IMPACT Wrestling 8/29 - Live Discussion: AJ Styles Explanation

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Aug 27, 2013.

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    Live broadcast
    Place: Cleveland, OH
    Arena: Cleveland State Wolstein Center
    * Hulk Hogan returns for a face-off with the World Champion Bully Ray​
    * AJ Styles talks about his actions with the Main Event Mafia last week​
    BFG SERIES: Magnus (#1) vs. Jeff Hardy (#6)​
    BFG SERIES: Bobby Roode (#2) vs. AJ Styles (#8)
    BFG SERIES: Austin Aries (#3) vs. Christopher Daniels (#4)​
    BFG SERIES: Frankie Kazarian (#8) vs. Hernandez (#11)​

    AJ Styles: "I didn't do it for the Main Event Mafia. I did it for me."
  2. This is a live episode right?

  3. [​IMG]



    No,it's not live.
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  4. Ya never know, Raw was "live" when it was in the UK.

  5. True,but, if it weren't live spoilers would've been posted by now.
  6. Four BFG matches. :obama: Looking forward to it.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Expecting the calf killer over a jobber, Roode making another cheap (awesome) move, and magnus fucking off (sadly)
  9. Seems like these are final 3 BFGS regular season matches, as Magnus vs. Hardy has been cancelled.

    TNA is hyping the show as a "Must win Thursday" with the Final 4 being determined and then the leader, probably Magnus, choosing who he faces at No Surrender.
  10. IMPACT this week is "must win Thursday" for the Bound For Glory Series. TNA will be holding the final one on one matches in the BFG Series. We will learn this week who will make it into the final four at No Surrender.

    Right now the rankings are Magnus with 39 points, Bobby Roode with 34 points, Daniels with 30 Points, Austin Aries with 28 Points, Samoa Joe and Mr. Anderson with 26 Points, Jeff Hardy with 24 Points, AJ Styles and Kazarian with 22 Points. Joseph Park, Hernandez and Jay Bradley bring up the rear.

    -Bradley, Hernandez and Park are out of the running as it is impossible for them to qualify for the final four.

    -Hernandez faces Kazarian this Thursday. Hernandez has to opportunity to keep Kazarian out of the final four. A submission or pinfall victory will keep Kazarian in the running.

    -AJ Styles faces Bobby Roode. AJ can stay in the running with a submission or pinfall victory. Roode could effectively shut AJ out with a victory this Thursday.

    -Samoa Joe and Mr. Anderson have no matches left. They need fate to fall on their side. Only with the leaders getting disqualified will Joe and Anderson stay in the race.

    -Austin Aries vs Christopher Daniels is must-win for either man. Daniels wants to lock himself into the finals while Aries wants to propel himself there.

    -The person who ends up with the most points at the end of this week will get to choose who (out of the final four) they meet in the semi-finals of No Surrender.

    So a bunch of scenarios exist. The only lock for the final four looks to be Magnus.
  11. Hardy's out, too.

    Would expect the Aces get Aries DQ'ed so Anderson (and Daniels) gets in + sets up a feud for Aries, but that would tie Joe and Anderson at 4th which would probably lead to a singles match for the last spot... but then again AJ obviously has to make the finals so he'd have 29/32 points keeping those two out anyway, so ignore this paragraph.

    Wait: What if AJ and Kaz both win by pinfall, setting up a tiebreaker match. AJ goes through Kaz, then Daniels, then we're left with AJ Styles vs Bobby Roode for the main event of Bound for Glory, as AJ runs through an entire mini-faction to get ready to deal with another one? That would be really cool! So many possibilities...

    Seems like Bischoff's really pulling the plug on a bunch of stuff. Bully's separating himself from the Aces, AJ's quickly face again, they're wrapping up the BFG Series way early... It's really a shame that the BFG Series was thrown under the bus this year, didn't feel nearly as important as it should have had with so much of the show revolving around MMA and Faction crap. Magnus finishing 1st doesn't feel like NEARLY as big a deal as it should. It's a shame, really.
  12. Really, we need a promo to explain why AJ is face again? I'd rather have a promo about why he was heel and emo. More excited to see Hogan and Bully face toface, especially as Brooke gets his divorce and TNA got rid of a member of Aces & 6's, now. Gotta figure this angle which has stretched well over a year has to be coming to an end soon.
  13. AJ Styles was never a heel. He was a tweener. End of discussion.
  14. Funny how the first thing that showed up when I opened this thread was Hogan's face. Always great :hogan:

    Looking forward to knowing how the Series will end up. I'm thinking Magnus, AJ, Roode and Aries.
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