, but Bully interrupts. Bully powerbombs Davey out of the ring, onto the guardrail bridge!!!

    Matt and Jeff double team Bully with a ladder. They attempt to do the same to Eddie Edwards, but Edwards tosses the ladder and it catches Jeff in the face! Devon drops Eddie with a spinebuster – then he fends off The Hardys. Devon attempts to climb the ladder, but Matt Hardy and Eddie Edwards attack him with chairs!

    Jeff hits Bully with a Whisper in the Wind, then he follows up with a Swanton Bomb! Jeff nails Bully with a Twist of Fate just outside the ring. Jeff sets up a table bridge, metal end up. Jeff bounces Bully’s face off the steel steps and then he drapes Bully over the table. Jeff climbs the turnbuckle and leaps for a leg drop.

    Bully movies and Jeff crashes through the table!!!

    Bully rolls into the ring and starts to climb the ladder. Eddie Edwards positions another ladder and tries to climb, but Bully kicks him off the ladder. Matt Hardy does the same thing. Finally, Matt, Bully and Eddie all battle atop the ladder. Matt and Bully double team Eddie Edwards, sending him crashing to the floor!

    Matt and Bully punch one another and both fall from their ladders. Davey reenters the ring. He tries climbing the ladder, but Matt Hardy is there to answer the call. Matt sets up a table before sending Davey Richards to the outside. He slams Davey’s face into the ringpost, then he lays Davey on a table. Matt climbs a ladder and connects with a leg drop, driving Davey Richards through the table!!!

    Devon drives a ladder into the face of Eddie Edwards. He sets up a bigger ladder and starts to climb, but Eddie makes the save. Bully Ray comes into the ring. Team 3D attempts to double team Eddie Edwards. Devon climbs the turnbuckle, but Jeff shoves Devon from the top rope and Devon crashes through two tables on the outside!

    Eddie Edwards begins climbing the ladder. He almost reaches the Tag Team Championships, but Bully tips the ladder and Eddie takes a huge fall and crashes into the guardrail!

    Jeff Hardy takes out Bully. Bully gets laid across two tables on the outside. Jeff climbs to the top of the ladder and Davey Richards pushes it over – sending Jeff Hardy crashing onto Bully Ray!!!

    Davey Richards and Matt Hardy meet atop the ladder. Matt connects with a series of punches. Just as Davey begins to fall, Eddie Edwards makes the save! He powerbombs Matt Hardy through a table while Davey Richards retrieves the titles!

    Winners: The Wolves


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