Impact Impact: United We Stand

Kassius HoHo

Prince of Joshi
Damn decent Show from United We Stand I felt. Ace Austin came off like a Star in the Ultimate X Match, which to me had the wrong winner in Johnny Impact. The dude is already fucking Impact World Champion, why does he need a X-Division Title shot? Oh well Fox and Ace Austin looked great in defeat they better stay with Impact or get signed long term I feel.

Team Impact vs Lucha Underground. Fuck you Moose for doing nothing and then screwing over your teammates. Easiest payday ever:rofl:

Impact Knockouts Championship Match. Su Yung got Rosemary away from the fight when it got tough, Forbes was just there as a talent, and Grace did all the work helping Taya ninja herself her way to a win. Safe to say a terrible Match I felt.

LAX vs Promociones Dorado. A good Match as LAX spent a portion of the match laying into Martinez before Low Ki would blind tag to even things up. This was followed up by a fun back and forth between the teams until Ortiz puts Martinez down with a Death Valley Driver.

Tessa Blanchard vs Joey Ryan. Just like Tessa merked Joey before the Match in a Promo, she beat Joey like she should of in this Match. Both Wrestlers kept the fans engaged, while both getting the stuff they wanted to get in and Joey antics weren't enough to beat one of the best Women Wrestlers in the business today. Good for her.

Swann vs Flamita. Fast-paced action between these two, as you would expect. A series of reversals leads to Flamita hitting a 619 corner spot and a Tope con Ciro on Swann in the early going. Eventually, we’d see a Tiger Driver and Spanish Fly from Flamita, with Swann bursting out with a Lethal Injection, Frankensteiner and Phoenix Splash to wrap things up.

A fun, spirited match from the X-Division.

Sami Callihan vs. Jimmy Havoc. Sick as fuck as it should of been, even to the point we saw Lemons being used to torture the other guy in the Match. As payback, Havoc would deliver a series of paper cuts to Callihan’s hands, mouth, and feet – eventually pouring tons of salt on said wounds. These spots drew huge laughs and reactions from the Rahway crowd.

Callihan would eventually put Havoc down with a piledriver on two chairs.

Lucha Bros vs RVD/Sabu. The visual of Rob Van Dam, Sabu, and Pentagon Jr. in the same ring, alone, was worth the price of admission. The match essentially worked around the crowd participating in duelling “Rob-Van-Dam!” and “Cero Miedo” chants before the match kicked into gear.

The action that followed wasn’t necessarily impressive, beyond a cool double-team table spot from RVD and Sabu onto the Lucha Brothers. With the match starting after 1 AM EST, between a 1:30 AM EST end time, it was unfortunate to see a dream match get rushed due to time. Sabu took the fall from Pentagon’s Spike Fear Factor finisher for the win.

Considering the stacked card leading into the show, I’ll say that the show was pretty decent. The matches, on the whole, did just what they needed to do. The bigger matches, such as Blanchard/Ryan, Havoc/Callihan, and the main event, had the crowd on their feet and reacting most of the time. It was the later time constraints that ultimately affected the show. But on a weekend when so many events are overlapping, it wasn’t much of a surprise.

Regardless, Impact Wrestling put a good forward in presenting a solid show on wrestling’s biggest weekend.
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