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    Impact Coverage by Bobby James
    April 3, 2015 | “Bell To Bell”

    Submission Match | Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young

    Eric Young addresses his final match with Bobby Roode, saying it will be the last of Roode’s “pathetic career.” Eric Young vows to bend Bobby Roode to his will, forcing him into submission.

    Roode charges into the ring; he and Eric Young collide. They brawl to the outside. Roode uses the guardrail to his advantage, until Eric Young rakes the eyes. In the ring, Roode attempts a crossface, but Young escapes, retreating beyond the ring.

    Roode clubs Young from behind and locks in a crossface on the ramp!

    Brian Hebner directs the action to be taken back into the ring. Roode tweaks his knee, but is still able to manage with a diving neckbreaker and spinebuster. Roode mounts Young in the corner and drills him with a series of rights.

    Young shoves Roode from the ropes – and capitalizes on the injured leg with a leg bar. Roode reaches the bottom rope and Hebner breaks the hold. Roode escapes to the outside, but Young rushes up from behind and takes out the knee.

    Young continues targeting Roode’s knee, using the ring post for leverage. Young rolls Roode into the ring and then he misses a dropkick. Roode attempts a Boston Crab. Young counters and charges toward Roode. Roode catches him with a crossface!

    Young reaches the rope. Roode ducks a clothesline and sinks into a Boston Crab. Again, Eric Young reaches the ropes and Roode is sent to the outside. Young slams Roode face, then knee first into the steps.

    Eric Young gains the upper hand in a striking exchange by sending Roode to the mat. Young locks in a figure four leg lock! Roode reverses the hold, but it’s broken. Young is sent crashing into Hebner, and then Roode locks in another crossface!

    Eric Young taps, but the referee never sees it. Young takes Roode down again before locking in a second figure four! Bobby Roode taps out!

    Winner: Eric Young



    The Wolves enter the Impact Zone. Davey Richards carries both tag team championships as Eddie Edwards emerges on crutches.

    Edwards tells Jeremy Borash that wrestling is a dangerous sport. He recalls landing wrong outside the ring and knowing immediately that something was wrong. He confirms having a fractured heel.

    Edwards says his injury will sideline him for an indefinite amount of time – and that The Wolves are unable to defend the World Tag Team Championships. Borash asks Richards if there is anyone to fill Edwards’ spot in the interim.

    Davey Richards declines, saying that without Eddie Edwards, there will be no Wolves. He says The Wolves will relinquish that tag titles. Richards vows that The Wolves will hunt down the championships when Edwards is healthy.

    Richards concludes by saying, “This hunt never dies!”

    Backstage: Christy Hemme interviews Lashley about his rematch against Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.



    Knockout’s Match | Angelina Love vs. Gail Kim

    Angelina says she’s been blessed with great looks, but that she’s also a great competitor. She mentions being a six-time Knockout’s Champion - and says that she’s just as good, if not better, than Gail Kim.

    She drops the mic. and takes a cheap shot on Gail. The bell sounds. Angelina grounds Gail and follows up with a crossbody. Gail counters a hip toss and clothesline and sends Angelina flying into the corner with a dropkick.

    Angelina counters a submission hold with a backbreaker that she follows up with a second, more painful looking backbreaker. Angelina trips Gail on the ropes and connects with a running dropkick before delivering a neckbreaker from the middle rope.

    Angelina tosses Gail from the ring and drives her into the apron with a shoulder block. She follows up by tossing Gail into the stairs. Angelina attempts to send Gail into the steps again, but Gail counters with a Side Russian Leg Sweep that sends Angelina into the apron!

    Both women climb back into the ring at the referee’s 9-count. Gail unleashes a flurry of offense that culminates with a missile dropkick from the top rope. Gail earns a two-count. She attempts the Eat Defeat, but Angelina counters.

    Gail grabs Angelina’s arm and attempts to scale the ropes for a hurricanrana. Angelina counters by pulling Gail from the ropes; Gail crashes! Angelina connects with the Botox Injection. At the two-count, Gail gets her foot on the rope.

    Angelina misses a second Botox Injection, allowing Gail to connect with Eat Defeat and the pin.

    Winner: Gail Kim



    Falls Count Anywhere | Bram vs. Magnus

    Magnus and Bram brawl in the center of the ring. Bram’s sent to the outside, where Magnus lands a stiff kick to the face. Magnus drives Bram into the guardrail and ring apron. Bram tries creating separation, but Magnus’ retribution won’t be denied.

    Magnus battles Bram to the top of the ramp and drops him onto the stage. Magnus attempts a powerbomb that Bram counters with a low blow and a body slam of his own. Bram changes the complexion of the match by driving Magnus face-first into the guardrail and ring apron.

    Magnus is rolled back into the ring. Bram charges toward Magnus, but he counters with a diving dropkick. Unable to capitalize, Bram connects with a jumping spin kick and scores a two-count. Bram retrieves a chair from outside the ring and his assault begins.

    Magnus rolls to the arena floor. Bram gives chase and is driven into the ring post for his efforts. Magnus reaches for Bram, but with a handful of tights, Bram sends Magnus face-first into the stairs. Bram smashes Magnus’ face into the stairs again before rolling him back into the ring.

    Bram whips Magnus across the ring; Magnus counters with a clothesline. Magnus and Bram trade blows with Magnus positioned on the top rope. Magnus grabs a handful of Bram’s beard, using the leverage to score a tornado DDT.

    With both men down, Mickie James rushes to ringside. When Magnus sees her, he pleads with her to leave. She refuses, and the distraction allows Bram to launch an assault with the chair.

    Bram unfolds the chair and places it around Magnus’ neck. He drives Magnus into the ring post. Magnus collapses. Bram drapes Magnus over the ring stairs. He appears poised to smash the chair across the back of Magnus’ head, but he becomes distracted with threatening Mickie James.

    As he approaches, Mickie retreats into the ring. Bram backs her into the corner. James Storm rushes from backstage to stand between them. He screams to Bram, “You don’t hit a woman!”

    Storm escorts Mickie out of harm’s way, by which time Magnus is back in the ring, poised to furiously unload on Bram. Magnus scores a near fall. Bram reaches a chair and smashes it into Magnus’ face.

    Mickie James returns to ringside as Bram connects with the Brighter Side of Suffering onto the chair! Mickie cheers Magnus on, and he battles back, connecting with three powerbombs!

    Winner: Magnus




    Backstage: Kurt Angle says there’s no one better than him.

    Backstage: Low Ki discusses his time in Japan with Mike Tenay.

    TNA World Heavyweight Championship | Lashley vs. Kurt Angle (c)

    Lashley and Angle shake hands at the bell.

    Lashley powers Angle to the mat, but Angle hooks in a side headlock. Angle breaks the hold and comes off the ropes, only to be overpowered by Lashley. Lashley grounds Angle with a headlock of his own. Angle escapes, to the outside to regroup.

    Angle and Lashley exchange holds again. Lashley again overpowers Angle, but Angle evades any holds and turns the grounding into a hammerlock. Both men reach their feet again and lock up in the center of the ring.

    Angle drops Lashley with a belly-to-belly suplex that he follows up with a German suplex. Lashley stumbles backwards and Angle charges with a clothesline that sends Lashley to the outside.

    Lashley drags Angle outside and uses the ring apron to his advantage. He rolls Angle into the ring and drives him into the turnbuckle with a spear. Lashley locks in a bear hug. Angle battles out – but he’s grounded by a knee to the gut.

    Lashley locks in another bear hug, before dropping a knee to Angle’s spine and slapping on the hold again. Angle breaks the hold, but he’s grounded again with a boot to the face. Lashley backs Angle up to the ropes and drills him with a series of kicks and elbow shots to the head.

    Coming off the opposite ropes, Lashley charges Angle, but he’s sent over the top rope. Lashley re-enters the ring and a trade of shots ensues. Angle drops Lashley with a German suplex, but Lashley counters a second suplex with a spinebuster!

    Lashley makes a cover; Angle’s out at two. Lashley misses a shot to the face and Angle comes up with two more German suplexes. Using the ropes for leverage, Lashley breaks Angle’s hold and power slams the Olympic gold medalist.

    Lashley attempts a spear, which Angle side-steps. Angle connects with another belly-to-belly suplex and three more German suplexes and an Angle Slam! Angle covers Lashley for a very near fall!

    Angle slaps on an ankle lock! Lashly crawls, reaching for the bottom rope. Just before he can reach, Angle drags him back to the center of the ring! Lashley rolls through the hold, sending Angle to the outside.

    Lashley sends Angle crashing into the steel stairs, where he repeatedly smashes Angle’s face. Lashley drops Angle throat-first onto the guardrail! He rolls Angle back inside. Lashley prepares for a spear – that connects!

    Angle just gets his shoulder up before three! Lashley ascends the ropes, but Angle catches him at the top. Lashley falls, straddling the ropes. Angle capitalizes and connects with an Angle Slam from the second rope!

    Angle heads up the turnbuckle; he misses a moonsault. Lashley locks in an ankle lock of his own! Angle rolls through, sending Lashley into the turnbuckle. Lashley stumbles backwards and Angle rolls him up for the win.

    Winner: Kurt Angle

    Post-match: A video replay shows that Lashley’s shoulders weren’t pinned to the mat.



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