IMPACT Wrestling 12/26 Discussion: Monster's Ball Returns

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Dec 24, 2013.

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  1. Thursday


    Spike TV


    * Special look at the new champion Magnus - the first British World Heavyweight Champion in 108 years

    * Fallout from Final Resolution including Jeff Hardy, EC3 and Rockstar Spud

    * Monster's Ball match: Joseph Park vs. Bad Influence

    * Knockouts match: ODB vs. Lei'D Tappa

    * TNA president Dixie Carter to make a special announcement

    * Also to appear:
    - Knockouts champion Gail Kim
    - Tag Team champions The Bro-Mans
    - #1 contender Gunner
    - "The Icon" Sting
    - "The Cowboy" James Storm
    - Bully Ray

  2. Should be a very good Impact Monsters Ball match could get nuts, JANICE!
  3. Yes, JANICE!


    This entire Joey Park thing is silly and boring for months now, but I gotta say I marked for this moment last week. Hopefully the Monster's Ball ends up being a fun match.
  4. I'm like a week or two behind (I'm in the UK and will watch Final Resolution soon) but wow, TNA is going bold. I'd like to see them build up their failing Tag Team division, seeing as how their best tag team, Bad Influence, are feuding with Joseph Park and Eric Young, who are actually a decent Tag Team on their own. The Bro-Mans are awesome, along with Zema Ion, and they need to be feuding with something to bring back the Tag Team prestige - y'know, WWE stepped up their own Tag Team division a long time ago and look at how we all love to see the Rhodes Bros every week and at PPVs. Also, if I'm guessing right, EC3 will feud with Sting now? I've seen when Sting confronted him, and then when EC3 got the briefcase (and I saw the video where EC3 gets the tag team title shot) so I reckon it'll be EC3 and Sting vs The Bro-Mans resulting in another entertaining Tag Team (helps my first point) and builds for the eventual EC3 vs Sting match itself. I'm enjoying the little bits of X-Division we've had recently, but honestly I would like to see an Aries vs Sabin vs King feud or even see more of Manik. Gunner and Storm are having issues, and I bet Gunner's #1 contender match will be used to spark their feud. So all in all, TNA are doing well (considering a month or two ago we had A&8s all the time) but they'll need to really build up their midcard in 2014 in order to thrive.
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  5. All blood spilled will be donated to the Red Cross:ksi:
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  6. Looking forward to **Introduces the company in royalty** "The Best In The World" and it's **Continues royal treatment** Greatest of greatest of greatest athletes in the business today! Hey I know I am a bit overdoing it but why not be so confident when it shows me every week why it is "the best in the world" sure it's not on every night but I love it anyway, always anxious to watch on Thursday Nights.... Austin Aries and sting are my top two favorites, and Magnus is awesome to 'The Mag Daddy'.... "Are You Wearing Sunglass lad? Are you wearing sunglass my friends because it just got a bit brighter in here!" - promo after title win (after show). #BestInTheWorldAwaits
  7. The last Impact of 2013, peddle to the meddle ladies and gentlemen let's go!
  8. @El Homo, could you make this live?
  9. Spud and that haircut, secretly wants to be a Women I bet.
  10. Haha, this is the first time in a long time I'm glad to see Hardy.
  11. Spud about to feel that twist of fate lol.
  12. Threads live.
  13. Magnus's shooting on his career love it.
  14. Thanks, it's been on for a good forty minutes. You didn't really miss anything besides the opening segment, and Storm/Gunner.
  15. Damn Bully Ray lost Brooke it seems, now he's truly losing it!
  16. :angry:Where is AUSTIN ARIES? The Greatest isn't even seen.... :((
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  17. I think Park needs EY fast for motivating, damn theirs a orgy or weapons in the ring use them all fellas.
  18. "when you mess with my business,
    you mess with her business and that's not
    a business you want to be in" way to go Gail KIM!!!!
  19. Sabin you'll lose to the greatest man that ever lived, play with Velvet now.
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