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Impact held their Sacrifice event last Saturday night (Feb. 22) from Louisville, KY. Sacrifice was a special for the Impact Plus app. The main event was a champ vs champ contest between Impact World Champion Tessa Blanchard and X-Division Champion Ace Austin, although, no gold was up for grabs. Also included is a bonus video of the 5 greatest matches all-time from Sacrifice.

The contest between the World Champion and X-Division Champion was set up during weekly TV episodes when Ace Austin interrupted Tessa Blanchard’s congratulatory promo. He mentioned how he defeated her when winning an X-Division ladder match. Ace also acted sleazy to get under Tessa’s skin. That led to various tag bouts over the weeks and the singles main event at Sacrifice.

This was a non-title affair with neither belt on the line. The contest went close to 20 minutes in duration. It began with a test of strength that Ace tried to use to hug up close and steal a kiss. Tessa slapped him in response.

The two fought hard in the early going, but Ace was more in control. He committed a strategic error to fire up Tessa when he used a playing card to paper cut between her fingers. That led to three consecutive suicide dives from Tessa.

.@Tess_Blanchard vs. @The_Ace_Austin was a superb Champion vs. Champion main event. #Sacrifice is AVAILABLE NOW on demand on @IMPACTPlusApp: Sacrifice 2020! | IMPACT Plus

— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) February 23, 2020
The battle raged on. The beginning of the end had close calls on pin covers. Tessa kicked out after jumping into a spinning kick and also kicked out after a springboard leg drop bulldog. Ace kicked out after a spike DDT and a Canadian Destroyer in succession.

For the finish, the two dueled on the turnbuckles. Tessa got the upper hand by dropping down to crush Ace’s throat against the top rope. Tessa went for the pin and got the win.

The big question for Tessa coming out of Sacrifice is who will be next. Impact’s next PPV will be Rebellion on April 19 from NYC. Eddie Edwards and Michael Elgin are currently competing in a best-of-5 series for the Call Your Shot Trophy. Both men have declared their intention to cash in at Rebellion. Sami Callihan has a rematch waiting, but he has been in hiding as of late. We can’t count out Moose. He beat Rhino at Sacrifice. Perhaps he is in line to move up the card. Tessa’s feud with Ace does not appear to be over either. Due to her win, she will get an X-Division title shot on tonight’s episode of Impact.

.@The_Ace_Austin has DEMANDED another match against @Tess_Blanchard, this time with the title on the line.

Well he'll get it TOMORROW at 8/7c on @AXSTV - with the X-Division Championship on the line! #IMPACTonAXSTV

— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) February 25, 2020
The other match of note from Sacrifice was for the Knockouts Championship. Jordynne Grace had her first title defense against Havok. Havok was coming into this bout undefeated since returning to Impact.

This contest went under five minutes. Havok worked Grace’s shoulder and back. Grace’s strategy was to sink in sleeper holds when possible. For the finish, Grace locked in the choke for the third time, but Havok dropped backwards to the mat to smash Grace and break the hold. Havok woozily sat up. Grace would not be denied as she snatched Havok’s back for the fourth time. Havok passed out. Grace retained the Knockouts title.

One thing that stood out from that clip is the referee’s reaction, or lack thereof. With the common knowledge of MMA, the referee should have broken the hold before calling for the bell. Grace kept it locked in well after Havok went unconscious. That could have caused serious harm to Havok, you know if this was a real fight.

Sacrifice quick results:

Tessa Blanchard defeated Ace Austin via top rope throat crusher.

Moose defeated Rhino via spear through a table. Moose was disqualified early on after a low blow, but Rhino wanted to restart the match as no disqualification.

Jordynne Grace retained the Knockouts Championship against Havok via sleeper hold.

Joey Ryan defeated Johnny Swinger via Sweet Tooth Music.

Daga defeated Jake Crist via modified gutbuster.

Acey Romero & Larry D defeated Dave Crist & Madman Fulton. Larry pinned Crist after a pounce from Acey Baby.

Willie Mack defeated Jay Bradley via frog splash.

Kiera Hogan defeated Ray Lyn via swinging fisherman neckbreaker.

The North retained the Tag Team Championship against the Rascalz after a ref bump and interference from Rohit Raju. Josh Alexander pinned Zachary Wentz on a teamwork finisher.

Rohit Raju defeated Corey Storm via flying double stomp to the back.
Impact posted a bonus video to hype Sacrifice. Here are the 5 greatest matches in the history of that event.

5. Sting vs Kurt Angle vs Christian Cage (2007)
4. Christian Cage vs Abyss (2006)
3. RVD vs Bobby Roode (2012)
2. Chris Harris vs James Storm (2007)
1. AJ Styles v Samoa Joe (2005)

Are you impressed by Tessa Blanchard’s continued success? Who would you like to see her wrestle at Rebellion?

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