SPOILER! Impact Wrestling/Destination X July 17th-31st tapings thread (New York, NY)

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This thread is for the NYC tapings.

Source is wrestling inc.

July 17th
http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2014/0625/577397/spoilers-for-the-71714-tna-impact-wrestling/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed: wrestlinginc_news (WrestlingInc.com Pro Wrestling News)

Thanks to Michaela R. for the following TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers from tonight's tapings in New York City:
* There was a pre-show promo from Taz in the ring to get the crowd hype. Kurt Angle also cut a pre-show promo from the balcony.

* Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray kick off the tapings with a promo for the NYC fans. Dreamer and Bully vs. Ethan Carter III and Rhino is the opening match. Lots of heat for EC3 and Rhino. Dreamer and Bully got the win.

* A Gauntlet Match for the X Division Title starts with Austin Aries and Eddie Edwards. 8 men end up in the match - Aries, Edwards, Manik, Davey Richards, Tigre Uno, DJ Zema Ion, Sanada and Crazzy Steve. Aries retains his title.

* MVP and Kenny King come out and cut a promo before facing Eric Young and Bobby Roode. MVP was on crutches but in his wrestling gear and didn't really wrestle, just hobbled around the ring. Roode and Young win by DQ when MVP uses one of his crutches.

* Brittany vs. Madison Rayne is next. Fans chanted "this match sucks" before it even began. Madison got the win.

* Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Lashley for the World Heavyweight Title is next. At one point, Hardy did a swanton onto the steel steps outside of the ring. The match barely went 10 minutes and Lashley retained. The fans were very upset at Lashley winning and gave him a lot of heat.

Read more at http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2014/0625/577397/spoilers-for-the-71714-tna-impact-wrestling/#Xs826A2YI78JpAKE.99

The show doesn't really sound so good besides the gauntlet match (which is know as a rumble match in WWE) and Dreamer/Bully vs. EC3/Rhino. This is the first show to feature the 6-sided ring's full on return.
It appears Aries will take on Lashley at Destination X taping tonight, in my opinion that sucks, Sanada going to face Lashley would've been much better.

Destination X (July 24th)
Thanks to Michaela R. for the following TNA Destination X spoilers from tonight's tapings in New York City:
* Kurt Angle cuts a promo from the balcony and puts over TNA's six-sided ring and the company in general.

* Team Dixie comes out to huge heat. Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky are wearing the Dixieland t-shirt. Rockstar Spud and Rhino are also there with Dixie Carter. Ethan Carter III cuts a promo and challenges Tommy Dreamer, Devon and Bully Ray to one final battle. Dixie also called out Bully for later tonight.

* The Hardys vs. The Wolves for the TNA Tag Team Titles is up next. Both teams come out to big pops. The Wolves retain after hitting a powerbomb backstabber combo on Matt Hardy. This was said to be an excellent match and the best one for TNA in a long time.

* DJ Zema Ion vs. Manik vs. Low Ki is next. The winner will qualify for an X Division Title match. This is the first of 3 three-ways. Low Ki wins after a Ki Krusher on Manik. Great match.

* James Storm comes out and cuts a promo on Sanada and talks about how they are friends now.

* The next three-way is Sanada vs. Brian Cage vs. Crazzy Steve, who came out with The Menagerie. Sanada qualifies after getting the pin on Steve.

* Tommy Dreamer, Bully Ray and Devon come out to a huge pop. They cut promos and respond to Ethan's challenge from earlier. Team Dixie comes out on the entrance way and interrupts. An eight-man Extreme Weapons Tag Match is announced for "next week." Apparently it will be EC3, Rhino, Ezekiel and Snitsky vs. Dreamer, Bully, Devon and a partner.

* Samoa Joe vs. Homicide vs. Tigre Uno is the final three-way. Joe comes out to a big pop as does Homicide. Joe destroyed Tigre and got the pin on Homicide after a Musclebuster. Homicide and Joe followed ROH's Code of Honor after the match. The vacant X Division Title match will be Joe vs. Low Ki vs. Sanada.

* Austin Aries vs. Bobby Lashley for the World Heavyweight Title is next and is the main event. Aries gets the title shot after giving up his X Division Title "last week." Lashley retains with a spear after blocking Aries' finisher.

A good show but bad ending, no build up between Aries and Lashley and a waste of Destination X's title exchange gimmick. Big Zeke and Gene Snitsky are cool to see in the company, i'll be watching for Hardy vs. Wolves, that sounds good.

Read more at http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2014/0626/577443/live-spoilers-for-the-73114-tna-destination-x-special/#35hHLh4RxQVirvJf.99
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