IMPACT Results: World Title Match, GFW & TNA Power Struggle, Beautiful People Reunite and more!

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    [​IMG]Impact Coverage by Bobby James
    September 2, 2015 | Hostile Takeover

    Hostile Takeover

    “On June 24, 2015, hell truly froze over when Jeff Jarrett walked back into TNA Wrestling.” –Jeff Jarrett

    Jarrett claims to have lived and breathed TNA for over a decade. He references his departure and “sincere” return – to TNA, the King of the Mountain match and Hall of Fame. He says the TNA-GFW super show was wildly successful, and just a taste of what could be.

    Karen speaks, claiming to have done what needed to be done to get Jeff what he deserved. She names Chris “The Adonis” Mordetzky as the man behind the attacks on Bully Ray and Drew Galloway.

    Jeff thanks her for her support – and for setting the wheels in motion for a corporate “hostile takeover.”

    Chris Mordetzky issues an open challenge to anyone from the Impact locker room. Lashley answers the call.

    [​IMG]Open Challenge | Chris Mordetzky vs. Lashley

    Lashley overpowers Mordetzky at the opening bell. They reach a stalemate broken only by a series of back elbows from Mordetzky. Lashley counters a Mordetzky Lock with a full nelson slam, but Lashley is soon on defense again following a rake to the eyes.

    Lashley sends Mordetzky over the top rope and then flying from the apron with a huge right. Mordetzky crashes into the guardrail; moments later, Lashley’s sent into the stairs. Mordetzky connects with a butterfly suplex and pin attempt.

    Lashley powers out and then they take one another down with a double clotheline, which Lashley follows with a release German suplex and shoulder block into the turnbuckle. Mordetzky side-steps a spear and plants Lashley with a spinebuster.

    Lashley comes back with a vertical suplex, after which Mordetzky attempts a second Mordetzky Lock. Lashley counters with a running power slam and spear – but then the GFW roster attacks.

    Result: Lashley def. Chris Mordetzky (via DQ)

    Post-match: The Wolves rush to Lashley’s aid, but the numbers advantage takes hold, leaving GFW standing tall. Jeff asks Karen to bring out the surprise…


    [​IMG]Karen Jarrett’s Surprise

    Karen emerges with a Feast or Fired briefcase (No. 3). She says their friend Magnus gave it to her; Jeff tells Earl Hebner that they’re cashing in.

    Hebner refuses to cash in the briefcase; the Jarretts attack and dispose of him.

    Lei’D Tapa drags Brian Stiffler to the ring and Jeff forces him to ring the bell. GFW’s Trevor Lee and Brian Myers begin their assault.

    TNA Tag Team Championships Match | Trevor Lee and Brian Myers vs. The Wolves (c)

    Eddie Edwards kicks out of a pin attempt by Trevor Lee at the opening bell. Edwards attempts to mount some offense, but he’s powered down with a dropkick followed by another near fall.

    Brian Myers catches Edwards with a huge slam before tagging Lee back into the match. Edwards maneuvers Lee into a single leg Boston Crab. Myers tries to intervene, but he’s countered by Davey Richards who applies a Texas cloverleaf.

    Sonjay Dutt causes a distraction and Richards and Myers distract Stiffler as Trevor Lee cracks Eddie Edwards in the skull with the Feast or Fired briefcase! Lee scores the pin, crowning new tag team champions.

    Result: Trevor Lee and Brian Myers def. The Wolves (via pinfall)

    Backstage: Bobby Roode vows to defeat PJ Black for the King of the Mountain Championship


    An Interview with The Champ

    Jeremy Borash interviews TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Ethan Carter III.

    Carter tells a tale about growing up knowing “The Hardy Boys Mysteries.” He says instead of reading their story though, he created his own. He tells of a moment in his story when he, in “God Mode,” defeated Matt Hardy: “They said Matt Hardy would never die – but his aspirations for the World Title did at the hands of EC3.”

    Carter tells Jeff Hardy to get ready to do the work.

    Backstage: Dixie Carter arrives at the arena.

    King of the Mountain Championship | PJ Black (c) vs. Bobby Roode

    Roode and Black battle to the outside where “The ‘It’ Factor” of professional wrestling takes charge. Roode sends Black into the barricade. Black rolls into the ring where he and Roode exchange a series of chops.

    Black sends Roode outside with a superkick before launching himself between the ropes with two connecting suicide dives. Black tears a “Darewolf PJ Black” sign from the hands of a child before nailing Roode with a springboard elbow.

    Roode connects with a diving neckbreaker from the ropes. He and Black engage in another exchange, which sees Roode capitalize with a spinebuster and near fall. Roode sets up for a Roode Bomb that’s ultimately countered with a reverse DDT.

    Black scores two near falls with a tornado DDT and springboard moonsault. Roode counters a second springboard moonsault and locks in the cross face. Sonjay Dutt rushes to ringside, causing a distraction. Black rolls up Roode; Roode’s out at two.

    Roode cinches in another cross face, Dutt attempts interference, but Drew Galloway emerges from the crowd. Galloway dropkicks Dutt as PJ Black reaches the ropes! Roode catches Black off the ropes with a Roode Bomb for three!

    Result: Bobby Roode def. PJ Black (via pinfall) – new champion

    Post-match: Jeff Jarrett and the GFW roster storm the ring, sending Roode into retreat. Jarrett addresses Dixie Carter by telling her that he’s not leaving until his hostile takeover is successful – until he’s regained what she stole. Dixie enters the Impact Zone…


    [​IMG]A Jarrett-Dixie Clash

    Dixie tells Jeff to own up to his mistakes – and to remember that he left TNA – that he removed himself from power. She says she won’t allow a takeover because she’s been around since day one, fighting a fight that continues to this day.

    Dixie says Jeff taught her a lot about wrestling, but that he taught her more about ego. She says when you lead with ego and don’t get your way, “You just take your ball and go home – just like what you did to TNA!”

    Jeff stands his ground, saying that his ownership stake means there’s nothing Dixie can do. She says she’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse – and offer that gets rid of her or him, permanently. She proposes a “Winner Take All” match: Her majority stake vs. his stake.

    Jeff says he has an entire team behind him before questioning who Dixie has behind her. Drew Galloway emerges. He says if Jarrett wants a hostile takeover, he’ll have to go through the TNA roster. The Wolves join Galloway; they’re followed by Lashley. Galloway tells him to prepare the white flag of surrender.


    [​IMG]The King of the Night

    “In case you don’t know – or in case you just slow, I’m the ‘King’ of the night.”

    King recaps his identity for the past year. He says he doesn’t want to sucker punch wrestlers who aren’t looking, that he doesn’t want to take orders or be involved in numbers games. He says he wants to reinstitute “Open Fight Night.”

    Bram answers the challenge.

    Singles Match | Kenny King vs. Bram

    King and Bram meet on the ramp. Bram overpowers King until he gets him in the ring, at which point the opening bell sounds. King sends Bram outside before launching himself over the top rope with a corkscrew dive.

    Bram’s positioned against the guardrail when King flies off the stairs. Bram catches him mid-air with a clothesline before pummeling him in the ring. Bram appears unstoppable until King drops him with a series of kicks. King misses a springboard senton, allowing Bram to connect with the Brighter Side of Suffering.

    Result: Bram def. Kenny King (via pinfall)

    An Interview with the Challenger

    Jeremy Borash interviews The Hardys.

    Jeff Hardy says life is made of family, moments and dreams – not popularity, fame or money. Matt Hardy says EC3 loves playing the manipulator, but that his manipulation is a mask for fear. Matt says neither he, nor his dream will die.


    Velvet Enters the Dollhouse

    Velvet says the landscape in TNA is constantly evolving, like the Knockouts’ Division.

    She says the division is currently overrun by Taryn’s little monsters, the Dollhouse. Velvet vows to make Taryn regret ever having met her. She says no more games and demands Taryn’s presence.

    Taryn appears on the screen, saying that her doctors advised her to remain calm, but that Velvet is the one who will regret their meeting. Taryn cites being compared to Velvet since her arrival in TNA and, until now, they haven’t crossed paths because she’d destroy her – on every level.

    Taryn claims to be a star with multiple magazine, television and movie appearances. This is especially true when compared to Velvet’s “just stumbled out of a Hot Topic” appearance. Taryn says, “This is my house – and now you must play with my Dollhouse.”

    Dollhouse surrounds the ring. Jade, Rebel and Marti Bell corner Velvet. Velvet engages, but the numbers game quickly takes hold. With Velvet down, Angelina Love and Madison Rayne rush to her aid and The (reunited) Beautiful People send Dollhouse into retreat!


    [​IMG]TNA World Heavyweight Championship | Matt Hardy vs. Ethan Carter III (c)

    Carter and Hardy lock up in the center of the ring. EC3 pulls himself between the ropes to force the break. Hardy battles out of a headlock and begins to dominate the match, ultimately sending EC3 through the ropes to the floor.

    Carter regains control and returns the action to the ring where he presses Hardy with a slam. Carter misses an elbow drop from the turnbuckle, but Hardy’s offense is countered with a sleeper hold.

    Hardy breaks the hold with a jawbreaker before planting EC3 with a running bulldog. Hardy connects with an elbow from the turnbuckle and a Side Effect. He attempts a Twist of Fate, but EC3 counters by shoving him into the official. The official goes down and then Hardy delivers the Twist of Fate.

    The crowd chants the count, but there’s no referee to make it official. Tyrus nails Hardy with a cheap shot before Carter delivers a title shot to the face! Carter makes the cover, but Hardy just kicks out before three!

    Carter reaches for the title a second time; Jeff pries it from his grasp and takes a shot of his own. Matt catches Carter with a schoolboy and a two count. Carter’s out and sets up the One Percenter. Hardy counters and they butt heads; they’re both down.

    Tyrus again attempts to involve himself, but Jeff takes him out with a chair shot! The distraction allows Carter to catch Hardy with a swinging neckbreaker; Hardy’s out at two! Matt Hardy delivers a tornado DDT; Carter’s out a two!

    Carter counters another Twist of Fate, but then attempts a Twist of Fate of his own. Matt shoves Carter toward the official. EC3 catches himself and drills Hardy with a low blow before sealing his victory with a sunset flip.

    Result: Ethan Carter III def. Matt Hardy (via pinfall)

    Post-match: Carter demands that Jeff Hardy raise his hand in victory.



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