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    Lockdown Coverage by Bobby James
    February 6, 2015
    Welcome to Lockdown, where every match will be decided inside six sides of steel!

    World Tag Team Championship Match
    The Hardys vs. The Revolution (c)​

    The Hardys enter to excite the “creatures!” They’re followed by the tag team champions, James Storm and Abyss, accompanied by the rest of the Revolution.

    The fight breaks out before the bell – and the Hardys connect with a flurry of offense. Matt and Jeff Hardy dominate the tornado-style tag team match, connecting with dropkicks and aerial assaults.

    Manik climbs inside the cage to interfere. The Hardys double team Manik and handcuff him to the middle rope. However, the distraction allows James Storm to connect with a low blow to Jeff Hardy. Storm charges and pummels Matt Hardy with a club to the head. Then, with Abyss, he double teams Jeff.

    The Revolution shifts the momentum as they drive the Hardys face-first into the cage. Storm and Abyss ram Matt’s face into the cage again, leaving him reeling in reach of Manik. Storm and Abyss shift their focus and close in on Jeff.

    Abyss catapults Jeff Hardy into a DDT from Storm. Matt Hardy regroups and catches Storm with a hard right to the face. Matt charges Abyss and he’s slammed to the mat. Storm stands on the shoulders of Abyss and jumps toward Matt – he connects with a huge elbow drop! Abyss follows up with a splash.

    Jeff connects with a Whisper in the Wind, then the Hardys connect with Twists of Fate! They’re good for a double two-count. Manik takes out Jeff Hardy and Matt misses moonsault. Matt and James Storm meet at the top of the turnbuckle and Matt catches him with Twist of Fate off the ropes!

    Khoya and Sanada pull Matt Hardy through the camera hole in the cage! They slam him into the guardrail and ferociously assault him. Jeff Hardy tries to escape the cage, but Sanada meets him at the top and spits mist in his face, sending Hardy back to the mat where James Storm connects with the Last Call for the win!

    Winners: The Revolution


    Khoya slams Matt Hardy through a table at ringside. Storm and Abyss set up a table in the ring and Manik leaps from top rope – and misses! Jeff rolls out of the way and Manik goes through the table! Jeff fends off Abyss, Storm, Manik and Sanada.

    As he climbs over the tope of the cage, Abyss kicks the door open! Jeff straddles the door and Storm clubs him in the head with a cow bell! Jeff Hardy falls from the door onto the steel stairs!!!



    MVP, Kenny King and Eric Young are in the center of the ring. MVP says the six sides of steel structure is dangerous – but it’s extremely dangerous when The BDC is in it. MVP claims it’ll be a bad night for anyone who opposes the Beat Down Clan.

    Eric Young screams that he’ll make Bobby Roode bleed.

    MVP demands a talk with Kurt Angle. He claims he’s the most reasonable person in Impact Wrestling. Angle answers the call with Austin Aries and Gunner by his side. MVP says he has a proposal for Angle. He says he’s going to give Angle – and his team – an opportunity to save their careers.

    MVP tells Angle to walk away – or he’ll make it so Angle never walks again.

    Angle declines and he, Gunner and Austin Aries rush into the ring. A fight breaks out. Samoa Joe and Low Ki run in – and the numbers game takes over.

    Low Ki traps Gunner’s arm in the cage door – and Samoa Joe smashes the door, and the arm, with a steel chair! The BDC retreats as Gunner writhes in pain on the outside.



    The Cataclysmic Collision
    Havok vs. Awesome Kong​

    The “Empress of Annihilation” Havok enters first. As Kong makes her way to the ring, Havok attacks!

    Kong drops her on the entrance ramp and drags her toward the ring. Kong attempts to drive Havok into the steel stairs, but Havok counters, sending Kong face-first into them instead!

    Kong delivers a stiff kick and a series of rights that send Kong to the arena floor. The bell sounds.

    Havok slams Kong face-first into the side of the cage! As Kong regroups, Havok tears up the floor padding. She lifts Kong, but Kong counters, boxing Havok’s ears. Kong sends Havok flying into the steel steps!

    Kong rolls Havok into the ring and a loud “better than Divas!” chant erupts! Kong and Havok meet face to face in the center of the ring! Havok comes off the ropes and catches Kong with a big boot to the face! Havok makes a cover, but Kong’s out a two!

    They press their faces together once more and attempt to chokeslam one another! Kong attempts an Implant Buster, but Havok counters, sending Kong into the turnbuckle! Havok charges with a shoulder block, but Kong side-steps and Havok runs head-first into the cage!

    Havok recovers quickly and connects with a Harlot Slayer! Kong rises immediately and plants Havok with a chokeslam of her own! Kong climbs the ropes! Havok meets her at the top and nails a series of kicks! Kong tosses her from the top rope. Havok falls hard. Kong leaps and connects with a huge splash for the win!

    Winner: Awesome Kong



    Grudge Match
    Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode​

    The cage door is locked and the bell sounds. Roode yells, “You took everything from me! I’m going to kill you!”

    Roode launches Eric Young with a body drop. Roode and Young attempt to slam one another’s face into the cage. Young succeeds, but as he comes off the ropes, Roode counters with a clothesline. The crowd chants, “We want blood!”

    Eric Young sends Roode into the cage repeatedly before mocking the crowd. Roode is caught between the ropes and the cage and Eric Young connects with a running cross body!

    Young delivers a belly to belly suplex – and follows up with a slam. Young motions to the back and MVP emerges with a chair. MVP slides the chair through the camera hole in the cage.

    Young swings the chair and misses. Roode attempts a Roode Bomb, but Young counters and tries to hit a piledriver! Roode counters, catapulting him into the cage – Young is bleeding!

    Roode sends Young face-first into the cage before connecting with a spinebuster and a two-count. Roode sets Young on the turnbuckle. He attempts a Roode Bomb from the top rope, but Young counters, sending him crashing onto the mat.

    Eric Young dives – and connects – with an elbow drop. Roode’s out a two. Young lays the steel chair across Roode’s face and climbs the ropes. Roode escapes and when Young turns around, he’s hit with a flying chair. Roode drives the chair into Young’s gut, then smashes the chair across his back before planting Eric Young with a Roode Bomb onto the chair!

    Roode get the three.

    Winner: Bobby Roode



    Handicap Match
    Rockstar Spud & Mandrews vs. Tyrus w/ Ethan Carter III​

    As Tyrus makes his way to the ring, EC3 taunts Spud and Mandrews with hair clippers. Mandrews and Spud attack Tyrus as he climbs into the ring, but Tyrus battles back easily. Tyrus squashes Mandrews in the corner before standing on the back of Rockstar Spud!

    Mandrews and Spud get caught in a double chokehold by Tyrus. They counter and connect with a double dropkick! They launch an offensive flurry of dropkicks before making a cover. Tyrus is out a one!

    Tyrus sends Mandrews overhead into the turnbuckle, then he lifts Spud for a powerbomb! Spud grabs the cage and fights out of the hold! He climbs the wall, stands on top of the cage and flies onto Tyrus!

    Spud writhes in pain and Tyrus is down – Mandrews climbs the turnbuckle. EC3 climbs the stairs and spits in Mandrews’ face! Mandrews opens the cage door and EC3 sweeps his leg. Mandrews falls onto the stairs and the back of his head slams onto the second step!!!

    EC3 shoves Mandrews’ face into the cage, distracting Spud. As Spud attempts a rescue, EC3 slams the cage door into Spud’s face! Tyrus drops Spud with a Tongan death grip/chokeslam for the win!

    Winner: Tyrus


    EC3 plugs in the clippers. Before he can start shaving Spud’s head, Jeremy Borash unplugs the clippers and takes off across the arena with EC3 in pursuit.






    Lethal Lockdown
    Team Angle vs. The Beat Down Clan​

    Two participants begin the match; every two minutes, an additional wrestler will enter.

    Kenny King is revealed as the first entrant from The BDC. He meets Gunner from Team Angle.

    King focuses his attack on Gunner’s injured arm. He leads with a series of kicks to the arm. King leaps toward Gunner, but Gunner tosses him into the cage. Gunner rams King into the cage again, on the opposite side, before ripping a trashcan lid from the cage and smacking King in the head.

    Gunner grabs a pipe and starts choking Kenny King. Low Ki enters the match! Gunner counters a rushing Low Ki and then he drives his shoulder into Low Ki’s gut. Kenny King smashes a trashcan lid across Gunner’s lower back. Then, King and Low Ki double team Gunner, using the pipe.

    The 2-on-1 advantage works in the BDC’s favor. King holds Gunner’s arms behind him as Low Ki drives a few stiff kicks across Gunner’s chest. Austin Aries is introduced next – and he flies into the ring, taking out King and Low Ki! Aries’ offense is wild!

    Gunner hoists King onto his shoulders and Aries flies from the turnbuckle with the trashcan lid. Aries attacks King with the pipe and trashcan lid again, as Gunner attacks Low Ki with a tennis racket.

    Low Ki sends Gunner face-first into a chair as Samoa Joe enters the match on behalf of the BDC. Joe crushes Aries and Gunner and their bodies are strewn about the ring. Low Ki and Kenny King hold up Gunner and Joe smashes the trashcan lid across his head.

    Samoa Joe smacks Aries across the back with a hockey stick Kurt Angle makes his way into the ring. Joe catches Angle with a shot to the gut, but Angle counters a swing by Joe with a German suplex.

    The momentums shifts as Angle, Aries and Gunner take control of the match. Gunner uses a kendo stick to choke Samoa Joe, but King breaks the hold as MVP enters Lethal Lockdown!

    Angle catches MVP with a German suplex, but when Angle rises, Joe puts him down with a clothesline.

    Low Ki and Joe stuff Gunner into a trashcan! Low Ki stomps on the can as MVP tosses Austin Aries into the cage! Low Ki and Joe again place the trashcan over Gunner’s head as they hold him in the corner – MVP kicks the can into Gunner’s face!

    Angle is up – and he smashes a trashcan lid across the face of every BDC member! When Angle turns around, Joe meets him with a hard shot with the kendo stick. Joe and Low Ki hoist Aries to his feet and place the trashcan over his head – Kenny King kicks the can!

    Lashley’s music hits! Lashley climbs into the ring and extends his hand to MVP. MVP and Lashley shake hands, but Lashley clubs him with a huge clothesline. Lashley demolishes the BDC!

    Kenny King grabs Lashley’s ankle and MVP pounces on him with a series of rights. MVP chokes Lashley in the corner. Gunner is laid out in the center of the ring and Joe crashes onto a trashcan that MVP holds above Gunner.

    Joe lifts Angle for a muscle buster, but Angle counters into an Ankle Lock! Aries locks in the Last Chancery on Low Ki and Lashley crashes into MVP with a huge spear! Lashley makes the cover and the pin.

    Winners: Team Angle



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