IMPACT Wrestling 8/22 - Live Discussion: Mafia vs. Aces

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  1. Tape date: 8/15
    Air date: 8/22
    Place: Norfolk, VA
    TEAM vs. TEAM (loser of the fall is gone from TNA): Aces & 8s vs. Main Event Mafia​
    BFG SERIES STREET FIGHT: Christopher Daniels vs. Jay Bradley vs. Joseph Park vs. Hernandez​
    NON TITLE X DIVISION MATCH: Manik vs. Sonjay Dutt​
    Also appearing: World Champion Bully Ray, Tito Ortiz, Tag Team Champs James Storm & Gunner, and E.G.O.​

  2. Looking forward to it.
  3. I'm glad you made the LD this week, always need a break.I can't have all the fun, but here's hoping my guess in the MEM vs Aces and Eights is the man, we all want but I wonder if TNA will make that risk.
  4. I managed to find some spoilers for the results (I never even go looking for them, they just find me :emoji_slight_frown:) and the least I can say is, it's quite a surprising show. But there needs to be more emphasis on the BFG series, make it the big talking point and have a revolution after BFG. Get rid of the A&8s and MEM and bring back the actual wrestling. When was the last time Knux, Bischoff or Brisco wrestled? All they've done is the 5-on-5s and taking on Angle and getting a lucky win
  5. I'm making the No Surrender thread on Sept 12. Deal? Deal.

    They wrestled quite a bit on Xplosion and house shows recently (Brisco & Bischoff). Knux however, I can't recall lol.
  6. Stupid BFG street fight, Why not have it at Harcore Justice so it makes sense at least, The match will be bad anyway, MexiShit, Chicago Shithead and Parks and Daniels.

    MEM Vs A&Es meh.

    Sonjay Vs TJ Perkins will be good.

    Kim Vs ODB might be good.
  7. It does make very much sense booking wise, it gave 4 matches on Hardcore Justice more time to develop, hence why they felt important and why each of them was god at least.

    Bradley is fine, too. #Boomstick
  8. Saw spoilers, I'm just gonna say you'll all be dissapointed
  9. God, I'm so pumped for the show... I can't wait to see it!
  10. Well I saw you bitching about everything in the spoilers thread, so I'm dissapointed in you son.
  11. Hey, do you know if Park and Bradley had a BFGS match on Xplosion? Or was it a regular match?

  12. I read Park vs. Bradley was taped for next week's Xplosion, but since they already had a BFGS match on Impact, so I believe that Xplosion match will just be a regular match.
  13. God I miss Joey Ryan, They wasted him after BFG.

  14. [​IMG]
  15. Who is in here tonight? Gonna watch it for the first time in like 5 weeks.
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