IMPACT Wrestling 1/9 Discussion: Magnus vs. AJ Styles [Winner Takes All]

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  1. Thursday


    Spike TV



    Magnus vs. AJ Styles

    Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode's Handpicked Opponent

    Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle's Handpicked Opponent

    Ethan Carter III. vs. Samoa Joe

    The Bro-Mans vs. Eric Young & Joseph Park

    Plus, set to appear:
    - Sting
    - James Storm
    - Gunner
    - Bad Influence
    - Zema Ion
    - Gail Kim

    *one more match, Jan. 16th*

    *two titles, one true champion*

  2. So I guess Angle picks Storm to be Roode's opponent and Gunner to Angle's opponent? Magnus vs Styles should rock, I remember their last match-up in the tournament and it was the match of the night.
  3. Should be a good episode.
  4. If Park & Young defeat the Bro-Mans, they become the #1 contenders for the Tag Team Championships.

  5. Btw, Kerrang looks so sliver here

  6. AJ Styles vs Magnus should be a great match. I'm excited about it.
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  7. Kurt's got his rape face on there. He's ready to go.
  8. Amazing how this show is so inconsistent, some storylines kick ass while others are so lackluster. Ahh, well. EC3 and Joe should be interesting and Roode/Kurt stuff is always top notch + we're guaranteed a Roode promo. Would be unable to wait for AJ and Magnus but if it wasn't for all the news about AJ, damn you dirtsheets putting a damper on things.

    Angle vs Storm seems likely, but geez I hope they have something better in mind...
  9. I see EY/Park winning the belts at Genesis, and probably EC3/Spud taking it from them maybe not that who knows?

  10. Inconsistency and mediocrity are TNA's wheelhouse. Their market: socially inept fat dudes who don't get pussy. That type will accept those traits and defend it to the death.
  11. This episode looks like it's be awesome, although TNA do need to work on the tag team division and X Division, they've fallen down a lot since late 2012 (aka when I first started watching). I hope that EC3 finally gets a convincing win over Joe, because he looks like a joke when he's beating old referees and all. Oh, and I can see EC3 forcing Sting to tag with him for the tag team title shot in the near future.

    On a side note, it's obvious that the hand-picked opponents will be Gunner and Storm.
  13. It seriously can't be as predictable as breaking up that tag match, could it?
    Hmmm... what if, lets say they had Roode's old buddy Sabin face Kurt while we get the wet dream match of Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode?
  14. Nothing makes me cum in my sleep like Aries v Roode.
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  15. AJ Styles all the way!
  16. Tonight could be a historic night.

    1. This might be AJ Styles' last match in TNA Wrestling
    2. This might also be a last TNA TV show from the Universal Studios, and AJ Styles would be the one wrestling last ever match in it

    History to possibly be written tonight.
  17. [​IMG]

    I'm ready for Impact is everyone else for this great show to come?!
  18. We are live brother, jack, dude :hogan:
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  19. You want em Dixie, YOU GOT EM AJ..STYLES!
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